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  1. No, that would be a non sequitur. I chose my words carefully enough.
  2. Shooting regularly is key to maintaining skills and interest across the spectrum of shooters, and that should be most inclusive locally. If the heart of the posses and the energy level of a larger group is removed because of the draw of a big match within one days drive, those who don't care to shoot in smaller matches might learn to just stay home or even find another activity. Big matches are exciting, and I have been to a few State matches, but there may be a bigger picture to consider long term. I believe the concern is really in focus when a match is down to one posse, weather permitting. The sport should not really be all about States, Regional, and Nationals. People competitive at that level had to come up through all the local preliminaries. Those lower level matches are not just practice sessions for elite shooters.
  3. Attending the mega matches by those with the wealth, time, and the primers has an impact on the local matches and the energy level, sometimes down to a single posse or cancelled altogether, while the elite shooters or match director are off at some state, regional, or national match. To keep that energy level up and really change the sport to be less about being wealthy and/or retired, maybe state matches should, perhaps with a few practical and approved exceptions, be for state residents only and regionals for regional residents only. That would be a bitter pill for some but think it would improve local participation and grow the ranks of SASS overall. I am aware that State matches have State Champions separate from overall winners. That distinction would go away.
  4. My thought is that if the production was to include scenes requiring real cartridges, Baldwin should have been keenly aware of that and damned sure which he was firing. If his question about why he was handed a "hot gun" is valid, then the person responsible for the loading and the gun bears direct blame.
  5. I use more recoil than minimum because it feels right to me. Times are usually middle of the pack, and as a Cattle Baron that is a good day for me if I shoot clean. I alternate between two sets of guns, one 45 Colt JM Marlin paired with 45 CS pistols and the other 357 Lightning rifle paired with 38 Long Colt in the Cimarron Lightning pistols (Model P Jr). I definitely have better times with the smaller guns and the faster shooting Lightning rifle. It wasn't so easy when previously shooting the pistols with 38 Special ammo and 125 gr bullets. The 45 Cowboy Specials in my pistols shoot way easier than even the lightest 45 Colt, which I was told made my pistols jump high, off target, when shooting.
  6. Determine the axle position based on balance with guns on the cart and box full of gear. Make sure it won't upset with long guns on the rack and weight removed from the box. Use large wheels for rough ground or large stones. Retain rifle or '97 barrels in a V instead of a U shape and save some bluing with that and snug retention when moving. Keep weight of the disassembled cart to pieces you can pick up easily enough and sizes that will fit in your vehicle.
  7. I have a first generation 327 Federal SP101 3"...the one with the rear sight with windage adjustment. The newer version has fixed sights, and the longer barrel version has fully adjustable sights (owned that one too in 327 Federal). I have also owned the same gun in 357 Magnum and 32 H&R. The 32s are 6 rounds, and the 357 is 5 rounds. The only difference I know of is the resulting shorter length of the throats in 327 Federal. I would expect that to be a straightforward machining job...not that I know anything about that.
  8. I see a couple references to use of only 45 ACP dies, which to me means loading without a roll crimp, which I would never consider doing, while allowing that at SASS pressure levels risks may be low. I worked up to a mid level load though, preferring some pop in my 5.5 inch pistols. I followed the tip to crimp with a 45 Autorim crimp die, and that has worked perfectly for me, giving a very nice roll crimp. I do own a Hornady 45 Colt set but don't recall trying the crimp die on the short cases. My 45 Colt loading has been with an RCBS Cowboy seat/crimp.
  9. Can't help you, but may I say that I would rather pay $.32 each, be ready to load, and have the real thing for different headstamps when picking from my loading strips. My rifle uses full size 45 Colt from the other section of the strip. Minor point maybe.
  10. Mine shipped last week were $77.99, limit 10. Shipping and HAZMAT and tax made it almost exactly 10 cents each. FedEx again disappoints in their casual delivery schedule.
  11. An 1873 Winchester Cowboy Special would be fitted to optimally shoot 38 Special, short stroked and with minimal springs, game-ready right from the box. There would also be a junior size for smaller ladies and for youngsters. Barrel and tube length would be only long enough for 10 rounds of 38 Special. I share this without any notion that it could actually happen. Ammo could be crimped in the groove at standard COL and function perfectly, which means one could use commercially loaded ammo. Not meant for you. I moved it to the OP.
  12. Whatever they offer in a Marlin type action, I hope they stone the knife edges. I have had to do that myself of a JM and a Remlin. The latest was a knife edge on the ejector shroud and other spots of a Pietta GW II. Nice fondle-friendly gun now (and no Band-Aids in my pocket).
  13. I missed the .357 part on first reading. Lead diameter for me would have to be .358...no leading and no coating deposit to clean in .357 rifle using magnum brass. Hardness about 15.
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