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  1. The EMF PIETTA's use 2nd gen screw sizes. These will work Socket cap, Alloy steel black oxide finish, #8-36 but will require fitting.
  2. After almost two years Rossi/Taurus/CBC is shipping guns again. Their most popular is the 20" stainless round barrel in 357 mag so these were first. I got some in September. but, recently I got some in 44mag too.
  3. Here ya go. Giraffe, 9, dies of ‘acute spinal cord injury’ in freak accident at Kansas City Zoo
  4. Two things. How far off the firing pins are the hammers when rebounded. If it's more than an 1/8th in. you can lower it some for a slightly stronger hit before it rebounds. Second, how close are the TTN/1878 springs? I have some of those.
  5. Fire forming cases usually involve down loaded and most times annealed brass rounds. I don't think fire forming at full pressures is a good idea. Shooting the 44 specials in a reamed 44-40 chamber can lead to ruptured cases which can lead to gas cutting in the chambers and enough blow back to cause injuries too. It's just not an industry acceptable practice.
  6. Reaming it so it will accept a 44 spec has put the chamber out of spec for both cals. At CAS ammo pressure it probably will sort of work. But, guns out live owners and the next feller may push it too far.
  7. Thanks, Over the years I've done several of these. Here one of the 86's with a 45lc Vaquero to match.
  8. This about sums it up. Thanks Allie Mo and old Ben
  9. The current Miroku Winchester not only has the tang safety and rebounding hammer, but it also has the shorter 5 piece inertia style firing pin. The original and the B 92 both have one piece full length firing pins. The current Miroku Winchester also has a lever actuated trigger block and a two piece trigger. The original and the B 92 do not have these add-on parts. I do fire control conversions on the guns. Here are the parts that get changed. The 5 piece firing pin not shown but is changed to the full length one piece original style They are all replaced with just 5 parts. The full conversion consist of welding up the tang safety hole and color-case hardening. Shown here with the hammer on the 1/4 cock safety.
  10. Unless the two piece firing pin is replaced with the one piece the Lever actuated trigger block is a secondary safety. The hammer can fall but the gun will not fire if the lever is even slightly down. The lever has to be fully up to lift the locking bolt in place behind the breech bolt. But, at the same time the locking bolt lifts the rear portion of the firing pin inline with the front part of the firing pin. Only then will it fire.
  11. Listen to Billy Boots. He is a long time BP competitor/champion. Most of the methods mention will do an OK job. But, I grew up on the Gulf Coast. In this humid atmosphere you can actually see thing rust. The only product I have found that works to neutralize the salts in BP is Windex with vinegar. The vinegar adds a diluted acid to counteract the salts. Windex with vinegar used with hot water to flush. To dry I use Auto-Zone brake parts cleaner to flush out any water. Then I spray them down with just WD-40. Some people bad-mouth WD-40 because it can leave a gummy varnish like residue. Still beats rust The no petroleum in a BP gun is a myth. Hard fouling is all about bullet lube. The BPCR folks have proved this.
  12. Pre-WWII Winchester 94's and 92's used the same stocks ,the small bore 92 wood having a smaller diameter hole for the smaller diameter mag tube. Post WWII Winchester 94 stocks can be made to fit if some filler wood is added. This Rossi 92 SBR has Win 94 synthetic stocks that have been filled and fitted. .
  13. Wasn't mine. i don't sell a trigger spring. The New guns are selling out of the distributors fast. I just manages to get a few more stainless 20" round barrel in 357 and 44mag. I call about 30 minutes later and they were all gone.
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