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  1. I have Two blue ones and two SS. Would be interested in maybe a trade across blue for your SS and cash this way on the second blue one. Hope this is clear, just started on my first cup of the morning.
  2. Played around with fillers and lard etc. Pain in the behind. Go with the Big Lube bullets and save yourself some grief. Worried about recoil, just seat them bullets a little deeper to take up space.
  3. I have used them in both a handgun and Marlin rifle. The main keys are bullet hardness and lube.
  4. For various reason, the 32/20 and 30 carbine all seem louder than needed when fired out of a handgun.
  5. I once used liquid steel to build back a huge chip around the but stock of a SG. It cures out gray and when sanded down did not jump out at you so I did not try to stain it.
  6. there use to be a book out that tells how. Not sure if it is still in print and could not find mine.
  7. Have it in a few days seems to me as "commonly available". Thinking maybe, we have a winner. Really think we should use the standard, "if John Wayne would use it, then it's OK"
  8. Going to be a long one according to the wooly worms - this has been fun!
  9. good luck have one from Tradition that was a very limited production. Not for sale.
  10. So a 45/70 pistol would be legal if it did not exceed 1000 fps? Only had to shoot it one time around before I handed it back.
  11. I have used a 1/2 wad cutter and beer cans to make a gas check for my 45/70. Guessing it would also work with the 44. The little bit of the rolled edge slips right into the case.
  12. using a roll crimp in a drill press takes care of any sloppy fit between powder, wad and shot. As you can see, if it fits inside a shotgun shell, it probably will work.
  13. I use a slight roll on the brass shells. Not a full roll , just enough to where it can start to be noticed. With BP loads it has stayed in place.
  14. and for the Jr shooters using 410 try some 444 marlin. thinking maybe they will last forever
  15. Memory not what it use to be, but think it was at the laundry. Stage called for shooting through the laundry (shed) to targets beyond. A bunch of straw was stored inside and set to one side. Not the most pleasant smell.
  16. A rolled crimp on the drill press will give almost if not the same profile. Will also take the cheap plastic shells and melt them into nice looking crimp. Same with the AA with the folds no longer holding. Melt them back and good for one more go. The taper is very visible even to the naked eye.
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