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    After reading Pat's response to the prop 65 post, I felt it appropriate that the Saloon (ACS) start a countdown calendar for Pat. Feel free to keep the countdown going. So to start: 909 DAYS UNTIL PAT CAN GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA!!!!
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    For our his sake I hope it's calendar days...
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    Language! This is a family forum!
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    Starting hands position.. Seems like we're in a rut with just a few positions to place hands to start a stage. I made up a couple of new ones on the stages I wrote for our July match. All the lines were quotes from Gabby Hayes. One line was, "Of all the blasted luck – Letting a woman beat me to the draw!". I had hands position on face. I really should have said hide face or something like that. It was hot and humid and shooters didn't want to touch there wet face. We made a script change on the fly. This next match scenarios, I have the line, "Let me at'm!". (Trying to keep them short and sweet.) The hands position is arms reaching out at sholder level. Another, "Just don't mess with me." Hands making fists in front of face. I see a mix of shooters. While some welcome change, others would shoot the simplest stage over and over and tend to have an anxiety attack if it's something they have to think out. I remember one stage that had a non-conventional target arrangement and what sounded like a complicated shooting order. Oh the moaning! Everyone knew they were going to get a P. Everyone watched everyone else shoot to see how they did. Everyone got through it fine. No Ps. Everyone was laughing and joking when the stage was over.
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    We DO NOT have a story to read. But we still have a wisecrack line or say something "cowboy". And many of our stages still have something to do like draw a card, throw dice, pour a shot, grab a spittoon, etc., etc. LINCOLN AREA REGULATORS Mustang Gregg
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    I use the SliX trigger in all of mine and the wife's rifles (5) I have seen the SB trigger and agree a fine piece of product. A couple big differences are the ease of assembly and the cost. Doing five rifles made the cost an issue. Ol' #4
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    I picked up a Dillon 450 era measure at a flea bargain table a year ago. I started using it last winter to load BlackMZ powder. It seem to do a fine job. I know to dump powder and clean up as soon as I'm done loading. But this summer I have been getting erratic results. I checked and cleaned and cleaned the drop funnel in the die but still was having problems. I could see crud down in the bottom of the funnel but couldn't get at it because the reservoir is sealed in place by Loctite. I did some research and the use of Acetone was recommended to dissolve the Loctite. I drenched the connection and waited some 5 minutes or a bit more. It was still stuck so I used the brass hammer on the metal housings - tapping around it gently. I could hear the difference in the ring to thud. It came out easily. The funnel area wouldn't clean up with steel wool until I soaked it with acetone. I later washed it with dish soap and water. I have hopes this will fix the inconsistency drop problem. Anyway, I can now take the reservoir off and do a better job of cleaning.
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    http://oldbritishguns.com/the-snider-bullet The Snider bullets were factory made in powered automatic machine swedged dies and not cast. The rear cavity followed Delvigne's practice for muzzle loaded conical bullets. The nose cavity descended from Metford's design for an explosive bullet with the nose cavity filled with an explosive compound. He found it to be more accurate in the 1:78 twist rifles as it coped better with the slow twist by putting the weight at the outside to increase the momentum of rotation and allowing a longer bullet in the same twist rate. It was rejected when small explosive bullets were outlawed but the government used the design for accuracy but did not pay Metford for his design n the grounds that it was not an explosive bullet. Metford was withdrew from working with the government as a result or the Martini-Henry would probably have begun as a Martini-Metford. The enlarged wounds from the expansion of the nose cavity were an unintended result of the Snider bullet design. Originally they were made for Snider with a Sycamore plug filling the cavity but later the hole was covered by simply spinning the lead over the end of the hole. The truncated cone plug in the rear cavity was first made in boxwood but cost caused a change to beeswax impregnated earthenware. Your problem in making reproduction bullets is getting a mould that will give you the nose cavity which is essential in making them fly as they did back then. They first filled the cavity with a Sycamore plug, then just spun the nose lead over the cavity hole. William Metford developed the cavity to hold an explosive charge but filled it with charcoal powder for target shooting to show the shot more clearly. One can get a lightweight wall filler from DIY shops that would be a simple material to fill an open cavity. If you ever track down a mould make who can do both the base cavity and the nose cavity there are shooters who would gladly join in buying one I dare say. The projectile was also altered over time as well with the final version consisting of a spun lead outer shell with a hollow middle. Moving the mass of a spinning body to its outer edges grants greater stability in flight and thus greater accuracy but this also had the unanticipated effect of turning the massive .577 bullet into a hollow point round. As a result, the Snider had a reputation for creating devastating wounds and was used in the colonial period on large African game like the cape buffalo, rhinoceros and even the elephant.
