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  1. One thing about a bankruptcy filing, 'strategic' or not-- we should get transparency and see where all the money is going and has gone, which would be very good.
  2. A small LGS here has happily taken my check, once for a certain revolver, and once for a rifle. On the other hand, both were ordered and the first checks were down payments. So if they hadn't been good, they'd have known it before the final purchase..... I'm finding in general that checks are sort of fading away. Local places that always took them no longer do, especially restaurants.
  3. I don't live in California, and the only time I did was for a year as a freshman at Cal in Berkeley in 1966-67. The politics nowadays are too bad, but California used to regularly produce both Dem and GOP governors and senators until recent years. I live in Washington, in the Puget Sound area, extremely beautiful, but when all is said and done, I think that California is the most beautiful single state in the United States. My late uncle had a ranch in the hills in Sonoma, in the Russian River country. Redwoods in the draws, oaks and California buckeyes in the uplands. Rugged and s
  4. I've written checks for things for decades. Less these days, just because checks are less common, and I've paid off everything anyway long ago. I am sure my bank never cared how I spent my '$$$'....and nor do they now....
  5. The great thing is, that when the contemporary conspiracy theories peter out, the hoariest of them all is still there to fall back on!
  6. I pay by either cash or credit card, just like anything else.
  7. Almost as bad were the first few criticisms I read in the day after pointing out that Amen had nothing to do with gender, it mean 'so be it'. or 'truly' ...in Latin...
  8. Two bottles are definitely better than one!
  9. That's what I tell Erin and she goes and gets a bottle....
  10. Gosh. I backpack every season in the National Park and National Forest Wilderness forests. I like non-polluted air. When I'm out there I like to see......species. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so we should try to be healthy. During Lent, I try to keep a meatless diet-- can't say 'tirelessly'... I support Ducks Unlimited, in its efforts to limit development and preserve clean wetlands. 'Course, nothing's been the same since the Clean Air and Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency were set up in 1968 under that old Nazi...or is it Communist....Richard Nixon
  11. Gold is an investment metal. Ammo is to use and shoot!
  12. Not just supply, but demand, let's not forget. I'm not too concerned about the prices because I have enough, bought a box or two at a time over the years. So I can shoot at the range for several months. Thus I won't pay the high prices. But I've struck it three times at Bass over the months and topped up ammo at 'regular' retail prices. I appreciate that when they get it in, they limit quantities, but they keep the old pricing. If it's still like this in six months with no end in sight, then I'll be paying the high prices, too. Right now it's wait it out.
  13. It's the old "why me, when the other guy got away with it" defense; most LEOs and lawyers have heard it often. It flyeth not, nor ever hath it flown. It would have been so much better not to have done the same thing....and in the Houses of Congress, no less...
  14. I hadn't heard they were giving a second shot after only a week. We were told a minimum of 24 days, when we got the first shot on Saturday. Everything I've read about both vaccines is the second shot at 28 days or so.
  15. That's the flat part of California! Glad there weren't no angry warriors bearin' down on ya..... Quite a rifle.
  16. Style would have been nice indeed.
  17. I think it's simply to avoid confusion that may exist in some minds after Jan. 20th. Since no such confusion ever existed before, it wasn't an issue.
  18. I'm glad of the statement, but not of the circumstances that brought it forth.
  19. I've gotten the smoked small tin ones, if they are the tiny one. But canned boiled oysters? Never seen 'em.
  20. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/joint-chiefs-call-riot-a-direct-assault-on-the-constitutional-process-affirm-biden-as-next-commander-in-chief/ar-BB1cHmsR?ocid=msedgdhp&li=BBnb7Kz
  21. Got ours Saturday. It was two last doses that were otherwise going to be discarded because two health care workers hadn't shown up, at the end of the day. (A pharmacy.) The pharmacist asked if we wanted them and we jumped at it. It was simply fortuitous. I've had no reaction. Wife has had a sore arm for a couple of days. Moderna vaccine.
  22. There is appeal to the analogies of the internet with "the new town square or newspaper", and to telephone conversations, but they are far from exact. Telephone conversations have always been private by their very nature. They generally require a court order to invade. Website and social media posts not only aren't private, and they aren't meant to be, though many folks want to keep their identities 'private'. There are private means of communication on the internet, and could be protected. The town square and the newspaper were never anonymous. And the phone book wasn'
  23. I think a person should make all of the threats they want-- as long as they put their names to them. Just like the guys at the "bars and break tables". And if they have to do that, then there'll be about 99% fewer of them on the internet...That would be a good thing.
  24. All 'enforcement' at all times and places, is 'selective enforcement'. If somebody is threatening somebody's life on an internet site, you take down the post and ban the poster. You don't wait for 'law enforcement'. Do you think your local LE agency can or will track down internet threats? There are probably millions of them a day, these days.
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