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  1. I guarantee we can fit two days worth of black powder in six stages.
  2. Dunno. All things considered...it sounds kinda creepy to me either way.
  3. I am obviously a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope.
  4. I haven't seen Lash LaRue for many years, but remember him fondly. He was a good guy.
  5. What Ringer said. And it doesn't hurt to be a Jedi Gunfighter.
  6. FWIW... Generally speaking, if the cast bullet is sized to a tight fit going through the chamber throats in the cylinder, you will probably have the best results. That's assuming the chamber throat is correctly bored slightly larger than the barrel's groove diameter. If the throat is smaller than the bore, the bullet will be sized to the chamber throat as it leaves the cylinder anyway. In that case, it's time for a visit to the gunsmith to get the chamber throats corrected. In any event, a fairly soft bullet will likely work out better than a hard one. Regards, Jackalope
  7. So it's a small world after all. Or is .that the west coast Disney place? Enjoy!
  8. My wife is pretty happy with 12 grains of American Select and not quite an ounce of shot. Recoil is really reduced compared to the 17 grain load she had been using and it still has plenty of power for knock down targets.
  9. Buck got one thing right, that part where he said, "You're not going to believe this". Otherwise, I doubt every word that Buck D. Law says! I reckon when I invite Buck over, I'll just put his welcome mat way out there by the outhouse.
  10. Hey Snuffy, Here's an ad from the front page of this forum (as of a few minutes ago). Might could work something out with this fella. Jackalope
  11. Anita and I are gonna try to make it. Save us a camping spot! Jackalope
  12. Rainmaker, Because of your alias, you took considerable blame for the weather! Congrats on your "Spirit of the Game" award! Jackalope
  13. Icy cold beer right out of the wall...only one of the amazing, magical things you'll find at Ponderosa Pines!
  14. The smiles and laughter make up for any kind of uncomfortable weather you might find at Ponderosa Pines. Anita and I would love for you to come to Black Gold and we're absolutely positive you would have a great time! Oh, don't forget... Southern ladies don't sweat...they glisten. But sometimes when it's real hot, they glisten like pigs.
  15. Barkeep, I won't be participating in this but will be happy to help with the clock or counting, etc., assuming we get there in time. But I ain't picking up no rimfire brass! Jackalope
  16. I am super happy this finally happened for Tombstone! Congrats again!
  17. We made camping reservations yesterday and our entry forms go in the mail next time we get to the post office!
  18. how to change alias on profile

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