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    I do not like stories or someone interrupting my preparation process because I didn't remember a line. I have never come away from a match remembering any stories. I like the way the large matches publish stories in the handbook. Never heard a shooter complain that there was not a story behind a stage, but I have heard shooters complain they had to listen to non-sense jokes or stories before shooting. Just an opinion.
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    Haven't been there for two weeks......time to go back!!!!!!
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    http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0700-0799/0790/Sections/0790.06.html Paragraph 1, section (h) (h) Demonstrates competence with a firearm by any one of the following: 1. Completion of any hunter education or hunter safety course approved by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or a similar agency of another state; 2. Completion of any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course; 3. Completion of any firearms safety or training course or class available to the general public offered by a law enforcement agency, junior college, college, or private or public institution or organization or firearms training school, using instructors certified by the National Rifle Association, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; 4. Completion of any law enforcement firearms safety or training course or class offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of a law enforcement agency or security enforcement; 5. Presents evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competition or military service; 6. Is licensed or has been licensed to carry a firearm in this state or a county or municipality of this state, unless such license has been revoked for cause; or 7. Completion of any firearms training or safety course or class conducted by a state-certified or National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor; A photocopy of a certificate of completion of any of the courses or classes; an affidavit from the instructor, school, club, organization, or group that conducted or taught such course or class attesting to the completion of the course or class by the applicant; or a copy of any document that shows completion of the course or class or evidences participation in firearms competition shall constitute evidence of qualification under this paragraph. Does she shoot Cowboy? then all she needs is something showing that she has shot in a match.
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    Dang it, Dave. Now I want a MK III Snider.
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    Yep, if you want a line spoken, then have it posted at the starting position. Some of us forget between the loading table and the starting position...........
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    YES PLEASE ..... and quickly too
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    Abigail stood as Calamity Kris started taking measurements. It had been such a long time since she had been able to visit with her friend and catch up. As they chatted, Abby let out a sigh and said “It will be so good to have the bank paid off, it will be like a weight off our shoulders.” Kris paused and looked up, “Is that why Doc was going over to the bank? That’s wonderful news! How… I mean, it’s none of my business, but I am so happy for the two of you!” Abby decided to stick with the story she and her husband had agreed upon, which while not exactly the truth, wasn’t a lie, “He went and did some work in Mormon territory, and it was lucrative enough to pay the loan, and also our tab with Seamus and Kay. They’ve been so generous, it will be a pleasure to do that!” Abby could tell from the look on her friend’s face that she was happy and relieved for her as she stood to give her a hug. “That’ll be one less thing that terrible Mrs. Cushman can gossip about!” As Abigail arched an eyebrow, Kris realized Abby might be unaware of the things Mrs. Cushman said. Smiling, Abby replied “Why, what has Mrs. Cushman had to say about me and my husband?” Fretting over her measuring, Kris shook her head disapprovingly, “That you and Doc are broke, that pretty soon Mr. Cushman would have to call the note, and they would own your place, that the two of you could go back East with your tails between your legs. I so dislike that woman.” Abby smiled and responded, “Well, bless her heart.” With that, both women laughed. For her part, Abby knew that if there were a social function soon, she would ask Kris to make her the nicest dress she could, to please Ben and maybe make Mrs. Cushman a little envious.
