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  1. Neil Diamond World Tour. At the Yahrhundrethalle in Germany. Don't know if it qualifies, but Bob Hope and his troupe in Viet Nam were just incredible. Nothing like it since.
  2. Nah. None of that "other" 'spensive stuff. Shiny All Brass 12Ga Hull (loaded of course) looks plenty trix and after the photo you can SHOOT IT!! Try that with one of them plastic thingies wid a medallion stuck onnit you betcha.
  3. Many of the "Older" doubles "can" be used for CAS. Not necessarily recommended. Especially if one is going to push the gun hard. Plus One to the recommendations to start with modern built guns. I do argue with the Poo Poo concerning the guns with the "Dolls Head" being slow. They're not. It does however, take just a little practice to shoot a Dolls Head gun "fast." Husqvarna doubles are very well built guns. However, there are NO parts readily available. The only parts are in someone else's shotgun. Don't break one.
  4. Just wanted to add, when sweeping, depending on what you are sweeping, it can help to use a really WIDE broom
  5. I have several of the EXACT (almost) same thing. Mine are All Brass and are marked 12GA Magtech. they have several uses.
  6. Darringer Dan Running the Cowboy 45 Special in handguns is no problem. Running C45S in Ruger 45ACP cylinders can be a problem due to Ruger cylinders having undersize throats. Running C45S in Uberti or Pietta 45ACP cylinders is not a problem either. The BARNSTORMER bullet for Shootin Fox is superb in handguns. The BARNSTORMER bullet will not run reliably in Rifles. To run C45S cartridges in rifles, requires RNFP bullets and a Modified Carrier Block for Toggle Link Rifles. Carrier was available from "The Smith Shop" which is now gone but is still available from Bill
  7. Well, I don't know if this helps. I shoot Gunfighter. Have for several Lustrum. I start each stage square to the target array. I change "leads" depending on stage description, or if left to my own devices, which ever lead makes the most sense (to me). However, if the state instructions say "Starting on Left" I start with the left gun. If you're stuck in the "We've always done it that way" rut, the only way out is a lot of practice. Preferably live fire practice. Just my Nickels worth.
  8. Deacon Probably not. I haven't found a Holster, fitted for SA Colt replicas, that would work with an Open Top. The non-fluted cylinder, different angles and dimensions of the Ejector Assembly don't play well with SAA type holsters.
  9. Keep in mind, Pyrodex is a rusting Agent that happens to Burn. Avoid it like the Plague.
  10. All of this "The FBI KNEW ABOUT" (fill in the blank) is STUPID. Until and individual does something patently ILLEGAL, law enforcement cannot do anything. I'd like to hear you all scream and yell if the FBI started arresting people just might do something bad. Or, arresting you just because you happen to have possession of a firearm. YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS Get Off Da Lawn
  11. PLUS ONE too Happy Jack I don't personally anneal for "case life" or to prevent splits. 45 Colt brass won't seal in a Rifle chamber so I anneal to eliminate Blow-By in Uberti Rifles. I don't bother to anneal pistol cartridges and I keep them separate.
  12. First, look at the back of the Lifter Arm Side Spring. It is not radius'd to match the curve of the frame and the Spring is "cocked" just a little bit preventing it from tightening down properly. Fix that Radius. Next, the Spring should slide into the "V" notch so it bears on the back of the "V." You may need a small flat filed in the surface of the spring that engages the V. The back surface of the V may also be worn and need cleaning up.
  13. Bob If you see ANYTHING on the shelf you lust for, BUY IT. EVERYTHING is current "Temporarily Out of Stock". Cimarron has almost nothing. If you were considering a Pedersoli Hammer Double, give the new '78 replica at EMF a hard look. Coming in from Pietta and on examination, the gun is a Pedersoli with EMF logo on it.
  14. A shelf on the front radius of the lever engages the bottom of the Carrier Block Arm to push the carrier into position. Open the lever all the way and check the carrier rise. The arm may be bent or need to be bent (slightly). The spring to the carrier block arm holds the carrier block in the full "UP" position. If that spring is worn, or not engaging the notch in the arm, it may allow the carrier to drop out of position, jamming the bolt.
  15. I wouldn't get real excited. Presently, Cimarron has almost NOTHING in stock. The web site "in stock" but it taint so McGee. I talked to Cimarron today. "They" said they aren't paying attention to the web site and have NO idea when/if to expect new stock to arrive. Don't count on the web site being anything other than "we use to have these."
  16. First a CAVEAT: I'm not a collector (of anything). I see your Knew-Two-Ewe Parker as your shotgun. Re-Finishing is not a crime as long as its well done. Adding Flush Choke Tubes is also not a crime so long as the barrel walls are thick enough to be bored and threaded for the chokes. Back in the day your shotgun was young, it was just as common to add a recoil pad as it is today. At's a very verbose way of saying, make the gun yours.
  17. IF your willing to subscribe to and spread this gobbled gook of miss-information, I can only offer you sympathy. You probably already know where to find it in your Funk & Wagnels.
  18. BP doesn't have a "Best bye Date" or a "Sell bye Date." BP has been shown to be viable for at least 300 Years when kept in a dry environment. I can't really provide an "What is better" answer. I'll shoot whatever I can get my hands on. It ALL goes BANG when stored and loaded properly. Fret not.
  19. Well darn. Already sold, but I was gonna chime in with Springfield Slim. Works a treat with 44 Russian Cases yes it does!!!
  20. 3 Exs and 3 100% Palm Hats. My palm hats are all more than 13 years old and going strong.
  21. Yer Point?? Been common knowledge for months, the postal service is in trouble and the current Post Master General is doing his level best to make it really bad. Cheer up amigo. It got there, dindnit.
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