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  1. Prepping a rifle for a Short Stroke kit is more than installing the kit and a Main Spring. You have a couple of suggestions that go together. The Firing Pin is a Rebounding Firing Pin returned by the spring. The firing pin should have around 50 thou protrusion through the face of the Breach Block (bolt) when fully forward. The OEM Return spring is intended to prevent OOB firing and hold the Extension Rod to the rear. The spring is much too heavy. I suggest replacing the Firing Pin with an After-Market one to include a reduced Return Spring. The Extension Rod MUST slide smoothly in and o
  2. Depends. No, not the "Depends" inna plastic package. Depends on how old your Pietta is. Older production Pietta "Navy" grips had a pronounced "flair" at the bottom of the grip. I liken'd it to a "Trombone Bell." New(er) production Pietta Navy grips are much closer to Colt pattern '51 Grip shape.
  3. Uh . . . NO. WAY. JOSE. Some cold and the drive SUX!!! Sorry. (No I'm not). Spring. Think . . . SPRING
  4. Hi Creeker!! Oh Please. Pretty Please . . . . LET. THIS. ONE. DIE!! Oh, and I do prefer to split the Shotgun. Start Shotgun, split Pistols and Rifle with Shotgun then End with Shotgun. 6 Shotgun total. Carry yer shotgun around alot. Come to LOVE yer Shotgun. Did I mention I really like to split and tote the Shotgun?? I should mention that. I really should.
  5. Oh well . . . . I shoot Cap Guns and Toggle Link Rifles. For a Rifle reload, when performing the reload from "the person", after pulling the first cartridge and fumbling it into the weeds, I usually get it done in 8 - 12 Seconds total. Planned or unplanned is no different. First round goes inna weeds, not the rifle. Cap Guns. No such thing as an "unplanned" reload. Take a miss. Planned, I cap the 6th chamber after the beep, usually takes 3 - 4 seconds. I DO NOT routinely load and shoot with an un-capped chamber (sorry Griff).
  6. PLUS ONE for Abilene you betcha. Atz also why I sold ALL my casting stuff 40 years ago.
  7. The best I've heard have been done by Cher and Lady Gaga.
  8. Naw. Cummon evrbody!! It's really quite simple. Electricity just doesn't like Alpo. Sheesh.
  9. OK Grizzly, You're wrong. The suit by Colt as over the horse Logo/Medallion on the Grip Panels. Colt won. The penalties and "cease and desist" were more expensive than the original AWA could afford. AWA went bust. Unless you're talking about the "Second" AWA. "AWA USA." Different story. Different Circumstances. Same result. By the bye, The guns sold by the "first" AWA were manufactured by Armi San Marco. Richard never told me who made the major parts for the "second" AWA USA.
  10. Replacement parts for Merwins are only found on guns someone else already owns.
  11. Due at the VA on the 5th for my second shot. I'l be there even it is scheduled for 8:15 AM.
  12. A nominal Muzzle Velocity of 5500+ FPS. Right quick it is.
  13. If one is looking for an easy to load, easy to clean, FUN Substitute for Black Powder . . . . JUMP on this offer. The best bet for APP is 3f which will meter through powder measures on Progressives quite nicely.
  14. PLUS ONE or even TWO for Nate Kiowa Jones. Guru do Rossi 92. Buy the Rossi's. Immediate send for Nates instructional video on making the 92 RUN. I cleaned up 92 can be very fast indeed!!
  15. PLUS ONE for Creeker you betcha. The Great Western II is probably the best value for dollar of any that are available. I am retired now, but found the Pietta Great Western II to be mechanically excellent. If I were in the market for Suppository Shooters, I'd be shopping Great Western II. When I was still open for business, I built ALL my custom Cap Guns on the Pietta platform. I personally DO NOT like Uberti. I especially DO NOT like Uberti's latest "enhancement" with the retracting Firing Pin. Yuck.
  16. Third MAJOR point from the OP ELIMINATED consideration of various SAA made by other manufacturers. Ergo, consideration of USFA, Hawes, etc. are out of the running. The conditions of the OP actually eliminate EVERYTHING even close.
  17. CONSIDER: There are NO barriers to entry. Anybody can play. It's actually simple. The glorification of the era(s) we portray is DEAD. No Saturday Matinee of "B" westerns. No real dearth of "Big Movies." No Prime Time Wester themed programming. No Saturday Morning TV serials for Kids. The folks that grew up with that entertainment are now mostly "Old" folks and are not being replaced. This is the age of instant gratification. Electronic Games Rule. First Person Shooter with a gaming console or a Big Screen and a controller. It has nothing to do with the Stages
  18. Well H. K., your Original Post eliminated ALL of the Replicas. In point of terminology, there are NO Colt "Clones." Were there "Clones" they would be identical. No Cigar. The only reference you cite "things like" that qualifies is the Ruger. There were some close replicas being made in Germany but they are also "Replicas." Your question of itself, makes no sense at all.
  19. PLUS ONE for Prairie Dawg You Betcha. Losing shooting time is . . . . UNACCEPTABLE!!
  20. Nah None of the above. These be SNUBBIES. Gotz lotz more two!!
  21. Hey Gator, I don't actually see where the concern is driven by any real Science. There is apparently a presumption that all-lead hollow points are going to fragment against a steel target. Error on the side of Caution?? I would be inclined to think an all-lead hollow point would just flatten out like any other all-lead bullet. Would be interesting to see some high speed photography of impacts. Probably won't happen, but would be interesting. Any back-splatter from a poor target can be righteously Nasty. It's their Elephant and Their Monkeys so "they" get to make t
  22. Unfortunately, many Ranges and Clubs shoot poorly designed Targets/Mounts. At those ranges, fragmentation should be a very real concern. Were everybody shooting properly designed and executed targets and stands, it would be a Non Issue.
  23. Use the Wesson Oil. You have it on hand and it will work well.
  24. Several considerations. First; If there were currently a very limited number of primarily military type guns on the street, it might possibly work. But it's a Bad Idea. Since there are several Hundred Thousand already on the street, It's a Bad Idea. I'm a proponent of the Second Amendment. However, I see no need for Military intended "Assault" weapons on the street. They were designed and intended for a single purpose. Shooting People. However, at this point in time, with the numbers already prevalent, enforcement is ludicrous. It's a Bad Idea. It's also unenforceable. Ergo, It's a
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