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  1. sold pending funds For Sale: Ol Short Tom Cross Draw holsters and belt done by Murphy Custom leather. This is the actual rig used for pics on his website. Retails for almost $600 Belt and holsters are Black with white stitching and outlined by silver like rivets and the holsters have nice silver dollar look emblems on them. (see pics) This is a very high quality rig, steel lined that is in excellent condition and one of best can get. The belt is a bit older and the holsters are almost new (about year old) as I had them made recently as I change gun type. I have been using 4 5/8 New model Vaquero’s but will work for similar. Belt measure 43" as the smallest hole and 50" to the largest and could be larger using a buckle. Selling as I have a duplicate rig so figured looking for a good home. Asking $350 shipped conus. Accept PayPal F&F, and zelle also. First to post on wire "I'll take it" will be the winner.
  2. Prices seem high, about 50% higher than place a group of us have been ordering for year. (using coated 105-38's) Plus u get 5% off if your order 4 boxes or more. https://summersenterprisesllc.com Check it out.
  3. If your just getting started with ACES, I would not waste time learning. the program is no longer being supported by the builder and does not work with any newer phones or operating system updates. We switched over to practiscore (same creator as Aces) or consider trying Cas Scoring. Both those programs are free and work on any modern device and have new support and update. Just FYI
  4. Yes, what HC said, I run 900 with STS's, first change the plastic wad guide fingers and if not there is an adjustment on the alignment of that arm as it centers in the station, there's a little adjustment screw at bottom of wad arm I do believe. Also those STS hulls seem a bit worn too.
  5. Purchased one last year for 650, primarily loading coated 105’s. Runs flawlessly, best addon I’ve bought!!
  6. I’m coming!!! With Turkey Legs as MD this year, I’m sure it will a great event!
  7. I love people who post about SASS getting money for doing nothing, and they post it on the website that SASS, yes SASS pays a good chunk of funds to maintain that website and the WIRE for our benefit. Besides shooting, the wire is one of the biggest benefits of SASS, from gun information, events, loading, advice, friendships and others, ALL at no cost, even if you're paying dues or not.
  8. Never been to this match in our area so decided to bring a group from Illinois out this year! Wife and I just signed up electronically today. Looking forward to it!!
  9. Gunsmoke, the regional did that last year. Literally everyone in every category place got an award at the ceremony. Some actually receiving 25th place awards??? Please reduce these crazy award budgets and lower match fees. They keep going up and up for annual, state and above. It's over $200 just for entry fees for wife and I now for almost every shoot at that level, all driven by crazy demands for buckles at every match and over the top awards to many levels.
  10. I’m guessing filled up by Tuesday or Wednesday, hope you all sent those overnight delivery. Attended my first last year and this is one not to miss!
  11. sold pending funds For Sale: Pair of SASS Ruger Vaqueros in 357 cal, 4 5/8 barrel, stainless. I purchased them NIB just over a year ago, and sent them to Joe Perkins of AZ. He did a full Race action job including Short stroking. Joe does some amazing high quality work. Check out his page for details of action and SS. https://classicsingleaction.com/ultimate-short-stroke Action work is over $600. Just the pistols are selling for over $3k on gunbroker. Price: $2800 plus shipping to your FFL paypal, venmo also accepted First to post "I'll take them" here on the wire is the winner.
  12. Although I did not "buckle" this year in AZ, I was in the beginning on the bandwagon of who's to blame for the "perceived" change in the quality of the awards, Buttttttttt, THE BLAME IS US!. 52 award categories???? Really?????? So if they gave 10 awards to all categories (and I know all did not have 10, but many did) that would be that 520 awards given out for a shooter count of 681 or potentially 76% of the shooters get an award?????? (The midwest regional gave an award to EVERYONE???? 21st place in categories??) Have we all become about "participation" awards. I though we do this for the FUN, and for the competition and to be recognized when we have achieved a major accomplishment. Back in the early Winter Range days, I think there were like 5-7 categories and when you seen someone with a Champion or even a top 10 buckle, it meant something. WE have created this financial burden on major match holders, every little shoot announces "Hey were giving buckles" as entry fees continue to climb. Again, no disrespect to the great shooters who practice tirelessly to achieve perfection that they do at a national level, recognition is well deserved, but the proliferation of categories over the years has caused this great financial burden on the matches in our sport, had increased the cost to attend these matches and is contributing to the slowing of the sport in my opinion. Don't blame Misty or SASS and expect them to pay, revenue and income is not UP in SASS but declining, so look to ourselves, which is why they are offering a pay if you want option. JMHO
  13. For sale: Looks to be an aftermarket stock from my SKB model 100. No cracks. Guessing maybe a boyds. Just removed from gun, may needs fitting to yours. With the buttock pad that was on it, it measured to around a 14" LOP. $100 shipped conus. Accept PP F&F, venmo, zelle and check paymnet First to post "i'll take it here on the wire" is the winner
  14. Were the Buckles that the winners received at the match provided by SASS or Arizona Roughriders?
  15. Congrats Matt!! Got a chance to shoot a bunch of matches this winter with him and was fun to watch and learn! Defiantly not shooting slow! LOL
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