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  1. Basil Hayden Garrison Brothers Blanton’s all paired with a really nice cigar….
  2. I use a set of Axil GS Extreme earbuds.
  3. I so wanted to love Shooters World Clean Shot, but my results were somewhat less than awesome. I worked up a load in 45 colt with a 200gr rf bullet to my target vel of 700ish fps. My tests left a fair amount of powder residue in the barrel. Way more than my Clays load. Anyone else have this same experience?
  4. I am loving my new Sig P322 that they released back in March. The 20rd mag is hard to beat. https://www.sigsauer.com/blog/sig-sauer-launches-new-p322-rimfire-pistol
  5. This new model from Mossberg is my choice for my home defense shotgun. Mossberg 590S with 20” barrel. Model 51602 https://www.mossberg.com/590s-51602.html Quote from their website: For the ultimate in shooting flexibility, the all-new 590S Series cycles 1.75″, 2.75″, or 3″ shells. Pick one shotshell length for specific shooting needs, or simultaneously load any combination of those shell lengths. The choice is yours with the 590S.
  6. I am just beginning my CAS journey. I have shot one match so far and absolutely had a ball!! I load my own ammo and have a bin full of 45Colt brass that has been around the block a few times, if you know what I mean. I also have a bin full of either once-fired, or new Starline 45Colt brass. My question is this. How many of you load your old beat up brass for practice, and only load your good starline brass for actual matches?
  7. Here is my compadre. Co-pilot and companion.
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