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  1. Doot-doot-do-doot-doot-do. Nothing to see here, folks, she’s all gone.
  2. Maybe, I’m trying to fund a rifle in .38/.357 for this game. Would love to do a trade+cash right into one, but I’m open to other offers.
  3. Slimlines, so you have to change out your screws and bushings (not included; I recommend Challis). No Ambi cut. I traded 1911s and these grips don’t work with the new one and I don’t trust my Dremel skills on a set of slim scales. $90 shipping included.
  4. $110 shipped or trade for:towards other needful SASS items (shotgun belt, Costume accoutrements, etc) PP F&F or check, money orders Matt Blasterson #112488
  5. Walther PPK/s for sale. .380, stainless, 2 mags. These were the last pistols made before S&W came along and added the beavertail. If you’re susceptible to rail bite, a removable beavertail is included. Excellent point shooter that unlike most PPK/s eats anything you feed it. $650 + shipping.
  6. I got this in a trade, looks new, have only put fastdraw loads thru it myself. I’m drawn to its aesthetics, but it’s not part of my shooting routine. 6/29 Update Short rifle has been apprehended. Box, lock, pouch and papers included. $525 + shipping, or make offer. Would trade (+ or -) for a Chinchester ‘97, or maybe a really nice leather set 46”-48” to center for 4 5/8 357s & 12 ga.. Matt Blasterson SASS #112488
  7. What a terrible week for me to be broke; that’s a sweet deal.
  8. Wranglers take the XR3-RED grips, same as blackhawks, single sixes, et al. I grabbed a pair of real Buffalo horn off eBay for around $40. Just search XR3-RED and you’ll have a choice from $20-$500
  9. Right now I’ve got a pair of SASS Vaqueros in .357, an SKB 100 that’s race-ready, a Baikal MP 210 that once I scrounge the funds to make it cowboy ready will be, so I’m down to needing the rifle (1873 in 357), the cart, and the leather. I have my CFDA cartridge belt I can likely repurpose, will have to check the SHB on the holster. Costuming, I’m definitely lacking, but can probably surprise myself in what I could throw together rummaging through the closet.
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