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  1. Several scenarios possible regarding the obligation to pay. But Alpo's specific question about whether you could get your already-paid money back is a resounding no. For one thing, the courts regard it as paid on behalf of the child and for the child's benefit.
  2. I am interested in seeing how the 'opening up' states' experience/experiment will work. So happened I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark myself 3 nights ago; first time in many years. Still a great movie!
  3. I learned my mom's name real early because my dad, my grandparents, and her neighbors and friends called her by it, as was the custom in those days.
  4. These trigger warnings in news articles seem to have just recently started. I've noticed them in just the last few days. We should have one on the headingshere on the SASS forums: "Trigger Warning: the following forums have discussions of triggers."
  5. I sure remember those glory years....
  6. Took up the suggestions and to my amazement my message box was "106%" of capacity. Hadn't had a message in 9 years. What it looked like is that in my early years here I had several conversations. I've erased several and should now be able to receive! There was some interesting stuff I'd forgotten about and was nice to see again. Particularly a couple of long-ago exchanges with Texas Man. '
  7. I have no idea why. My last message was several years back. Maybe the mods can help. Nobody will be open 'til Monday anyhow...
  8. Send me a message and I'll reply to same. Haven't used the messaging system here for years.
  9. Are you sure about Federal Way, Oregon? There is a Federal Way, Washington, up the road from me. I don't think there is one in Oregon, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm a retired lawyer. I could give you the names of a couple of firms. Lawyers who could at the least point you in the right direction.
  10. I went to Pitty Pat's Porch restaurant a couple of time on business trips to Atlanta in the late 1980s (the Jimmie Carter years). Enjoyed it both times. Is it still there?
  11. The Navajo reservation has been very hard hit, as I think Four Corners Indian Country has been in general. I stayed with some friends at the old iconic El Rancho in Gallup just last Spring and spent several days touring around the vast area. Beautiful country. Hope things work out for them OK. I'm too far away and know too little to make any judgment myself.
  12. I.e. old people. Sort of in the nature of the thing.
  13. I watched it once many years ago. It had some good points. It was too long, though. It fit the times somehow. The book was a humongous best-seller, as was the movie, in its turn. Must have been something to it.
  14. It's gallows humor. Like Stalin said, "Dark humor is like food. Not everybody gets it."
  15. Love it! We had a long-time secretary of the old school, long since passed on; every May 1: "Hooray hooray the first of May, outside ******ing starts today!" Always cheers me up.
  16. Joe, ya know you can look at these things 24 hours a day, dont'cha?
  17. We have 12 grandkids and it's always been 'grandma' and 'grandpa'. If the kids are talking and referring to another set, they'll say 'grandpa [last name]. Same with my kids with theirs and us with ours. We've never had the various alternatives.
  18. One reason I never watch news channels, much less 24/7. With printed news, you get the news and forgo the endless agitation. Has been good for my peace of mind for years. My bride likes the television stuff, but I steer clear.
  19. My wife gave me this for my birthday a couple months back and I'm a few chapters in. It's very well-written, and very detailed. He has three volumes planned, which is a lot on the Revolutionary War for a general audience. His 3-volume history of WWII in Africa/Europe is great, of course; won many awards. A couple of weeks before our pandemic became apparent, I was very interested in his discussion of smallpox, the scourge of armies at that time, as it was for the general population. The disease killed 400,000 per year, year in year out, century in and century out, in Europe until the 19th century. Yet with that and innumerable other contagions, they carried on daily life.
  20. Sweden is not a socialist country; far from it. It does have a lot of social-welfare policies, for sure.
  21. Eric Ambler wrote some great stuff. And so did Thorne Smith.
  22. NYTimes article this morning about the Sweden situation. Verdict definitely not in. Lot of in-country criticism about the effect on those over 70 of what they are doing. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/28/world/europe/sweden-coronavirus-herd-immunity.html
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