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  1. All cats are psychopaths. If your cat is being sweet to you, it is only to lull you into a sense of comfort so the cat can pull some real psychopathic stunt.
  2. Bob, Thanks for the beautiful photos. And, we should all send good thoughts for the poor little critters who witnessed the nekked photographer!
  3. Wish I could. I am not the only one having issues with this recruiter. But, we are part of a very large corp. and we are stuck in the confines they put us in. We are working as far outside of the system as we can, and I know there is movement from multiple sites across the country to do something about our "recruiter".
  4. I have noticed that, more so this hire than past positions. Most of the resumes are almost cut and paste versions of the next one. All claim to be a "lean manufacturing" expert, or have implemented "lean" manufacturing. I went back and looked at the job description I had put out because I was fairly certain I had not included "lean manufacturing" as a requirement. In the description above the requirements, I have a line in there "Must be capable and ready to function in a lean, fast paced design environment, both individually and collaboratively". Apparently they all key off that "lean". It was a PIA back in the old days when I would get a hundred resume's on my desk to go thru, but at least I got to sort out the ones I wanted to see.
  5. "sudden" requests from new hires are always suspect. If there is a reason (and there are lots of legitimate reasons) that the kid needs to be picked up and driven home, I bet those reasons existed before the lady was hired. If mentioned during the hiring process, I would bet that provisions would have been made (scheduled her break or lunch period so she could take care of her daughter, etc). I question the mindset of the people who "keep secrets" and then spring them on you after you hired them.
  6. As a side thought, anybody know an engineer interested in sheet metal enclosures for server/network/broadcast type equipment looking for a job in Anaheim (no, not for the Mouse, but Disneyland isnt that far down Ball Road from here).
  7. I have an engineer retiring in January and I have been working with my corporate recruiter (works somewhere back east) to find a replacement. I am getting very few resumes... not sure if that is a lazy recruiter or if there are not many engineers looking for work. After a few months of this, the last batch of resumes had a few that were marginal, but I figured I better see a few people in person so I had the recruiter schedule 2 that looked like talking with them could clear up the questions that came up after looking at the resumes and the results of the pre-screening interviews. Today I have a guy supposed to be here at 10am. I am waiting at the front door 5 minutes early to let him in (locked lobby since Covid came to visit). At 10:07 I get an email from the recruiter to call her. This guy had called to request a reschedule. So, I asked why. Apparently this is a holiday week and he is too busy to come down for an interview. But, he is the one that accepted the interview during a holiday week... So my next question is when did he call her. She said about 9:50. This guy lives in Pomona, and apparently according to his resume is working from home. Pomona can be a good 30 minutes away depending on traffic. At 9:50, I would have already been parked and waiting for an interview to start. At best, by that time he should have been on the freeway almost here. The recruiter asked when I wanted to reschedule the interview for. I told her not to. He knew before 9:50 that he wasn't going to make it. I dont need somebody working for me that disrespects my time, and the time of the rest of team. Emergencies happen to everybody, and I dont hold that against anybody. But "its a holiday week and I am too busy to come in" 10 minutes before the appointment is not an acceptable emergency. If it had been an hour or two before and it was "a huge project just fell on my desk that needs to get completed this week, can I possibly reschedule for next week" would have been perfectly fine. Even if he had the decency to lie about it, and do so more than 10 minutes before the meeting, that would have worked. What is wrong with these people? Sorry guys, just had to vent...
  8. depends on how old your house is. We replaced all the interior door frames about 10 years ago in our house. It was built in the mid 50's and had been used as a rental much of the time since then and the door frames were all shot. We found that with 60 years of settling, there wasn't a single door opening in the house that was even close to square. What should have been a fairly simple job (done it before) turned into a PIA. We finally got everything installed and once the trim was installed you couldn't see all the work it took to get these installed. More than once during that process I wished I had just refinished the doors that were there. Have you considered removing the full width door and installing a bi-fold door? Never seen one on a bathroom, but why not?
  9. Must have been a huge fan of Nascar...
  10. When you full MLB pro, remember that benefit of the doubt goes to the Dodgers!
  11. Tank Girl was great! Been a long time since I watched it, gonna have to move it to the top of the list.
  12. Just finished loading up a box of 12.7x44r cartridges. (Think 50-70 just a bit shorter). Now I just need to get to a range to try out my Swedish rolling block.
  13. I dont recall Vaqueros existing back when the Blackhawks were the 3 screw "old model". So, since the current Vaqueros are called new model, then the "large frame" Vaquero was the old model, or the original model, or the original. But only a Blackhawk can be a 3 screw old model, unless it is custom built. Just my recollection. MM, Nice six shooter, hope it sells soon for you.
  14. Add this person to the list of people that it should be legal to slap whenever you see them in public.... Some of the stupidest crap I ever read....
  15. Did you say "again"? I didn't realize there was a time they weren't having issues....
  16. That is awesome! I live next to a gravel pit so I get more wildlife than most in the middle of the city, but the best I get are squirrels, quail, coyotes, occasional coons and possums, and an assortment of turkey buzzards, hawks and other birds of prey that enjoy floating in the updraft along the eastern edge of the pit.
  17. So we have a thread for loved westerns, and a list of hated westerns. As I read thru the loved ones, I saw some I didn't like. As I read thru the list of hated ones, I saw some I liked.... So... Quick and the Dead (Sharon Stone version). I enjoy this one even though it always ranks high on the hated list. It isn't accurate, and doesn't try to be. It is a comic book version of a western made into a movie. And, there is a wide array of hardware being used as opposed to everybody having a Colt sixgun. Can you think of another movie that had both a Lemat and a Reid My Friend Knuckleduster? So what "hated" movie is one of your guilty pleasures?
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