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  1. The original Winchester 92's were designed to work with bottleneck ammo in the 1.5" to 1.6" OAL with round nose flat point bullets. Ammo like 44-40, 38-40, 32-20 and 25-20. What that means is they may not work well with really long 357’s or really short 38’s.. The really long 357’s are too long to clear the cart stop coming up or they tend to hit the top inside of the chamber before they make the turn into the chamber. The most common problem with the shorter 38's is the gun will throw out, flip or stovepipe live rounds with the empty's. This is because the shorter 38 coming on to the carrier from the tube can bounce forward enough that the rim is too close to the rim slots in the guides and when you lever it fast the carrier just catapults them up or out with the empty. (One of the things Rossi did years ago was redesign the cart guides by changing the angle of the rim slots so the back end comes up sooner. So they tend to be less ammo sensitive than other pistol cal 92 leverguns) Also, bullet shapes can make a difference. Bullets other than the round nosed flat point profile they were designed for can cause issues. The truncated cone or TC style bullets will work but can end up too long for some guns. For 38’s, this is what I have found to cycle best. A 158gr elongated round nose flat point seated above the crimp groove and just crimped into the side of the bullet just above the lube groove. This allows them to be loaded to a 1.5” OAL. You can do the same with the 44 spec. too. For years there were commercial reloaders that offered CAS ammo, offered 1 1/5" long loaded Cowboy leveraction 38's. I directed my rifle customer to "T" ammo for his 1.5" cowboy 38's. But, Roy retired so I was recommending Ammo Direct. Well, they are out of business now. (had a fire I believe) Here is the new source. Contact CUSTOM AMMO & RELOADING SERVICES,LLC 817-326-3855 Email; landjb7@charter.net Larry Benningfield 3110 Marble Court Granbury, Tx 76049. they sell this ammo and will also reload your brass.
  2. This was a customers gun. I managed to find a pistol grip buttstock for the project. But, the forewood is new wood selected to match the buttstock figure.
  3. Send it to Fords Custom Gun Refinishing https://fordsguns.com/ I send them parts I sell that are brush chrome plated to match Rossi Stainless rifles. Send your grip frame or ejector house so they can match it.
  4. It's probably a standard 24 1/4" barrel. This is what a 30" Rossi looks like; This is a custom 454 casull. The only Rossi parts used was the action.
  5. Hi Pat, Yep still here. Lassiter should be able to fix it. It can be a pain to do but the cam can be ground flush, the hammer drilled for a new cam. But, you may need to go with one of the late model bolts with the rounded tip on the leg that engages the cam. This is the old style bolt with the sharp tips that chew up the soft cams on the older "D" style Uberti's This is the more rounded later style
  6. Sounds like the bolt cam on the hammer is worn away. The Early Uberti "D" cam guns were notorious for this.
  7. Prayers up. Get well. You have helped many folks over the years with your website.
  8. I have a soft stop for these old side lever doubles. It's a Belgian knockoff of a Wesley Richards It's marked W. Richards. I now have way more work in it than it's worth.
  9. That's not a barrel extension. It's a suppressor. So, it is now an SBR with a can.
  10. According to Mo hunt there were 5 rifles, of which three rifles were use on set, 2 Winchesters and an El Trigre. The later Win of the three did get a more "D" shaped. The last two were made by Mo as personal guns for Conners. As you can see, they had the "D" type lever. Conner's was a big guy so he could easily twirl two 20" guns.
  11. That might be the case here. That ring around the cylinder may indicating a timing issue. The 75/90's are notorious for dropping the bolt too soon.
  12. I have never seen a 3 click 75/90. Go real slow The last two are really close
  13. The 58's have 3 clicks. The 75's and 90's have 4. I did this conversion. It has three. I've work the Uberti conversion but I don't remember if they were 3 or 4.
  14. The best Apprenticeship is with a bluing/ gun refinishing operation. You will get a broad base of knowledge dis and re assembling. You won't have much in tools, either. Gunsmithing is not that complicated but you do need the proper tools. If you try to shade tree it, it's probably going to look it. This reminds me of the conversation I've had a few times with folks wanting to become gunsmiths. My answer has always been, "You can buy the books, buy the tools and go to the schools. But, the reality is it is a series of expensive mistakes you hope to never repeat"
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