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    Has Pat had his shots, yet?
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    Also, never ask a motorcycle rider for directions if you're in a hurry.
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    40 rods = 220 yards, 660 feet 1/8 mile, 10chains, 1 furlong. See, some of us still know these things...and use it to our advantage.
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    Remember J-Bar, bullets go in the from the bottom of the gun.
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    Yeah. That’s the reason I got the SIGP938. My 380 Colt, while one of my favorites, just wasn’t up to the job in my opinion. Especially with the wintertime clothing worn around here. Penetrating a heavy coat, vest, and long johns is just asking a lot for that cartridge.
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    Thanks Sedalila Dave! I'm going to tear it down tonight, so I'll let you know how I do. I've made some "dummy" rounds for testing purposes that are identical to what I normally shoot, so should be able to determine if that fixes it. Thanks again. KCM
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    Hilarious! Thank you for the support.
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    You might also ask to have 'em remove the hemp necktie from around your neck first!
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    The Sun River Rangers still do stories! Some historically accurate and some just funnier than crap. Lines have got to be said WITH FEELING!
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    As Doc Ward sat listening to Keller, he kept track of the cowhand in the store, glancing his way occasionally. It seemed the man had tried to hurry Kay along after the pair walked in, despite not seeming outwardly anxious or nervous. Doc sat, contemplating the information about Burcher, even as he wondered about the cowhand. “Sounds like your friend has the financial resources, and by the sound of it, he has—or had—the backbone to stand up to a fight. If Hammond is wanting to push onto that land, he may have one. Is he in the territory?” Before Linn could answer, Seamus called Doc’s name, and with a sigh, Doc got out of the comfortable rocker, walking over to the counter where his items were packaged. Setting the leather bag on the counter, Doc looked over the items while Seamus finished up the tally, adding the money already owed to it, before sliding it across the counter for Doc to see. Nodding, Doc glanced around, seeing the cowhand down the counter as he pulled out some banknotes and gold coins. Seamus kept a poker face, saying nothing as he counted out the money and getting change for Doc. As he handed it to Doc, Seamus said quietly, “I’m glad things are looking up.” Doc smiled his appreciation, “It’s thanks to friends like you and Kay. I truly appreciate it. As Doc was finishing up, he noticed Kay had the cowhand’s things packaged, and he hefted them and walked quickly out the door after paying. Gesturing toward the door with his head, Doc asked “Who’s that gent? I don’t recognize him.” Seamus shrugged, “I think he’s a new Hammond rider.” At the word, Doc gave Keller a look, knowing he had heard. Keller walked over to help with the packages, and with a quick “be seein’ ya,” they headed for the door. The two had no sooner put the packages in the back of Doc’s surrey when five men, one of them the cowhand that had been in the store, came barreling out of Whiskey’s Saloon into the street. Spreading out, the men approached Doc and Keller, who turned to face them. The cowhand from the store pointed, almost shouting, “You! You killed three of our friends.” Doc shrugged, “Possibly. I’ve killed my share, and so has my friend here. We’re not opposed to adding to the number.” As he spoke, Doc noticed John Calder stroll out of the saloon, standing to the group's left and slightly behind them. Taking in the situation with a glance, Calder spoke up, startling the five men. “So, about that job, Doc? I’m still interested, and I ride for the brand.”
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    About 4.5 billion years from now our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with the galaxy Andromeda. I hope to have my house paid off by then.
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    I'm with the others who really like a start line. I believe it helps set the mood for the stage. If I went to an annual and they didn't have start lines, I most assuredly wouldn't go back. Possum
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    Along with this try holding the slide firmly, then push forward on the frame. It is easier than holding the frame and pulling the slide back GW
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    Thanks Hoss, your topic cost me some money! In previous posts I recommended the subcompact CZ 2075 RAMI, because I had owned one but traded it away. I regretted it so much that I did some phone shopping today and found another one NIB in a nearby town, under manufacturer’s suggested retail. Bought it, and some ammo, and range tested it an hour later. It shoots just as sweet as my old one. Whatever you choose, I hope you are as pleased as I am with this CZ.
