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  1. Please send to

    Robert Edmiston

    PO 293599

    Phelan Calif 92329

    1. SouthwestShooter


      did you ever get the shipping cost on number 3.

      Leaving for Nevada State match tomorrow n wanna send then gold b4 I leave if I can.


  2. The number is  698171236

    1. Heck Know 32821

      Heck Know 32821


      How much do you need for the hulls and wads, shipped,


      Robert Edmiston

      PO 293599

      Phelan, Calif 92329

  3. I listed them on Gunbroker today ,if you want them let me know and I will pull them

  4. Please see new post for information  on the 97s.

    Thank you


    1. south paw mcdraw

      south paw mcdraw

      Thanks heck, my favorite firearm was always the pump action shotguns. But , I really need to find the right lever action to complete my cowboy action arsenal. New to sass , jut shot a really slicked out 73. This past match. Wow. Super smooth.im currently shooting a borrowed Rossi.  Slicked out also. Not bad , but 73 blows away. Can't seem to save fast enough to purchase one. Sell to fast

  5. Sir, I don't have a lot of money currently but I can scrape together $900 if you need the cash. I'm not a low baller just short of funds. No insult intended. Just trying to help.......Regards

    1. Heck Know 32821

      Heck Know 32821

      Sir I of all earth people can understand being short of funds. I just can not let it go for that price, What if I was to pay for shipping would this help . You would not be sorry to be the owner of this fine shooting iron, you would be envied by all your posse  members . What could be better than that.


    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Understood. Can't do that currently but if things change I'll get back to you.. Sorry

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