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  1. Written by an American and appearing on the most objective news site I have found. Either the article is valid or not, never mind your prejudices and sensibilities. It does bring up the question about why the article is not mentioned on US liberal outlets, as far as I know.
  2. Yesterday I encountered the article exposing "social distancing" as having originated with a 14 year old's school project and later adopted by the G.W. Bush administration in the pandemic preparedness plan, which we are now using. Did you know the bogus idea of 'social distancing' was invented by a 14-year-old girl during the Bush administration in 2006? — RT Op-ed
  3. I load and shoot 38 Long Colt using Starline brass and regular 125 Grain TCFP lead bullets at .358. I am doing well with a seat/crimp die by Lee specific to 38 Short or Long Colt. The rest of the set labeled for those cartridges appear the same as my 38 Special dies. I am currently using the seat/crimp for seat only, adding a Redding Profile crimp die after removing my sizer. I had trouble seating primers in that brass, at least when new, so size them separately and prime by hand. On all the other cartridges I load, I rarely prime off the press otherwise. The Cowboy load I settled on after some testing is 2.4 grains of Trailboss. I tried 2.2 and thought it was too light. I shoot these in a pair of model P Jr clones by Cimarron and Taylor's. The barrels are stamped 38 Special and 38 Colt.
  4. I will refrain from getting into another COVID-19 thread that gets closed as OT, but can say from having participated at a well-attended match yesterday that the only issues I saw re proximity to each other was the TO and the unloading table. There may have been good intentions, but we were certainly closer than 6 feet in many instances. I did the unloading table in my posse and decided to wear my bandana over my face when I had a customer. Others seemed completely unconcerned, while I as a Cattle Baron was alerted about even being there with second wave concerns and how disenchanted with the whole precaution thing most seem to have become. There was no actual medical mask in sight, if that was the question.
  5. I use RCBS Cowboy dies, because they are designed for the larger diameter of lead bullets, with the larger sizer allowing finished rounds without the bullet printing through the case. I have other dies that I tried and which are now reserved for jacketed/plated bullets. The only crimp-only dies I use for cowboy is the Redding 45 AR for 45CS and one for 38 Long Colt. One backup gun is 41 Magnum, which has no die size alternative from RCBS, but the limited lead ammo supply loaded okay. 44 Magnum and 44 Special are RCBS Cowboy. 357 Magnum uses the same cowboy set as 38 Special. 44-40, 32 H&R, and 45 Colt are all RCBS Cowboy. The 45 Colt is using a Hornady sizer, which for some reason is larger than the RCBS Cowboy and pairs better with the diameter of the expander (no sticking). The 38 Long Colt is a mixed set starting with the only instance where I prime cases by hand due to having trouble priming new Starline brass on the press. That allows space on a 4-hole turret for a crimp-only die, which is by Redding because of limited brand choices for that cartridge. The 38 Long Colt is cobbled together using a Lee powder die (on a Lee turret), a Lyman M-die expander; a Lee seating, which didn't crimp the way I wanted; and a Redding crimp. Turned out to be a fussy little cartridge. I gauge every round I reload, and as long as I set the bullet to be seated straight, have no real problems with rejects and no issues with leading. Accuracy is a question, because we shoot at such close ranges, and my guns shoot better than I do.
  6. My understanding is that if wearing a mask and even gloves, one can still get infected through the eyes. So, it is in everyone's best interest to keep respiration particulates out of the air when in confined areas or otherwise close to others. A mask may be more for others than it is protection for ourselves. That's why it's okay to be unhappy with others who don't wear a mask. It's not that we worry about them catching something. It is because they raise the odds of infecting others, prolonging the outbreak. One should act with a sense of community.
  7. When you weed out homosexual subplots, bad language, feel-good multiculturalism, and gratuitous scripting of sponsored tobacco and liquor, the field narrows greatly, although not necessarily to Hallmark Channel levels.
  8. A webcam camera on a tripod with remote control allows perspective and addition of body language instead of the closeups from sitting at a PC. The video resolution may be much better as well, although bandwidth limits may force favoring sound quality and continuity over picture quality, as we find with use of Zoom for music performance. My shopping led me to put this item on my wish list. There are also memory cards and a tripod.
  9. We seem to think it fashionable to write stuff like that, but I voted for the President, the Governor, my House Rep, and both Senators to represent me and I intend to cooperate, barring any blatant disregard for my well being. My ill will is instead toward congressional dysfunction caused by Democrats suffering from PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder).
  10. I didn't catch what conclusions you are drawing, kinda getting lost in the details. Did the lockdown do any good or not? What exactly does the data tell us from ground level?
  11. Trump should be careful though, or we could wind up with President Pelosi, second in line after VP Pence. That said, maybe we go down a political path here.
  12. In my area, perhaps more predictable in the Piedmont foothills, weather forecasts are impressively accurate, and I think weather forecasts are respected. They do make or break whether a match will be held.
  13. All questions are addressed by finding answers we like.
  14. The stat that justifies (or not) all this is the dynamic number of hospital beds available, tracking those actually threatened by virus symptoms. The concern was supposedly that the health care system could be overwhelmed without taking extraordinary precautions, now held in place fearing odds of a major outbreak.
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