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  1. Lars, Go easy on those points. Those two points are the first to contact the empty case to eject it. If lower too much it slows to case coming up and can put a bind on the extractor. This is one of the reasons folk are having problems with bent/loose extractor. Normally it is poor timing of the short stroke parts that causes this but lowering those points can make it worse.
  2. If you have shelf space this is what I use. Dish Rack
  3. These were first imported by EAA. there was two versions. The first version had faux hammers that served as cockers. The later version actually hit a firing pin. EAA Corp PO Box 3008, Cocoa, FL 32924 EAACORP@EAACORP.COM Service & Repair: 1426 King St Cocoa, FL 32922
  4. Besides the Rossi 92, I have used them in the original Win 92, the current Japanese made Miroku Win 92, the Browning B92 and the Chiappa/ASM 92.
  5. Hi Ethan, I developed that design awhile back but didn't have time to market it. So, i gave it to the Slix spring guys because they were already making a top latch spring for the TTN's. So, something you should know. You will need to clearance around the bridle where the spring goes under so it doesn't bind the sear movement.
  6. Had these made up years ago. they are patterned after a single shot cap-lock pistol holster. It was worn horizontal across the belt line.
  7. For years there were commercial reloaders that offered CAS ammo. Some offered 1.5" long loaded Cowboy leveraction 38's. I directed my rifle customer to "T" ammo for his 1.5" cowboy 38's. But, Roy retired so I was recommending Ammo Direct. Well, they are out of business now Here is the source if you want long loaded 38's for your levergun. Contact CUSTOM AMMO & RELOADING SERVICES,LLC 817-326-3855 Email; landjb7@charter.net Larry Benningfield 3110 Marble Court Granbury, Tx 76049. they sell this ammo and will also reload your brass.
  8. Starline brass is harder than Win brass. So it doesn't obdurate to seal the chamber and you will get more blowby . As for measuring the fired brass, it's waste of time. No two piece will expand the same. Plus brass is somewhat elastic and shrinks back slightly. If you want to know what you chamber looks like you need to make a casting of the chamber. Get you some of this; CERROSAFEĀ® CHAMBER CASTING ALLOY Works great for broke off cases too. Plug the bore with a dry patch just in front of the chamber. Pour it in and the broke off piece comes out with the casting.
  9. If you are getting blow-by and your power is kinda dirty burning like unique the un-burnt power will blow back and cause the jam. Some brass is worse than others. I had a 38 spec Uberti 66 once that was used with black powder. The harder/stiffer brass like nickel plated brass would almost always try to jam. If you want to verify this use some grease on your ammo about every third one. Even with the nickel-ed brass it would run OK
  10. 3.5 x .35 metric Same as the cart guide screws you get the email?
  11. The 1860, the 66 and the 73 have a built in ammo OAL gage. Open the action, turn the gun over and lay a round in the window where the carrier rides. If it doesn't fit, it's too long. It should be about 1/16 but not more than 1/8th inch short of not fitting tight. This length works best because the 73, 66, and 60 does not have a mag cartridge stop. The front edge of the loading gate, there just behind the carrier, is the only stop. While the carrier is in the up position it's the stop. The carrier has to bring a round up to chamber while preventing the next round in the mag from coming on to the carrier. If the ammo is too short the carrier has to push the next round back into the tube as it comes up. Make your ammo long enough so that it's a shearing action as the carrier comes up. Also because we don't need extremely accurate ammo just ammo that cycles well through the gun it is perfectly legal and practical to load 38 spec brass with a bullet set out in the case to a longer than normal OAL. We use lead bullets so just crimp into the side of the lead to get the OAL you need.
  12. Sure you can, you just won't be able to run it very fast. even before there was a CAS game it was tried. There was some Win 92's sent to South America that were then converted to 45acp. These were modified down there for police departments because the primary handgun was 1911 style pistols in 45 acp. They were heavily modified. cart guides and carrier Mag follower and mag tube. To achieve this The problem is they didn't work all that well. BTW, some interesting history. Down there the 45 acp was known as the 45 L. C. The L.C. was for Latin Cartridge This gun was out of Argentina.
  13. The Browning B-92 in 357 Mag. was introduced in 1982. The B-92's in 44 mags are more common because they were first made in 1979. All were discontinued in 1987.They were made in japan by Miroku, same folks making the most recent Win 92'. However the B-92's didn't have all the add-on liability parts like the current Win/Miroku 92's. The Browning B-92's are some really well made guns when it comes to fit and finish. But, as mentioned they tend to be ammo sensitive, more so than the Rossi. This is because the B-92 and the win/Miroku 92 basically used the same geometry for the cartridge guides as the original Win 92's. At first glance this doesn't seem like a bad thing. But, the original guides were designed around the bottleneck cartridge of the day. Ammo like 44-40, 38-40, 32-20 and 25-20. Bottlenecks always feed better than straightwall ammo, whether it is a rifle cal or a pistol cal. That's because you have a small diameter bullet going into a really big hole by comparison, the bottleneck chamber being much like a funnel. The fit and finish of the Rossi is not near as nice as the Miroku guns. But, Rossi figured out many years ago that if you change the angle of the rim slot in the guide so it pick the rear up sooner they tend to be less ammo sensitive. One other issue is the twist. I never measured the 357 b-92 but i did check several of the 44's. They all had a 1 in 38 twist which didn't always stabilize lead very well. I was told the 357's also had the 1 in 38" twist as well. Rossi's have 1 in 29" which works unless you plan to use any of the 170 or 200 gr 357 leads at subsonic vels. I built this thing planning to use the 200's at about 1000 FPS. But they keyhole at that vel. Does fine with the 158's.
  14. Here ya go. Popcorn, got your email. but my web site and email is down
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