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    Express Ranch, Oregon Territory
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    Hunting, shooting, and writing novels. Co-honcho of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, Baker City, Oregon. I also shoot with my good pards at the Oregon Trail Regulators, La Grande, OR.

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  1. I don’t think that I’ve ever found anything in either Dick’s or Big 5 that I can’t live without...
  2. That having been said, I’ve about pretty much decided that my arthritis is slowing me down enough that I’m never gonna win any major matches so it’s time to go strictly for fun. I think I’m gonna change over to Gunfighter after Winter range...
  3. Least favorite has to be a Keltec P11. Trigger spring like a Mack truck and mountains of recoil!
  4. My current gun that’s most fun to shoot is the AR pistol I just built. 8 1/2” barrel, .300 blackout, 110 grain bullets. Way fun!
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