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  1. I had a request to share the data I had compiled other than the W231 load above. I corrected the Coach Guns reference.
  2. WIth 160 grain I am running 6.1 of W231/HP38. I started lighter but like the feel better with this powder weight in a 5 1/2" barrel. I have compiled 6 loads with other powders; Bullseye, Tightgroup, Red Dot, Clays, Zip, and Unique.
  3. It is only necessary that a primer not be "high". Among my Lee presses and Hornady LnL AP, I don't believe I have a press capable of seating "below flush". ICBW. The point is that "below flush" works against a strong primer hit.
  4. You posted earlier: "Primers are/were seating fine. Visual inspection conducted after loading to just below flush." It occurred to me that "below flush" is not necessary and moves the primer farther from the firing pin.
  5. I don't think those shooting unmodified guns are complaining much about primers not detonating. It is the big deal in CAS with so many guns modified to run fast and easy.
  6. The Trailboss issues are speculation. As my only powder in 10 different guns using cowboy level loads, including 38 Long Colt, 38 Special, 357 Magnum Cowboy, 44 Special, 41 Magnum, 45 Colt, and formerly a 44 Magnum rifle; I have had no powder issues, only primer problems when the gun was light striking a hard primer (modified JM Marlin 45 Colt rifle FTF Winchester primers). I can use the Winchesters in my unmodified pistols, including the El Patron with light springs. Others are adequate for case fill, especially Clays, but there is no better powder than Trailboss for being able to check powd
  7. Some "stock SAA clones" have special springs from the factory (like my Uberti El PatronBelezza). "off brand" would clearly be "not Federal". There has been much discussion lately about considering or using alternative in lieu of Federal availability. Would you like me to delete my post that quoted you?
  8. The gun and springs are important context to include. My JM Marlin 45 Cowboy doesn't like Winchester primers, but it has a spring kit and one-piece firing pin. It seems like if one wants to shoot an off brand of primer, the original springs might have to be restored.
  9. I wondered whether the brass was well cleaned, to include the primer pocket, not necessarily pristine or processed.
  10. They both work well in shotgun, so you might set the Red Dot aside if you reload shot shells.
  11. Got a notice from Graf and Sons that Alliant Extralite powder for shot shells is in stock. Easy sub for Clays or good choice in its own right.
  12. I was able to order Extralite recently from Powder Valley. I use it on your 7/8 of #8 shot, grey wads and Winchester brass head hulls. While out of Extralite, I tried some Clays and found it to measure and shoot the same as my Extralite setup. You should be able use Extralite without changing anything else on your Clays setup, same MEC bushing for example, not necessarily the weight.
  13. I don't think we know what dealers are being charged wholesale. Gouging per se is relative.
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