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  1. Marble's buckhorn sights from Buffalo Arms.
  2. Sorry for failing to reply. I was at a weekend shoot & out of internet range until tonight. Hope I didn't cause you problems.
  3. Years ago, I was returning home & had forgotten my wallet at the weekend cabin. No cash or credit cards, only some spare change in the cup holder. One hundred miles from home I was running on empty. I stopped at a major brand convenience store in a larger city. I knew my credit card number (this was before three-digit codes or chips) & asked if I could get $20 worth by giving them the card info. The manager allowed it. The credit card transaction was completed & I got home. Next time through I dropped off a thank you card with a $20 tip for the manager & it became a regular stop on my weekend trips regardless of the gas price. Since then, there are always a couple $100 bills stashed in every vehicle. Guns & ammo are another story, but there are some available.
  4. Please confirm caliber. 25 Stevens was a rimfire chambered in the 1915 Stevens rifle. 25-20 is centerfire. 25-20 Win. or 25-20 SS?
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