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  1. I agree with CC and GK above mentioned. For a diagram go to www.wheelergunworks.com select helpful hints, then, bolt ID maintenance, this may help.
  2. I'll Trade LOL You will pay for that BB HeHe
  3. Age based traditional shooter. I shoot left pistol left hand and right pistol right hand so this is not a transfer issue. Shoot right pistol holster it, draw left pistol, fire 4 rounds, cock it and while swinging to last target I removed my right hand and shot it duelist. There was no penalty just got to thinking about it. Can't find any thing that states it's a "P". Thanks
  4. You may have an issue with the sear not allowing the hammer to cock. When they are welded together the float between the parts is eliminated and a clearance issue prevents it. You can install one and test it with the assembly out of the rifle. If you need any additional help call me. My number is on my web site, www.wheelergunworks.com
  5. It is likely that the sear and lower trigger have been welded together when the safety bar was removed. You may want to examine them before buying anything.
  6. If the primer anvil is not centered in the shell plate hole this can cause a problem also. The small black cam driver on the left side of the unit just below the shell plate with 2 allen bolts can adjust this by moving it forward or rearward. On a 650-instruction manual page 48 item 18 is the part you adjust. If the primers are going in off angle this will help. This is not the hole the primers set in when indexing.
  7. Try tightening the large center bolt on the shell plate as much as possible. This will stop the shell plate from rocking. If your primer anvil is not centered in the black shell plate that can cock the primers and they will not seat all the way. This can be adjusted by moving the cam on the left side of the press rearward or forward.
  8. This is usually caused by the case not lining up with the powder funnel. There is a small set screw at the back of the primer station, it will control the pressure to the spring loaded arm that holds the case in the shell plate. If the arm is allowing the case to move out try adjusting it. (Very small amounts). Notice if the cases are being pushed clockwise or counterclockwise. Under the shell plate there is 2 screws that will allow the entire base to rotate a little. You can adjust it to not tip the case. Remember to re-center your dies after adjusting.
  9. I did a test, 3 rifles, 10 rounds each of Federal 100, Federal 200 and Winchester. 90 rounds total. Each rifle dented the primer 26 to 33 percent less on 200 and Winchester. This was measured with a travel indicator. So not to steal a thread I disagree they are not harder. I assume the cup is thicker or the compound is denser.
  10. Maginum primers are harder to set off.
  11. Another posibility, if you are having high moisture in your area and the powder is slightly damp.
  12. I would still look into the brass because that is a variable introduced since the problem started.
  13. First thought is the new brass may be work hardened and not expanding in the. chamber. Try using some old brass, if it solves the problem try tumbling the brass longer before using.
  14. Hi Lefty you trying to get in touch with me

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