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  1. Don't think that's quite gonna do it, but Thanks! I figured it was a long shot, gents. Thanks for the replies, but I do believe that we're done with this here thread!
  2. I've been jonesin' for a fedora for a while. After seeing Utah Bob's fedora discoveries posted on Facebook, I got to wondering if any of you fine pards who hang out in these parts might happen to have a fedora in reasonable shape lolling about that you no longer wear. The biggest problem, so to speak, is sizing. I need a hat in the 7 3/4 or slightly larger size area, which makes such a thing kind of difficult to locate. So just on the off chance that any of you Wire denizens might happen to have such a thing languishing in captivity, I'm posting the question here: anybody got a gray or light brown fedora, size 7 3/4 or slightly larger, with a wider (3ish inch?) brim in reasonable condition you would part with? Holler if ya do, please, and we'll discuss it. Thanks!
  3. 170 grain DCB bullets and 3.9 grains of Clays in .45CS brass for my Old Model Bisleys. Enough recoil for good feedback, but light enough to shoot six stages without my arthritis saying terrible things about my ancestry...
  4. I’ve been buying lizard bedding at Petsmart, and I’ve got quite a bit of that left. This was just a random idea whose time has apparently not yet come. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Has anyone ever done it? I have access to a lot of walnut shells. I use them to dye snares with, but the hamster wheel between my ears started spinning and it came upon me to wonder how one might crush the rest down fine enough to use as polishing media. Anybody?
  6. A friend of ours has had 4 babies and 2 kidney stones. She emphatically says that she would much rather have the babies than the stones...
  7. Starting fluid makes good wasp spray too. Kills 'em dead on the spot!
  8. I apparently do things just slightly different than the rest of the fine folks who answered here. I load my C45S brass on a Dillon 550 using my .45 Colt shell plate and my Lee .45ACP dies, including the factory crimp die. I can't speak to the use of W231/HP38 because I use Clays for my C45S loads. Once upon a time I had a copy of what Hodgdon said about determining loads with their powders that weren't listed in their reloading data but I'm not sure what I did with it. It was pretty handy.
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