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  1. I would like a copy of the plans as well. Marshal Stone
  2. Alaska 49ers got back to shooting the end of May. Had our 3rd match back yesterday. Marshal Stone
  3. Give me an address and I'll send a medium flat rate box of mixed .38 brass. Marshal Stone
  4. My reloading mentor gave me an extra heavy Dillon flip tray that he had. Have tried a couple of vibrating tube fillers but they where more trouble, to me, that they are worth. So stay with the Dillon flip tray. So it's p/p for me. Marshal Stone
  5. Depending on what she wants you might check with Klassic Laser Works. www.KlassicLaserworks.com I think they are wintering in the Phoenix area. Marshal Stone
  6. I change .45 to 9mm all the time. I just reach into a different side of my range bag. Real easy swap over. Marshal Stone
  7. Zac; I think you and your crew did an awesome job on this years match. Was it a gimme match? No it wasn't. It was a challenging match as a National Championship should be. I heard comments about the low number of clean matches. Only about 6% That's not the fault of the match it's on the shooter. I know all my misses were my fault. Keep doing what you've been doing. Putting on an outstanding match. Can't wait for next year to see what you've come up with and what outstanding new props will be on display. Marshal Stone
  8. Smokestack;


    I'm trying to find out if my app has been received.

    I mailed apps for two matches on the same day. I've gotten a confirmation and my check has been cashed from the other match. I have had some issues with stuff being lost in the mail and want to make sure that hasn't happened here. Our plan is traveling from Alaska and doing 4 matches on consecutive weekends.


    Marshal Stone

    1. Smokestack SASS#87384
    2. Smokestack SASS#87384

      Smokestack SASS#87384

      She said your application was received on Friday and will be processed tomorrow or thursday. 

    3. Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Marshal Stone, SASS #53366

      Thank you.

      See ya in Oct.


      Marshal Stone


    Hey Crisco;


    What is your Unique load for 45 ACP? If you have one for 45 Colt I would appreciate that as well.

    Trying to help Scout Brown. He bought an old can at a gun show.


    Marshal Stone

    1. Crisco


      Sorry I didn't notice your note for a few days.

      These days I usually load the .45ACP with a 200gr LSWC and 6.0 Unique.  With a 230 LRN I use 5.5 Unique.

      In .45 Colt I load a 250L with 7.0 unique.  I've tried lighter bullets in the .45 Colt and was never happy with them unless the load far exceeded SASS guidelines (all the soot and unburned powder issues experienced by the folks that try to make a .45 act like a .38...).


  10. I also have my dad's 300 Savage '99 as well as one I bought years ago. Wish I had the old 38-40. Took my first moose with it, also took moose and caribou with the '99. Marshal Stone
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