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  1. That's how I've done it for years. Except I use a casserole size pan. I de-prime, stand all the cases up in the pan with water about half way up the case. Using a torch I bring them to a low cherry glow and tip them over one at a time
  2. Why not check with VTI to see if they have some shorter barrels??? Not cheap but you can sell the long barrels to recoup
  3. Slug the bore, too. Some were .309. If you ream to 32 S&W with .312 bullets you might over pressure that action. I did one awhile back for a feller. Reaamed to 32 S&W and he hand loaded some cast bullets run through a 308 sizer.
  4. Don't over think it. The #1 factor in how well they shuck is how stiff the plastic is. The softer plastic hulls, be they ribbed or smooth, expand (obturate) to the chamber as does the stiff plastic. But, the difference is the softer huls don't contract like the stiffer plastic hulls do. This also effects the crimps. The stiff plastic hulls don't flare as bad. I've been at this game for almost 30 years mainly shooting in the BP catagories. earlier on I tried the all brass hulls. I even made a full length sizer for them. But if you sized them down too much or honed the chambers too muc
  5. I prefer the WWG happy trig. They have been around for sometime now. Over the years, I have installed several in customer guns without any issues or complaints.
  6. There were thousands imported from Belgium in the 1800's for the westward expansion. They were known as guild or trade guns. They were made by apprentices learning the trade at some famous gun companies, hence the name guiled or trade guns, then sold to pay for their schooling. Some of these gun actually came out of FN. But, weren’t maker marked as such. Many used names that were similar to famous makes. Here is an example. It is marked W. Richards not famed English maker, Wesley Richards. I restored this gun because I like the sidelever setup.
  7. What Happens to ORM-D Shipments on January 1, 2021? Here’s some good news: For the most part, the same materials, in the same quantities, in the same packaging, will continue to qualify for relief under US DOT’s limited quantity regulations after ORM-D is phased out. When PHMSA began the ORM-D phase out in 2011, they also expanded the limited quantity exceptions to include the same reliefs provided for ORM-D.Limited quantity shipments are typically excepted from UN specification packaging, hazmat labels, shipping papers, and hazmat placards.What will change is the label you affix to your p
  8. There may be more but these two are engraved with the judges alias.
  9. Found this one one of the retailers sites. Residents of IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ and NY are advised to check local laws for restrictions before ordering any black powder firearm.
  10. I think the finest Colt style SAA made, hands down, bare none was the USFA guns. But, they are no longer made. If you don`t mind that it`s made in Europe, the best now is the Great Western II`s from EMF made by Pietta. These are the hammer mounted firing pin version like the original. Not their newer transfer bar guns. When EMF decided to import these, EMF`s sent one to me for a look-see. They told me take it apart, shoot it, whatever I wanted to do. These guns are 2nd gen configured, even the thread pitch is the same. They even have firing pin bushings like the originals bu
  11. I would like to see a feedback link added for both the buyers and the seller. I am a merchat but I don't list here. I mainly use the gun auction sites and over a 22 year period I have accumulated over 500 all positive feedbacks. My point is I will bend over backwards to avoid a negative feed back. I also buy from those sites. If the seller has negative feedback the site allows you to see the complaints and the rebuttals. If the negatives are excessive, (to me more then 1%) or the seller comes of as confrontational I will pass on that item.
  12. I think someone is missing some info. I have never heard of using rice. But, I have used rice hulls. If you are near rice growing country there will be a rice mill near. You can get the hulls by the truck load. They work much like ground corn cob or crushed walnut.
  13. Notice no wear around the saddlering. definately a re-blue. But, if the bore is good it's still worth $1600- $1800
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