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  1. SOLD For Sale: Winchester 1897 (hard to find) Solid Frame e-model (800,000's serial) 12 Gauge shotgun. 20" barrel. Recoil pad installed. Full action job by local smith. Runs and ejects great! Bore seems bright, no pitting. Price: $800 shipped to your FFL CONUS, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle also accepted. First to Post " I"ll take it" here on the wire is the winner.
  2. I own two!! They are awesome and work well! Good deal compared to others.
  3. #123. I finally beat Hells Comin at something!!
  4. I got emails within hours of the match from Bonnie with all scores run all different ways.
  5. I fully understand the 170 rule, but I would like someone to explain to me what safely issue one is fearing from an open action shotgun pointing straight up at 180 deg.???? I have always used a common sense approach, if see it begin to get out of the 170, WARN by saying "Muzzle", then discuss with the shooter after the stage to be careful and watch their muzzle. Flagrant side to side violations are a different matter,(they ARE a safety issue) but a firearm pointed straight UP is about as safe as we can be!
  6. When the summer heat sometimes gets brutal for us here, we do institute casual dress for the match. Cowboy hat, shorts and T-shirt approved. Rather have people come out and shoot and survive vs having issues just for a local match. Never seen adjustments at a state or above.
  7. ALL SOLD For sale: Brand new in package from Ruger, Never installed on guns. First: Pair (for two pistols) SASS Rugers grip panels. These are brand new, ordered from Ruger that were the exact model installed on SASS Ruger Vaquero's, but will fit all Ruger NMV. Price: $100 Shipped. CONUS Second: Pair (for two pistols) Black with silver Ruger medallion grip panels. Brand new, never installed on guns in original packaging. These fit Ruger NMV and SASS Rugers. Price: $80 shipped CONUS Paypal F&F, Zelle and Venmo accepted. First to post "i'll take it" on the wire is the winner.
  8. Agree Contact Carty. Have two of these done by him.
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