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    Thank you everyone for your input. She is quite happy with her Colt Cobra. She does not want to compete/participate in SASS, (or anything else), except for occasionally dressing as a schoolmarm, (which she was), kinda look for a Saturday night thing, or watching at the range on rare occasions. The other ladies have tried to get her interested. I found a store that has the EZ in stock, and we're headed over there tomorrow to take a look. Thank yu, CK
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    While I enjoy most start lines, especially lines from my favorite movies, I have found that saying "shooter ready," becomes more of a statement. A statement that I AM ready, all stage study done, and a mental conviction that I am ready to start. No guesswork, no hesitation, just a committment to the next 30 seconds (sometimes less ). I have discovered that the start line, while entertaining and sometimes sort of relaxing does not give me the same conviction that me announcing "shooter ready" does. If the back story on the stage gets too long and drawn out I start to lose focus. Your mileage probably varies.
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    Oregon has a similar provision for CHL training: ORS 166.291 As a SASS RO Instructor, ROC member, and a director for the Oregon State Shooting Association, I have provided a pdf affidavit verifying participation in CAS, as well as having taken RO1/RO2 Courses (if applicable) that has been accepted in five OR counties so far.
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    Each Super Human Volunteer that does about 99.7% of the required Club functions at many SASS clubs has their own restrictions...some not only do the Stage writings, but also goes out and drags around a bunch of steel, tables, props...then writes the stages as best they can...then sends out emails reminding folks about the monthly, collects monies...collects scores and submit them to their website...oh, then they have a family that requires some level of interfacing...and then there's that damn thing called a job that sometimes requires Homework... If some of these folks that bitch about no Stories or Lines would get off their fat be-hinds and help, then maybe some of these clubs would have Stories, Lines...and a whole host of other niceties. Please remove the Soapbox from beneath my feet... Phantom
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    I'm not picking at you - but I commonly see this refrain. We don't have enough help; so we cannot have... Themes, starting lines, a website, scores posted, etc., etc., and so on. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and generally at least 30 days in a month. With most clubs shooting once a month - some place in that 700+ hours between matches - there's time to watch one western and write down 6 starting lines. From Unforgiven: "We all got it coming" "I dont deserve this; I'm building a house" "He shoulda armed himself" "That you? The duck of death?" "I'm here to kill you, Little Bill" "I've killed everything that walks upon this Earth" From Toy Story "Theres a snake in my boot" "They've poisoned the watering hole" " You are a TOY" "Andys coming" "I found my moving buddy" "Buzz Lightyear to star command" I have found "we dont have time" is usually code for "we just dont want to"
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    Not all semi autos have to be carried with the hammer cocked and the safety on. You’re describing a 1911 type. Most semis are striker fired so you can carry one in the chamber and the safety off just like a Revolver .
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    I about got dizzy trying to see everything.
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    The five posses I shoot with, print a match booklet and the match has a theme with a short 4 or 5 line story justifying the theme. Start lines reflect the overall theme. Just a bunch of middle age kids playing cowboy with real guns and having a lot of fun doing it.
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    SCARY but here I am agreeing with Phantom again. At my age it's hard enough remembering the stages, much less the starting lines. If the line is written and posted where I start, I will say it, but if not written I say ready. I need all my memory to keep from messing up a stage. J.M.
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    The only 38-55 rifle that has to have the chamber reamed to shoot lead bullets is the H&R Target rifle. Reason is because when Green Mountain made the barrels they were told to chamber for the 375 Winchester which was the round used for proof testing. Otherwise, the 38-55 lead bullet round will not seat fully in the chamber
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    From my motorcycling touring days. Never let the guy with a windshield lead. Never pass up the opportunity to fill up your tank or empty your bladder.
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