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  1. My 44 Magnum Anniversary Flat Top was a larger frame than my 44 Special. I also have a 41 Mag Flat Top but have no comparison for frame size. If anything limits the firepower on the Flat Tops it is the grip size. I have the parts for a Bisley conversion on the 41 but haven't moved forward yet with that project. I sold the 44 Mag and used the money for my SBH Bisley, which solved my problem there. I don't believe 41 and 44 are offered anymore in Flat Top, which for me were a way to get indexing on the loading gate, unlike my SBH.
  2. The manuals, including Hodgdon Cowboy, indicate 357 Magnum loads with 125 gr lead that approach the SASS limit of 1000 fps (for pistols) even at minimum load, true of Clays too. What you will find is many using lighter loads that are not published but which get bullets out of the barrel and far enough down range and which would likely take out a knock down. I checked Lyman Cast Bullet and Hodgdon Cowboy, and neither are of use for our game except for 158 grain bullets. I use 357 cases to load for one of my rifles and have always used 158 grain bullets I get from Penn, because their TCFP has no leading band and loads reliably. I use Trailboss for each of the calibers I shoot except for the 45 ACP load with W231 that I use for 45 Cowboy Special..
  3. That is a 17" resaw bandsaw by Jet.
  4. Miss Lilli seems to have no problem when I go to one of 4 matches that are within an hour of home. She is always excited to see me and may yell at me for being gone. Of course the cat is more self sufficient.
  5. You could wear nitrile gloves or at least try that.
  6. I was advised that mine at least needed to have the white blacked out on the rear sight to be legal.
  7. The word policing is getting out of hand. Like tomorrow I am going to do some cowperson action firearm discharging.
  8. But now they have to virtue signal and go on about how special he is.
  9. Wondering how they get supplies without looting during what should be a siege and why that isn't a premise for forcefully breaking up their little street party.
  10. K is his girlfriend's puppet. I wouldn't give him too much credit.
  11. If it is a style with a flat brim, stretching or forcing it onto your head will distort the brim into dipping front and back. Pretty normal look but not what you could get by ordering an actual long oval.
  12. Hornady 45 Colt "Cowboy" has that same larger sizer but also a larger expander than their regular set. That sizer seems unnecessarily big but could be good for .454 bullets. In addition to the regular Hornady set I own both Hornady Cowboy and RCBS Cowboy plus the Redding 45AR crimp, so these are real observations.
  13. My Hornady 45 Colt sizer yields an OD of .470, while my RCBS Cowboy is suprisingly tighter at .467, so I use the Hornady with the RCBS Cowboy expander, larger than Hornady, and don't get finished rounds with the bullet printing through. I also don't get new brass sticking on the expander due to a mismatch in die sizes. Highly endorse the tip for using the Redding Profile Crimp die for 45AR.
  14. Is Roscoe your real first name.  It was my father’s and his father’s.  He didn’t like using it and went by various nicknames.

  15. If you jam their mobile phone signal, their brains will explode.
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