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  1. I did not want to change my Auto, Home, and especially Umbrella Policies from USAA so I have a bike rider through Progressive as well. But it pained me immensely, since Progressive Insurance has donated to Anti-Gun groups and supported Anti-Gun legislation. The CEO and Courtney are ALSO extremely outspoken anti-gun promoters. Happy to say I haven't seen the commercials that you are referring to!
  2. In Hawaii you also have to go to a multi-day "Basic hunter education class" and pass the test before any of that language would even apply! I know, I had to go through it while living there.
  3. I thought this show was about swine, I meant the federal government, no those are the same!
  4. If it lasted over a hundred years as a good hard five incher, I would hate to lop some off once it has passed its prime.
  5. The issue wasn't getting it initially set up, it was the fine tuning of the mechanisms after they were changed. I agree it doesn't sound too hard, but when three different Dillon representatives working the Dillon booth at the NRA convention say the same thing, you should listen to them. I don't know, that was why I was asking the experts.
  6. I stopped several times and spoke to many different people at the Dillon booth at the recent NRA convention. Obviously they recommended Dillon but I still got,several different answers from them for your question. I left with the impression that the 550 was better if you were going to change calibers/dies frequently. The 750 was better once you got it fine tuned, but that took a while each time you changing dies. Obviously everyone’s going to have different opinions, exact needs, footprint requirements (not to be overlooked), and price restrictions.
  7. or preferably a life member! Especially right now!
  8. I would like the option to auto delete after a certain amount of time. Not sure I like the year membership rule (newbies do a lot of buying / upgrading). Never been a fan of the must post 100 messages to get to post on the exclusive boards, kit just encourages drivel posts. I do like the ability to validate or preferably limit posts entirely to SASS members. Not foolproof, Just because you are a member of SASS it doesn’t mean you are a tower of virtue and a SASS account is a cheap expense if you plan on fleecing people, but it is a good start.
  9. I didn't bend mine intentionally, I was just a little over ecstatic during a stage!
  10. Great News, Need more good press when SRO’s do their daily job which is often heroic. Does anyone know what the badge(?) is on the individual to his right?
  11. If you only been to 1 match you haven't had time to get good with anything. Practice loading and ejecting at home and give it a couple more matches before deciding to spend more money on another gun. You will get much better! Then buy the other gun just so you have one of each to play with!!!!!
  12. I tried buying this two months ago and last week, after many PMs was told last week he had decided to sell to someone else who offered more.
  13. I hope they are non-matching serial numbers, that sounds illegal. Good guns.
  14. I may have to get into pocket watch collecting!!!
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