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  1. What is the distinction between a detached piece on the ground and one still attached, memento-gathering-wise?
  2. Well, it's an alternative use if the usual material is unavailable.
  3. Yes, and in civil trials, too. I have experienced some very limited exceptions in civil trials...
  4. A tactical lever-action is a contradiction in terms. Or an oxymoron maybe.
  5. Emus are benign, but Cassowaries do kill folks now and then....
  6. You don't need to do anything, as far as I know. Just keep posting as always. Nothing will change.
  7. We had a malfunction in our 'land line' a couple of years ago. Turned out that a wireless relay in the system a few blocks away was at fault. Wireless land line...
  8. We keep a land line. Note: they aren't entirely....land lines.
  9. Latest testimony from LaPierre bizarre and disheartening: NRA Questions Wayne LaPierre’s Spending During NYC Corruption Trial - The New York Times (nytimes.com) [this may have a paywall for some, but it will be in general news sources soon.] Basically he agrees that his spending was excessive and unjustified, and against NRA 'policy'. Many things; the only one new to me were the $10,000 hairdresser appointments for his wife. Too pathetic for words; especially how long the members put up with him.
  10. Why is dark good? I really can't grasp it. Old fashioned, no doubt. Like being glad if your kid or grandkid was Goth.....
  11. I actually talked to the clerk about why they no longer carried the magazines. When he told me that the governor and the legislature were to blame, I realized we were talking about different things. Bass used to carry numerous firearms magazines (publications) in several cases near the checkout stands. Then, one day, they were all replaced by beef jerky and such. Never could get an explanation. Print stuff not selling anymore, I suppose...
  12. My main exercise for years was carrying a heavy pack up 12 blocks of steep city hills. I only counted the uphills. I liked 12 because I could divide the thing into one sixth, one fourth, one third, one half, two-thirds, three-quarters, five-sixths, and-- done. Made it go faster somehow. Couldn't do that with 10 blocks....
  13. Bass Pro several months ago stopped carrying Guns, Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, and in fact all of the gun magazines. Does this Warehouse have a good selection?
  14. You go first, and concentrate on the kids. Somebody else can take the women.
  15. Needless to say, the current Amercian Rifleman has the usual Chicken Little articles from LaPierre and others, as always. How amazing would it be if the official publications of the NRA would have candid and informative articles about the actual state of affairs of the organization!
  16. A 76-member board of directors is a joke. Especially where they have exercised no oversight for years over the executive. They long ago abandoned their legal responsibilities as directors. When LaPierre filed bankruptcy on behalf of the NRA in Tennessee, the board of directors knew nothing about it. This is, to say the least, unheard of in any normal organization. The bankruptcy judge laughed him out of court; NRA wasn't bankrupt, he was trying to stall the New York procedings. No doubt there's going to be a lot of corporate infighting to get the NRA back on track. No way around it.
  17. No, it's a semi-auto: browning bar mk3 - Search Images (bing.com) I own one. It's a fine rifle. It's not a big deal, maybe, but it's not a forthright way of describing it. That's all. I get that these famous names are re-used for marketing purposes. But it strikes me the wrong way somehow.
  18. My Uberti 1873 rifle was never passed off as a Winchester, but as a replica of one. Henry is in no sense the corporate successor of Winchester. Unlike your other examples. One could go on. There's a difference between a frank statement and an attempt to confuse the purchaser. My own personal example is my Browning BAR Mk. III. It's a great rifle. But it's not a BAR. In the first place, it's not automatic, it's semiauto, so why call it automatic? Especially today, when the public confuses semi-automatics with automatics. It has nothing to do with the real BAR. But I like it and bought it. But the hype is still pure BS.
  19. That being the point. They have deliberately tried to create confusion as a marketing strategy: they have nothing to do with the original Henry or Winchester, its creator. They use weasel words to make it seem so, without actually saying it. Too bad, because I hear they make good rifles, but it's always turned me off.
  20. I'm with Alpo. Henry rifles continue the great tradition of Winchester, right? Then there's my Browning BAR, a hunting rifle in 300 win mag. It's a nice gun, but Browning seems to say that it's the continuation of the real Browing BAR.... Bah humbug to this marketing BS.....
  21. I only watch him from time to time, but I always enjoy his stuff. He keeps it interesting and upbeat. He's a good shot. I'm always amazed how he hits faraway targets with a revolver seemingly as easily as the close-in clay pots. I still can't do that....
  22. Definitely agree. Sherman's Memoirs likewise. His prose is very direct and to the point. No 19th century circumlocution.
  23. Or, as Dorothy Parker said, 'you can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think."
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