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  1. Larry, If you go to the website for EOT they mention some hotels that are giving deals for EOT. You might want to also checkout the Anthem area (North of the range - but still pretty close) https://endoftrail.org/more-info/ John and I have always stayed at either an AirBnB or VRVO - just like the comfort of being in a house vs a hotel. TL
  2. Gun Cart is SOLD! Thanks Mark MBFields to answer your question - yes it does fold down nicely with the pistol carrier on top. TL
  3. Selling my Rugged Gear Deluxe Gun Cart….going to use something different. Upgraded the front “Pouch” and added the pistol carrier. Also included is an umbrella holder and umbrella. Check out ruggedgear.com for full details. Asking $500 - PM me if interested. I can let you know that we will be at EOT in February so it can be delivered out there.
  4. Love shooting with these two and had the privilege of shooting with them at Gunsmoke this year - totally love watching them shoot and interact. They not only encourage each other on every stage but other members of the posse as well. TL
  5. Congratulations Cheyenne Cinder - so well deservered! TL
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