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  1. Obama and Krugman got Nobel Prizes in physics? I was unaware of their contributions to science or that they were known to the Nobel Committee for Physics, let alone the Swedish Academy of Sciences. They join such lofty personages as Marconi, Planck, and of course Einstein. Wow! Forgive me, I shouldn't argue with someone who knows so much more than the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
  2. Pay no attention to the Nobel Prize he won.
  3. This... Plus learning that folks request to shoot on my posse...but that's probably because I'm usually found with Anita Margarita.
  4. Joe West out of Georgia put mine back together. He's on the wire occasionally.
  5. So, is it safe to assume that you always use black powder, too?
  6. I never did meet him, but frequently shoot the pair of .45 revolvers I bought from him years ago.
  7. My ten-shot chrono data for .32 H&R Magnum with 2.5 gr Titegroup, Fed SP primer, and 100 gr SWC from Ruger Single Six handgun: Hi 846 Lo 818 Av 833 ES 28 SD 9
  8. Probably my last post on the subject also. There are many opinions floating around on this thread, but I have yet to see any definitive logic to support a multiple-round reload being any more of a burden to a gunfighter than to a traditional style or duelist. It takes the same amount of hands to perform the tasks and there are any number of ways to accomplish them, some methods more efficient than others. But, given the frequency of this event, I don't intend to spend any time worrying about it. Back up about 17 years ago, when I started shooting gunfighter style, handgun reloads were not terribly uncommon. I don't recall the occasional split pistol stage, handgun reloads and the like triggering cries of "foul" and sending gunfighters running for the parking lot. The game has changed significantly since then.
  9. Any chance you could clarify this? It looks like you're painting with a wide brush, here.
  10. And if Krazy Kajun belongs anywhere, it's in the peanut gallery.
  11. Sorry to miss your event, but we had an opportunity to visit our grandkids. Not sure we'll ever be semi-normal after that!
  12. You definitely deserved this recognition! I wish we would have been there for the presentation. Best regards, Jackalope
  13. My apologies. I did not know that agnostics had anything to do with prayer nor to what deity their prayers might be directed.
  14. Congrats to our new Jedi Gunfighters! We've been trying to make the presentation to Mister Badly for a while. Glad it finally worked out!
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