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  1. What he said. Go watch Lester Flatt, for real. Or any BG band playing Blackberry Blossom. Or even better, Fire on the Mountain by Marshall Tucker Band. The lick Bart and I are talking about is practically the hook of that song.
  2. Okay, that second dotted quarter note is a Gmaj7 with the Root (the G on the 6th string) already moving towards resolving on the Em7 on the 1 of the next measure. Can you read music? If so, look at your bass clef. See how the very first note of the first triad is, then look at the second triad/arpeggio, the second and third notes of both arpeggios are the same, but the first triad starts with a G, the second triad starts with an F#. The root is moving ahead to resolve the upcoming chord change (to Em7) on the 1 of the following measure. I went to Berklee 40 years ago, but I’ll admit, after 35 years working out of Music City, their chart and number system made reading standard notation obsolete for me, because the Nashville system allows pickers to transpose on the fly if the artist can’t nail it in the key it was written in.
  3. It all depends. In this instance appears to be a hymnal or “songbook” opposed to a chart, so everything to the right of the / represents the bassline walking to the F# whilst the rhythm maintains the gmaj7 until they both land on the E together. Rhythm guitar could also walk the bass on the 6th string along with the bassist while maintaining the basic chord structure on the other strings. Think Foggy Mountain Breakdown or Rocky Top, where the G walks down to the E. That’s my guess as to what you’re looking at there. Try it and see.
  4. I’m fairly well acquainted with Tex; him and I used to have eat-offs at Willie’s FOJ shindigs. I’ve never known anyone as comfortable in their own skin in any situation as Tex, the man is a an absolute hoot and doesn’t know how to be anyone but himself. A buddy of mine also knows Tex, and the first time Tex was mentioned in conversation he goes “have you ever seen him eat?” I hawed. His story, he had met Tex at a big music industry party and said Tex walked in, commandeered an entire platter of deviled eggs and was shoveling them in as he was making the rounds to the other guests. Once the eggs were gone, so was Tex.
  5. I just received my books, Cholla, many thanks. Cowboy Gear, wow….I was quite content believing I was getting the paperback version @ $10, I had no idea you were offering the hardback, coffee table edition. With that said, I just learned about the Oatman family last night and have many more hours to spend in doctors’ offices and ODCs in the very near future. Put me down for A Soldier’s Diary West Like Lightning Both titles on the Oatman Girls Send the total once shipping is computed and I’ll get you squared away.
  6. Plants of Power Tribes that Slumber Cowboy Gear Firearms, Traps et al Orphans Preferred Soiled Doves I’ll take these if still available
  7. Ended up doing a larger deal with Happy, so it’s back on the block. Interarms Walther PPK/s .380 Stainless. Last ones made with the original profile. Price dropped to $600 plus shipping. Will do FTF in NE TN and can make ammo available for local buyer at below current retail prices. Matt Blasterson #112488
  8. Doot-doot-do-doot-doot-do. Nothing to see here, folks, she’s all gone.
  9. Maybe, I’m trying to fund a rifle in .38/.357 for this game. Would love to do a trade+cash right into one, but I’m open to other offers.
  10. Slimlines, so you have to change out your screws and bushings (not included; I recommend Challis). No Ambi cut. I traded 1911s and these grips don’t work with the new one and I don’t trust my Dremel skills on a set of slim scales. $90 shipping included.
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