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  1. Found this one one of the retailers sites. Residents of IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ and NY are advised to check local laws for restrictions before ordering any black powder firearm.
  2. I think the finest Colt style SAA made, hands down, bare none was the USFA guns. But, they are no longer made. If you don`t mind that it`s made in Europe, the best now is the Great Western II`s from EMF made by Pietta. These are the hammer mounted firing pin version like the original. Not their newer transfer bar guns. When EMF decided to import these, EMF`s sent one to me for a look-see. They told me take it apart, shoot it, whatever I wanted to do. These guns are 2nd gen configured, even the thread pitch is the same. They even have firing pin bushings like the originals bu
  3. I would like to see a feedback link added for both the buyers and the seller. I am a merchat but I don't list here. I mainly use the gun auction sites and over a 22 year period I have accumulated over 500 all positive feedbacks. My point is I will bend over backwards to avoid a negative feed back. I also buy from those sites. If the seller has negative feedback the site allows you to see the complaints and the rebuttals. If the negatives are excessive, (to me more then 1%) or the seller comes of as confrontational I will pass on that item.
  4. I think someone is missing some info. I have never heard of using rice. But, I have used rice hulls. If you are near rice growing country there will be a rice mill near. You can get the hulls by the truck load. They work much like ground corn cob or crushed walnut.
  5. Notice no wear around the saddlering. definately a re-blue. But, if the bore is good it's still worth $1600- $1800
  6. Wax, Many of those thing you dislike are required to get them in country. At one time I felt the USFA were the best. But they are gone. The best now, is the Great Western II`s from EMF. When EMF decided to import these, Will Hansen, EMF`s manager at the time sent one to me for a look-see. He told me take it apart, shoot it, whatever I wanted to do. This guns are 2nd gen configured, even the thread pitch is the same. They have the more rounded tip cylinder bolt/stops and pressed in hardened bolt cams. they even have recoil plate/ firing pin bushings like the originals
  7. The InterArms rossi's can be pretty rough depending on when they were made. For years dating back to about 1975 the made in Brazil Rossi 92 was imported by InterArms of Alexandria VA. Before InterArms. From about 1968-74 Garcia Corp. of Washington DC imported Rossi. Before that Firearms International of Washington DC imported Rossi in the mid 1960’s. InterArms was the first to market the Rossi made 92 as their Puma model. By the late 80's the machines were wearing out so through the 90's Rossi 92’s were really rough. The parts were poorly fitted and then terribly over sprung.
  8. Hext, How U beans. Yep, been awhile. You still in the Buda area? I'm now north of ya, about 80 miles NNW
  9. Rossi appears to use an alcohol base stain that tend to penatrate deep making it is difficult to remove. Plus most hardware store stains won't penatrate over it. You can either sand if off or use Whiting to lift it For stains I use Fiebings leather dye. It's alcohol base too and comes in many colors. Thiese were stripped of excess oil and stain with whiting and MEK then stained with the Fiebings. Then about 3 or 4 coats of hsnd rubbed Tru-oil.
  10. I lived in SE Texas not far from the Gulf and with the humidity there I can watch thing rust. I shoot BP almost exclusively for CAS and one of my guns is an original 92 made in 1895. At the range, I use a 10 to 1 mix of Balistol and water in a spray bottle to keep thing loose in all my guns and when I`m through for the day I spray them all inside and out one last time because sometimes I don`t get around to cleaning for several days. All this does is keep the fouling loose and oily until I can clean the guns. When it`s time to clean I use two primary products that are readily available. I
  11. Shoulda gave me a shout. I always have some cerrosafe on hand. I don't even bother with all those other ways. Just stuff a patch in to just in front of the chamber fill er up with the cerrosafe. Then push it all out with a brass rod. Never failed me yet.
  12. As a gunsmith I can tell you, if you want a single trigger SXS go with one of the high end guns like the BSS or SKB. The lower priced single trig Stoegers and the Russian Baikal's when they were available were notorious for failure to fire one barrel or worse fire both.
  13. Sorry guys but elbow to trigger just doesn't work for the ladies and kido's. The crook of the elbow to the trigger method is a good method for skeet and other games where the gun is already mounted and you don't have to work the action. Doesn't work well for what we do. What I've found for both but particularly for the ladies is the stock should be just long enough to allow the thumb of the trigger hand to be no closer than an 1" but not more than 2" from the shooters nose. Generally, if the stock is longer the crook of the elbow will be extended beyond 90% and because the ladies and you
  14. Why? It's still fun and even more useful now. The buttstock makes it a an SBR and that is a suppressor up front. So, It got form 4-ed on both ends.
  15. Not very useful. but there is a way if you wanna throw some $$$ at it.. This one started life as a Rossi Ranch hand.
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