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  1. Does anybody remember their high school math? Isnt there something about flattening a curve making the duration of the event longer?
  2. This! Especially the part about wearing them enough to get used to walking with them on before you try something like running through a SASS stage. Side note (not trying to hijack the thread): in 2018 in Tombstone we shot the Winter Range warm up match on Saturday. When we got back to our motel, me driving, some other shooters were at the same motel. When I got out of the pickup wearing my spurs one of them commented that I was awful brave driving with my spurs on. My reply was that the first time I drove with spurs on was 40 years before piloting a stock truck loaded with horses down out of the mountains so now it's no biggie...
  3. 3.9 grains of Clays under 160 or 170 grain bullet. Easy on my arthritis.
  4. As folks here have said, lots of stuff is hard to get. I ordered a 4.0 liter long block for my Ford Ranger August 19th; still waiting for it to ship...
  5. Sorry, no videos. The best I can do is try to describe my technique, so here goes: Stage instructions: pistols first, followed by shotgun then rifle, moving left to right. Start with left hip turned forward, at least somewhat toward first target. At the signal, draw the left gun with right hand. Engage targets with five rounds. Move gun to the left, grasp over the top with left hand, fingers on the outside, barrel tilts down toward holster. As left gun is moving to holster, right hand draws right gun. Engage targets with five rounds. Again pass gun to left hand, freeing right hand to pick up the shotgun. I tend to swing my right hip forward a skosh as my left hand is moving the gun to the holster. As right pistol goes into the holster, move left hand to shotgun shells and pull two (I shoot a hammer double). I'm not sure whether or not this makes any sense, but it's the best I can do. My rig is a Blocker Ol' #4, and both holsters ride in front of my hip bones. I got rid of most of my pot belly a couple of years ago (keto diet) which makes it relatively easy to reach across my body to holster the right hand pistol with my left hand.
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