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  1. I spent several years on paper machines. We would occasionally make bag paper. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. 8 rolls per set, 5 set reels. No fond memories.
  2. Been many on this forum that have, they just haven’t chimed in yet. 250 grain hard cast will drill a nice hole from one side to the other.
  3. One thing I’ve noticed about WalMart, is even if it’s just me and one other shopper, that shopper would standing in front of the only item I needed, and reading the labels on every thing on the shelf.
  4. They only suck if you put a Dallas Cowboy decal on it.
  5. You can barely make out the scar from a surgery to correct DeQuervain’s. Done in 1978, went fishing that afternoon.
  6. The Villain is the movie WC was referring to with Kirk Douglas as Cactus Jack Slade. Here's a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HicFYknnQqk
  7. If memory serves, the bullet below the case mouth does not apply to Nagants. I can't quote or post a link, but the topic was discussed a few months ago, and I think the general consensus was the bullet rule did not apply to the Nagant cartridges. Hopefully someone with a better memory will come along and clear it up.
  8. They're definitely different. I had one, used it once at a match. I had made some BP reloads, using a .31 caliber round ball. I was afraid that little 40 grain ball would be very hard to hear on the off chance it actually did hit steel. Turns out, it had plenty of oomph for the spotters, and I shot clean with that pistol. Reloads with my homemade BP or 777 FFg are quite a bit hotter than the factory rounds that I got the brass from. Here's a link to the process I used to reload them: And here's a link to a comparison test between factory, homemade, and 777:
  9. Reminds me of the one about the cat the had it's tail cut off by a car driven by a veterinary doc. Doc reattached the tail with the help of a passerby. But that's as far as I can go with this one. Y'all will have to finish it. If you don't know it ask Sawyer!
  10. I watched one episode. Seems that the hunters have to lay hands on the huntees to end the game. So, if you just locked yourself in your house and enforced Castle Law, you'd have it made.
  11. Just like winning EOT, shoot faster and miss less.
  12. Actually you could make a phone call for a penny, if you had a dollar bill. Fold the bill longways until it would fit in the quarter slot. Put it in nearly all the way, drop a penny in the nickle slot, then pull out the bill. Dial tone!
  13. I've used my Baby Remington before. I swear you could use the hammer spring as an overload for a 3/4 ton pickup. Slow, but fun to shoot.
  14. There's a little guns store/range down in Sherman, TX that on Thursday nights they set up three targets, shooters take turns shooting each other's scenarios with a timer, and scored like IDPA. I've gone down a couple of times, really enjoyed it. Just like CAS, I'm about the world's worst at it, but it is fun. Usually 6 to 8 shooters show up. One night when it was my turn to set up a scenario, I did it so you changed loaded a fresh mag while still having one in the chamber, instead of a slide lock mag change. No one had ever done that, they all seemed to really enjoy it. I've thought about bringing a shotgun to use on a fourth target, but I'd have to ask the leader if it would be OK.
  15. They're never wrong as long as they forecast in percentages.
  16. Looking like it's gonna be an "I don't care" Super Bowl.
  17. I thought so. Commented about it to my wife. Hope the Steelers win, I was hoping for a Packer/Steeler Super Bowl.
  18. I'm betting a full load of FFFg would beat the factory load. I know that with careful reloading one can stomp a mud hole in the factory load in a rifle. You could also blow up a revolver with those same loads. That's why the Winchester loads are what they are. They used to make two versions, an express load and a milder load for handguns. They were specifically labeled as such. But too many folks couldn't or wouldn't read the label, so they were dumbed down for the masses.
  19. I met Arlo Guthrie at a concert in OKC. He autographed a harmonica for me. Most of the ink rubbed off in my pocket, so the next concert I went to he signed it again for me. That was in Mt View, Arkansas. That's about it for me.
  20. Now I'm hoping for a Packer/Steeler Super Bowl.
  21. Since the Cowboys are out now I gotta root for Big Ben and the Steelers. Good thing they've got a place kicker!
  22. Motor home with GPS coordinates to every SASS club. Then hire a driver/reloader.
  23. Copper thieves stripped the wires from a RR crossing near home a few years ago. Three days later a log truck T-boned the lead engine of a train at about 60mph. Truck driver was killed instantly, engineer died a few days later. All so a crackhead could get another hit of meth.
  24. The big Wanamacher show in Tulsa is interesting. Wanamacher is actually an Indian word that means "Watch thousands of white men walk shoulder to shoulder and belly to butt" !!
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