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  1. I picked up a prescription today at my pharmacy and the prettiest girl waited on me. Very nice but my lord the nose ring was awful! I wanted to ask her why do you want to ruin such a pretty face with that bull ring in your nose? I bit my tongue
  2. Did you want to put this on the MEME’s thread??
  3. That’s great but I have no idea of what you’re saying . I don’t work on cars and haven’t for years nor do I want to!
  4. Broderick Crawford on Highway Patrol never missed with his snubby!
  5. My cousin sold Kirbys for a while, my mom wanted nothing to do with them. She thought they were too expensive and she loved her Electrolux!
  6. I think you’re taking my post a little too seriously! I wouldn’t buy a car because of any spokesman, I just think she’s a cutie!
  7. He gets 3 free oil changes I believe and no he won’t be doing his own ever!
  8. My son has a 2023 Tacoma, great truck!!
  9. I still have my moms as well. It’s in the garage and I use it occasionally to vacuum the car!
  10. I may buy a Toyota because of this cutie! https://www.legit.ng/1229609-toyota-spokeswoman-laurel-coppock-bio-age-measurements-net-worth-pregnancy.html
  11. My mom had an Electrolux vacuum cleaner it lasted for years. When she had to buy a new vacuum it was another Electrolux .
  12. Aside from the tragic and sad deaths this is going to have a huge affect on shipping. You'll be waiting a long time for your orders for whatever. This is the second or third largest port in the country.
  13. Matt Dillon never missed, always put at least two shots in the bad guy and almost always killed him!
  14. I shot .44-40 for about 7-8 years bp and then smokeless for a couple years. It’s a fussy cartridge for sure. I went to .38 spl and I’m not looking back! I have several modern revolvers in .38/357 so going to .38 for cowboy was a great choice for me.
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