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  1. Thanks for all the great advice, It has helped me and maybe others to be better spotters!! Lesdspittin Lefty
  2. Well spoken Evil. your time for speed clay launchers ( 3 launchers) well under 3 seconds, has to be a world record!!
  3. Yes very sad, I will not posse with him as well, as he is also a big crybaby!!!
  4. Yes I have one shooter that will not spot for at any price!! as he is just plain nasty to anyone who calls a miss !! Thanks Sue!
  5. Good to here no spread sheet needed, Thanks CC !
  6. Very good advice! Thanks Phantom!!
  7. I want to be the best spotter money can buy! So I call a miss, is it required if shooter wants to know 1st or 2nd revolver, rifle and the exact target. Or is ( the target you did not hit) detailed enough ? Thanks for your opinion!! Leadspittin Lefty
  8. For sure, like when they shoot the clay bird launching arm after the it launches. So many times I had to build a new replacement arm!! And were asked not to shoot the arm after plate was down, and still kept shooting it !!! Just Sayin! LSL
  9. I am not proud to live in LIBERALSOTA any more! one more reason to move west.
  10. Hey Pat, Gold testors model paint on back side of front sight works ok, but has to be touched up. LSL
  11. Have you asked Buc Hammerless, He may have what yer lookin for. LSL
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