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  1. Although 1.600" is the SAAMI maximum cartridge length for .45 Colt, that was set when there WERE no .45 Colt rifles being factory made. There's no guarantee that the Uberti design and production tolerances will let a bullet right at 1.600" feed well. There usually is a modification that can be made to the frame or barrel that will provide enough relief, but it is SO much simpler to use ammo that works. Feed opening - that is some odd name for the breech of the barrel, I suppose? Which bullet shape you are using? A WIDE flat-nose slug may be catching by jamming the
  2. Brownells carries a .22 chamber iron tool made for gunsmiths to fix up rim fire chambers that have been dry fired. Has been a staple of their gunsmith line for at least 50 years. Apparently, still needed to fix up the problem. Good luck, GJ Hmmm, seems Brownells quit carrying this about 7 years ago. So, see Midway - they have the same tool.
  3. No options right now for EITHER caps or primers, for folks who failed to stock up. Good luck, GJ
  4. Only a couple of things to add: 1 - there is no perfect load, just loads good enough to shoot well. Right now, with severe limits on availability on all sorts of loading components, loading is more a matter of what will work from the components you have or can get. No one ever got to the awards stand mainly because they had developed a perfect load; success comes from a lot of really good practice. I have seen really good shooters take random ammunition into EOT and WR top gun shoot offs and still do amazing things. 2 - extrapolation out of the range of published d
  5. JB... If you want many pards to see your suggestion, paste the text into the edit function of another post. good luck, GJ
  6. Alan Harton (Houston) or Joe Perkins (Tucson), if they can fit it in their schedules. Good luck, GJ
  7. Next time, make sure the light source onto the "pasted" hulls is not straight on, so you have a shadow on the left side of the hull. At least the two hulls in front of the gun show a good shadow which matches the sun angle.
  8. Yep. Back two hulls are really fast - in Photoshop! Wrong ejection direction plus exact same shell tilt and rotation around it's axis and same amount of powder burn on it's mouth. Nice work, though, GJ
  9. If you are shaving lead, yes, the seater die has to be cleaned out regularly. Bell the mouth of case properly so you NEVER get lead shaved off cast bullets! If you are loading lubed bullets, the seater will collect lube in the stem, which seats the bullet too deep in case and may miss your crimp groove (if that is where you are trying to crimp). Clean out the die as often as needed to maintain your desired cartridge OverAll Length (OAL). Cases being different lengths are the least of my problems. If I do find a case too short to crimp, I disassemble the load and scr
  10. The platen is cast aluminum. Planning the right spot to put the new screw through the ring - about 15 minutes the first one I did. Slicing the ring in two places with hacksaw - about 10 minutes. A hand drill and a hand tap completed the job in about 10 minutes. No cast iron in a 366 at all. Just steel guide rods and dies and miscellaneous parts.. But, "A man's gotta know his limitations...." GJ
  11. Checked with Trainer Hale just outside of San Antonio? They are one of the major shotgun supply houses in the US. Trainer Hale Supply 15391 Bexar Bowling MARION, TX 78124 USA Phone: (830) 420-4530 Right now, you will probably have to settle for any 12 gauge target shell you can get. The low recoil shells can be extra work to find in good times, and these are not the "best of times." Also, if you have Bass Pro (aka Cabela) shops near you , drive by mid week during the day and look for shells just unloaded from the truck. Good luck, GJ
  12. Big YES to carbide sizer dies! I really like the RCBS die line for most cartridge loading. But, many of the Dillon dies are quite nice, too. Especially the seater die in Dillon's pistol sets which has a drop-out seater stem making it easy to clean bullet lube out of the die. I know of no other common die line that has that great feature. Lee dies often do not have a positive lock on the stems that are in the dies, nor on the "lock" rings that rely on an o-ring to hold them at their setting, which always seems to drift especially when die is unscrewed from a press.
  13. Oh, but I can! See photo for my mod of the hull retaining ring. Makes it very easy to take a hull off after dropping powder. Check weigh the powder, and put the hull back into the shell plate and keep going. And if a hull gets messed up when inserting wad, it's one station back to remove that, too. The hulls do NOT jump out of the machine at that slot, either. good luck, GJ
  14. I build a 3/4" plywood riser for mounting my 366's. Raises the machine about 3" higher, leaves room behind machine for the cartridge chute to drop the loads right into a 9x9" baking pan. Hard to fault a great machine over one small "feature" that can be fixed in about 20 minutes. The feature of not having no-shell-stops on the powder and shot stations is a whole lot more to gripe about, though. THOSE DO require the operator to pay attention. good luck, GJ
  15. Then this is the game for you if you want just a little competition every once in a while. But most of the time, you can just shoot for fun and shoot bull.... the rest of the time. Most of the rest of us do! good luck, GJ
  16. Then shoot that Rossi that fires 1.5" groups. It's not the loading technique as much as it the components and the gun in this particular case, I would bet. Most Marlin .45 Colt guns are chambered at or larger than maximum chamber dimensions. Some of the biggest .45 Colt chambers around! I've cerrocast a few, and that's been my findings. Good luck, GJ
  17. Lee's loading data is wrong place to look for Schofield data. If you don't find data at Hodgdon or Alliant on-line sites (which is the freshest data, but Alliant only has data for the 230 grain lead bullet in the cowboy load section), then buy or borrow a copy of the Lyman Cast Bullet handbook, 4th edition. It has two pages of tested, safe .45 Schofield loading data with 4 different cast bullet weights. With cast bullet loading data, once you find a load for ANY bullet shape, you can use that data with your SAME bullet weight, as long as the load is not near max pressu
  18. Wouldn't be much of anything "Cowboy". So why suggest a name that would be EASILY confused with something already in production! good luck, GJ
  19. A 366 does take proper adjustments to fit the hulls you are loading. Adjustments are not impossibly complex, but Hornady will rebuild a used one and put it back setting for loading target shells (Win, Remington type), for a reasonable fee. I load about 5,000 12 gauge rounds (smokeless) a year right now. I've got a 366 for Production, and a 366 for load development. Both bought used and I rebuilt 'em - the new price is pretty steep. I would not go back to any of the MECs nor want to spend bucks to move up to a higher-speed progressive (PW or Spolar). I would not recom
  20. Yep, Sounds like a shell stop failed to pop out to hold the sixth round back as the fifth round was feeding onto carrier. Dirty, or burred, or just needs lube. Or weak spring. Pretty common problem, seems like it happens on Chinese 97s much more often than originals. good luck, GJ
  21. If the return spring doesn't do it all, the next thing to try is a long replacement firing pin. Make sure the bore the firing pin sits in, and the holes where firing pin extension rides, are 100% clean and no burrs. Check protrusion of tip of firing pin when manually pressed forward in bolt - should be at least 0.030" IIRC. Doing that test BEFORE you buy a new FP will tell you IF you really need the new longer pin. Bending the Smith Shop spring is almost never needed. And not a great idea anyway. It's hard to get a spring to hold a new bend after it has been bent and temp
  22. Yes, there have been just a few shoot-thru's allowed at EOT in the past. Any work schedule that keeps you in Indiana through Friday will make it even harder to get to New Mexico where ever EOT will be held in 2021 with your gear and be ready to shoot all 12 stages on Saturday, though. good luck, GJ Oh, now I see a Facebook announcement for Paradise Pass but nothing posted by SASS as an announcement here. Huh! Maybe you can get to it. Shooting 12 stages in a day would not be my idea of fun, but then, I'm re.... tired. You will really want
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