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  1. My Mom's family were mostly Italian. Mom couldn't say "good morning" if her hands were full or otherwise encumbered. The Irish are also similarly into hand talking.
  2. A friend turned me on toCommunity Coffee out of Baton Rouge. Seems expensive until you realize it come in a 32 ounce bag. I'm told it has a dab of chicory in it but I can't taste it. Keep it refrigerated and it will serve you for a long time. It's really good.
  3. I wear a size 7 7/8 or 8 hat. Hard to find but worth the search.
  4. Many might be using that gesture to show how big their tiny brains are.
  5. How do you take your coffee? Very seriously.
  6. Got that right..and you don't have to wash it, find parking, do the laundry, maintain anything, and usually have breakfast either on site or close by.
  7. That young "damsel in distress" is cute enough that I'd have been after her like a duck after a June bug. Yep, I would have been.
  8. I think the real problem is too many criminals are turned loose, using "not enough space" as one (of many) excuse for left wing courts, politicians, judges, attorneys, and other assorted cry babies to try to get leverage over the real people of this country. There is a solution: make the ones who turn them loose support then=m out of their own pockets, hold them criminally responsible for the ones they set free, and if all that fails "GET A ROPE!"
  9. I never understood this "cruel and unusual" BS. If it weren't "cruel and unusual" it would be "kind and commonplace"....not my idea of punishment at all.
  10. Aveeno hair products. I found an 800 number I'll try tomorrow. They sure make it difficult to pay them a compliment...but I did get a $6.50 coupon for trying.
  11. Neither one is in great shape. I was born in 1942 and they don't make parts for that model any more and the after market things are keeping me going. Sometimes it's like trying to find sealed beam head lights, inner tubes, and vacuum tubes. Sometimes the new stuff works, but not always as well the original parts. Still, I'm planning my 102nd birthday party. I want to be my high school class reunion all by myself.
  12. That's where I find all that BS crap I mentioned before. I don't want to jump through all their hoops to pay them a compliment. Some of what they are asking for is none of their business and some is obviously fishing for info.
  13. I want to complement a company on two of their products and make a suggestion. They have so much computer crap to go through that it just doesn't seem worth the effort. Several social media sites, passwords, "I'm not a robot", frequently asked questions (that I don't want and can't seem to get out of), a chat line..............! Why can't I get a decent email address without telling them everything about my life and signing up for the inevitable spam the will come with it, find a real live human person to talk to, or a mailing address so I can send them an old fashioned paper letter? My dear God how I hate the computerized world that has been foisted off on us.
  14. DON'T GET OLD! IT'S A TRAP!!!!! Read that on a tee shirt in a cafe a few weeks back. It was funny then...not so much now.
  15. Thanks, but I already have my own, plus two roller strollers and a folding stroller for the car....and nine solid hardwood canes.
  16. Let's say you have 30 boxes of .45 acp ammo, 50 rounds to the box. Let's say too that you have 10 boxes in each of three steel military ammo boxes. Now let's say that you are moving them from a storage cabinet to a work table becuase you have a trade coming up. Finally let's say you try to move then all at once. See where this is headed? The resulting dropping of one ot the steel boxes fulf of ammo resulted in: 1. every neighbor for a quarter mile learning new words and combinations of words that their mothers almost certainly would not approve of. 2. my little dog being scared out of her wits at Daddy's yelling. 3. a badly smashed left big toe. 4. a quick drive to the ER to et it all checked out. Nothing was broken...the ONLY bright side to this whole damned episode. 5. not being able to get my left boot back on because of an amazing amount of swelling. 6. almost everyone in the ER laughing until they got the hiccups. 7. getting home just as the phone rings: the guy who was coming for the trade can't make it until tomorrow. 8. having to cancel a trip to an annual Scandinavian Christmas gift and food trade show because I can't walk. 9. having to finally accept the fact that I'm not 26 any more and some things that I used to do routinely just aren't gonna happen any more. 10. not having an item 10 to complete this list....as if things weren't already out of balance! CRAP! OW!
  17. Why not? Sometimes I'm the only one who has enough good taste to do so.
  18. I have, but not always. I did at Target, Sportsman's Warehouse, Best Buy, Canton Dragon, and some others. It doesn't have to be over political reasons. Some times it's s----y service, lack of products I count on, over pricing, etc. I have told some that I just can't stand their arrogance and am going to get the same product from the Amazon hub three miles east of here. I told a regional manager at Home Depot that I wouldn't be back because their store is an over-crowdrd, poorly staffed and with poorly trained staff, user unfriendly disaster waiting to happen. He smirked and asked what other choices I had. he was shocked when I pointed out a Home Depot a few mile away on the Yavapai Apache reservation, Lowe's, Allied, True value, and Amazon. Him I reported to the corporate HQ.
  19. Those long legs are good for that sort of travel.
  20. My rep doesn't need any help. I'm as famous as I want to be.
  21. Brown Bag is just now opening their second store. I made a mistake when we first moved here and i was hungry. I ordered a double burger with EVERYTHING on it. It was humongous and I was still eating it two days later..... but it was GOOOOD! Now I get a kid sized burger and it satisfies me every time.
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