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  1. I am super happy this finally happened for Tombstone! Congrats again!
  2. From Handbook., pg 4... "Shotgun Ammo loops must conform to the shooters contour" Is this also applicable to the shooter wearing a belt loosely enough to allow shells to tip outward from their "contour"?
  3. Wow! If all these fellers that claim they will never step foot in another Walmart again is representative across the country, Walmart can advertise "No Waiting Checkout Lines". Would that entice any of you back?
  4. Phantom asks a good question. I've never really heard a logical argument in favor of it. Jackalope
  5. Hey Randy, It appears that members pay more than non-members...am I reading that correctly? Jackalope
  6. Wouldn't want you to be all alone....I'll wear a pink shirt in Alabama and Tennessee! P.S. Don't go flattering yourself!
  7. Just to be clear, the Wire discussion I referred to (and what I believe Phantom refers to) did not forbid or prohibit a shooter from placing loaded guns on the LT and leaving for whatever reason. Again, I don't know if it ever reached an absolute conclusion (10+ years ago), but it did indicate if your loaded guns hit the floor, no matter who bumped into them, you got the MDQ. That didn't sound logical back then and, in my opinion, it doesn't sound logical now. Jackalope
  8. Anita Margarita and I recall that Wire thread. It was sometime before we moved east from Northern California so that would have been at least ten years ago. I'm not sure if it had a final conclusion, but my take away was "Leave your loaded guns on the LT...AT YOUR OWN RISK! We remember mostly because it seemed so unreasonable. Jackalope
  9. We made camping reservations yesterday and our entry forms go in the mail next time we get to the post office!
  10. Badlands Bud! Hope all is well in your world!
  11. Are they shoving you under the outhouse...or pulling you out of it?
  12. Well, if Waimea and Mongo are gonna be there, I better go along to keep an eye on 'em. I'm optimistic that Anita will be able to compete.
  13. how to change alias on profile

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