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  1. My 45 Colts are not matched. Only difference in using them is that I have to be sure to fire the lighter trigger first, so the gun fires when I expect it to. If I come to it off the heavier trigger, I am out of sync using the same hand. Learned that first time out.
  2. Miss Lilli seems to have no problem when I go to one of 4 matches that are within an hour of home. She is always excited to see me and may yell at me for being gone. Of course the cat is more self sufficient.
  3. Is Roscoe your real first name.  It was my father’s and his father’s.  He didn’t like using it and went by various nicknames.

  4. Comparing the parts in the picture from the above link to the Automation Package, I don't think you would have the fingers that grab the bullet or case. The Universal Case Feeder package just has the pusher.
  5. Automation package is included in the "Deluxe" version. WIthout it, I believe every bullet or case would be hand fed, and probably calling for a standard shell holder.
  6. Very useful video but demonstrates that Lee dies are not very good with lead bullets that are larger than intended for the dies. Shaving bullets was not cool, and crushing bullets with an FCD is not good either. The issue with coated bullets is whether they need to be resized after coating. Some disruption of the coating is pretty likely. This procedure could certainly make a single stage press user more productive. With seating I would want to take that spring out of the way. He needs a sturdier bench.
  7. Quotes are helpful to put comments in context. In this case I would have had to watch the video, which I didn't. I have both the Redding and the Lee Bulge Buster but forget why. I think one of them will do loaded ammo and not the other. I had occasion to need that when I once and only once bought reloads. My Redding is 40 S&W and the Lee is for either 40 S&W or 45 ACP. It's been so long since I loaded for semi-auto, I forget, but will be doing 45 ACP again soon, mostly for a revolver, which never bulges cases.
  8. Bulge Buster Kit MSRP is 20 bucks plus the FCD in the caliber of choice for $23 MSRP. No $100 premium that I noticed.
  9. I don't find that Lee has indicated the four-tube feeder as compatible. Tubes aren't practical without that collator that fills tubes with a shake. All the pictures I have seen of the case feeder on the press and in the productivity kit are of one tube,
  10. I saw that Johnny Meadows has listed a couple JM Marlin 1894s on Gunbroker.

    1. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      I don't deal with gunbroker! Thanks anyway!

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