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  1. We like. going to the movies. It's 'going out'. I don't want to eat at home always, and I don't want to watch movies at home always.
  2. I always have band-aids in my range bag.
  3. Here's one at the range. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital) - YouTube (Note; Bosstown Dynamics)
  4. ".... For loan oft loses both itself and friend.” Exactly describes the situation.
  5. Like 40 says; WWII would have been before regulated compressed-air systems. I believe Cousteau's Aqua-Lung was the first.
  6. Those Keystone youth .22s are neat little rifles. Long-term loan like that can be problematical. He should have presented you with a new rifle, having neglected yours. They are very reasonably priced. Great report on the cleaning job, though! I know the feeling....
  7. Good luck. I'm fully retired but do keep my law license active on general principles. I have no office infrastructure, no staff, no trust account, and no malpractice insurance, and thus no temptation at all to practice or give legal advice to anybody! But when I write a cranky letter to one representative or councilmember or another, I can say "Attorney at Law", so maybe they'll read it. Maybe....
  8. Not too scary if your Social Security check is direct deposited, or if your tax refunds are. That's how they know-- you told them.
  9. Without looking anything, I'm dubious that he would have spoken Greek in the circumstances.
  10. Good to hear. Wish folks would confirm that kind of info before they pass it on to thousands. "News of my death has been greatly exaggerated", as Mark Twain said...
  11. Yeah, it's USOG. He does wander a bit. But the rifles he has are something else.
  12. That must have been my issue. My OMV .45 broke its transfer bar after a few hundred rounds and virtually no dry firing. This was about 14 or 15 years ago. They fixed it pronto and no problems since.
  13. All the handwashing, sanitizing, and other stuff has made for a season with very little flu, at least. And you never hear anyone cough out there anymore. They don't dare.... Reminds me of a Seattle Symphony concert I was at about 40 years ago. There was a very Germanic conductor. During the first movement of the piece, there was a lot of audience coughing; it was midwinter. He put down the baton, stopped the orchestra in mid-note, and turned to the audience and ordered: "No coughing!" There wasn't a cough to be heard the rest of the night.
  14. Hadn't heard this either. He had a good innings. Just watched him again a few months back in Ride The High Country, a favorite I re-watch every few years. Has a pretty prominent role as one of the bad guys in that classic.
  15. I kinda like that Canadian guy with the haystack hair and a vault of about a million bucks worth of classic rifles. Modest fellow, too.
  16. Today the dancefloor, tomorrow the world.
  17. For 35 years straight we've had a New Years Day party with family and about 5 close couples who have attended for years. We make and bake pizza from scratch, using a recipe from an old Time/Life Italian cookbook that has become stained and battered with use down the years. We make all sorts of combos, and keep baking throughout the afternoon and evening. Italian sausage, peppers, mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts, capers, pepperoni, and other things, in various iterations and combinations. Alas, this year it will just be immediate family, but in our case that's a pretty big group in itself.
  18. That's what I thought; didn't quite get the comments...
  19. If the article didn't state the amount of the previous one, then it's not quite that stupid...If it said that 600 is less than 1200, then it is stupid.
  20. Amazing the things the permafrost gives up: Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer - SNL - YouTube
  21. I've always thought the main issue regarding the treatment of the Indians was not the fact that the continent was ultimately taken from them, which was an historical inevitability, however tragic for the tribes. It was the fact that thereafter they were often cheated out of that which this nation had, by solemn treaty, agreed to leave to them. One huge thing about the American Indians, to their everlasting reputation, is that they fought, and fought hard and bravely, for generations for their lands. But then they were cheated, over and over again, when they were mostly helpless. Fortunately, in the fullness of time, their treaty rights have been vindicated. I don't think 'we' is the issue; it's a national issue, and we're part of the nation. I think we should be proud of the fact that our institutions finally made up for much of what had been lost. The situation with slavery is analogous in many ways. Slavery itself was one of those over-arching historical tragedies. But our nation paid a high price for it, and eliminated it in a terrible conflict. But the freed slaves were then shackled by Jim Crow, and other legal oppressions. In many ways, that was the saddest chapter of all. Took an awful long time to end it. It's not a matter of individual, or collective 'guilt'. It's a question of good policy thereafter.
  22. I think the report that the setup used terra cotta jars in counters with holes conveys a lot more interesting information than 'cafateria-style street dining' does....
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