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    “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him – better take a close look at the American Indian.”
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  1. Try relieving the spring pressure by removing the side covers and links, put a small tipped screwdriver bit under the lever springs (raising them). This will allow the lever screw to be removed, then remove the two small screwdriver bits, this relaxes the springs. Then use an impact driver if a screwdriver of the correct size wont work.
  2. Re-did some research on the magazine tube in white finish. Uberti has a preoperatory process, they use a high concentration of nickel in the hot dipping to get the finish that resists rust. If a person were to remove the blue finish and polish it, your tube would easily rust. Taylors also does not stock tubes in white however you can special order one. This information came from Taylors and Co.
  3. Not sure if you are correct on this CJ. I ordered some and it took 22 months to get them. Still have some on back order. I put them on my web site and still have 4 in stock at www.wheelergunworks.com for sale and sold you the ones you have. Is there a link to the place to order them?
  4. Hi Lefty you trying to get in touch with me

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