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  1. Cleveland this morning, we’ll probably wind up with an inch or maybe two. Very light snowfall
  2. Another Steely Dan from their first album Can’t Buy A Thrill. I had the 8 track!
  3. Me too, I’ve flown exactly 4 times, that includes there and back.
  4. I’m not saying NASA is making the planes but someone is making the planes because of NASA. That’s my point. I don’t know what your point is!
  5. That’s what my son said! He’s hunkered down.
  6. I understand but there’s people working right now because of NASA! I don’t understand what point you’re making. All I’m saying is NASA creates jobs. Who does the testing and analysis? People do! Those are jobs!!
  7. Those are jobs aren’t they? If they contract out they’re still creating jobs!
  8. My first thought was how come your friend didn’t teach his son to change a tire? It’s partially his fault for not teaching him. I taught both my sons to change tires when they were in their teens!
  9. Here in NE Ohio one mile from Lake Erie. Sorry for the dirty window
  10. It's Springfield something or another, Ol Lumpy Grits can't spell so he uses initials!
  11. It's straight up on my computer after I edited it.
  12. If I click on the picture on my phone it sets it up straight. That won't work on my computer! I put this pic on Facebook and Instagram and it was right side up. It's only sideways on this forum! Why????
  13. My son lives there, a few miles from downtown.
  14. Get a hold of Blackwater he’ll probably know! He lives in Tennessee.
  15. Im talking about the people making the planes now! NASA employs lots of people.
  16. We made them as kids. We used the piles of snow from the snowplows. They lasted until the next snowstorm when the snowplows ruined them
  17. What a groove on this tune!! Larry Carleton guitar solo!! One of the absolute best guitarists ever!
  18. Guns are kinda cool though! Glad they were invented!!
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