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  1. Is the 32 H&R Ruger a dated recommendation? They are not in production anymore and don't seem to turn up often, especially in pairs. In any case, the Single Six does not have a small grip, but the gun's weight does help with recoil sensitivity. It might be easier to get a Taylor's Stallion and shoot 38 Long Colt.
  2. Uberti's Model P Jr. clone is smaller and 38 only. I am currently shooting 38 Long Colt, but the longer 38 Special can easily be loaded light enough for the sport. In the bird heads, Taylor's Stallion version is a fatter grip than the Cimarron Lightning. I would suggest Cimarrons but don't for any reason disassemble beyond dropping a cylinder, or the warranty will be gone. Give it some time to prove itself. Mine are unmodified and shoot really nicely. There is a navy grip style Stallion from Taylor's as well but more grip for hands larger than hers would likely be. The rifle I think could only be addressed by barrel length. It could be shorter than 20" when able to hold and perform well with 10 rounds of 38 seated to approach 357 Magnum length. There is an option on barrels though, so a half octagon would likely be lighter at the muzzle. Taylor's has a Ladies & Youth model 1873 that is round barrel, 16 1/8" barrel and rated as holding 10 if 38 Special, but I would verify whether 38 Special seated long would actually fit as many as 10 and be easy enough to load the last few.
  3. Style points don't win matches. I like them though.
  4. Cowboy 38 loads have little recoil. The size of the grip or weight of the gun will perhaps be what she would notice. You can load 38 Long Colt, working up to 38 Special. The 32s are hard to find and not available new in an approved gun, as far as I know. Staying with 38 Long Colt or Special, she could look at the Taylor's Stallion, a Model P Jr. copy, navy or birdhead grip. I also have the Cimmaron Lightning brother but prefer the Taylor's. The smaller bird head type grip though is the Cimmaron.
  5. If you are following the consensus examples, note that most Ruger 38s are 4 5/8" barrels, I believe making it a bit easier to clear a holster.
  6. Mine was binding when DEcocking, and it was definitely the hammer plunger. Once having the hammer assy out and in my hand, I could make the plunger bind with the tip of a screwdriver pressing it. I removed the cross pin and immediately lost sight of it. The spring looked fine under magnification as did the plunger. I am going to guess that the plunger got a little crossways and was catching on the cross pin. I ordered a new cross pin along with a complete new set of screws as well as springs for the other plungers. Ruger is sending all no charge.
  7. The OP hasn't been back yet but revealed on another thread that he has since committed to a Model P in 45 Colt. Another note re the 160 grain bullet mention is that the sparse data I found for 160 gr. 44 Special can push the 1000 fps limit for SASS. Light bullets need an extra push to get the pressure up but the velocity comes with that.
  8. Interesting that according to Lyman, that load would equal max 44 Special loaded in a 44 Mag case, well below the minimum for the listed magnum load (10 gr).
  9. You don't necessarily have to run the same cartridge or caliber in both rifle and pistols. You could stick with the rifle you have until ready and confident in your choice to buy a rifle really prepared for the sport, maybe waiting to grab a deal that comes along, saving money. Meanwhile, you could acquire pistols that are really where you want to ultimately operate. If you are hunting with your 44 Magnum, you probably wouldn't slick it up as a competition gun. I too have a 44 Magnum, which I have used a number of times using magnum cases as a Trailboss load. I have also used it paired with 44 Special when first starting out. One pistol was 44 Special, one 44 Magnum shooting 44 Special, and the rifle was 44 Magnum, all with my own lead, smokeless reloads. I am currently shooting all 45 Colt, although ready to try 45 Cowboy Special in my pistols, which I already owned coming in. I also had a set of 38 Special, with 357 Magnum brass in the rifle. The only thing I ever really needed, given a modest collection, was a shotgun, and now I have two. You will find that backup guns will be needed to avoid down time and borrowing, and many people have more than one set of guns, I would guess most likely acquired after into the sport for awhile..
  10. That is a good catch. I saw that too. They actually looked pretty good under magnification but I ran a few back through the crimp, which made a difference I could feel and see. The thing is that, if room is left for case length variance, the case mouth is not necessarily hidden, yet is bent in well enough to feed just fine. All of my ammo has passed a cartridge gauge. These will be run in a JM Marlin Cowboy.
  11. Followed the tip and got a Redding Profile Crimp Die for 45 Auto Rim and got the crimp I was looking to achieve.
  12. Does that crimp use the crimp groove? Can't tell from pic. Here's the bullet.
  13. In between rainstorms and other commitments I got to the range with more test loads. I got some mild muzzle flip but both loads are 5-10% under published minimum (Lyman cast book). I thought 4.9 of Titegroup might be a bit more of a jump from the previous 4.5. I had just stepped to the next autodisk aperture. I could split the difference to 4.7 with an adjustable charge bar, a double disk, or switching to an autodrum without disk increments. 4.9 TG/160 shoots okay, but I favored the W231/HP38 load result. The 6.0-6.1 of HP38, about 5% under Lyman's published minimum, seemed like the kind of feel I was used to with 38s in smaller guns. I was firing a 5 1/2" barrel Vaquero. I went ahead and loaded 60+ rounds with HP38 and will not go further until experiencing a match with this load.
  14. Comparing the parts in the picture from the above link to the Automation Package, I don't think you would have the fingers that grab the bullet or case. The Universal Case Feeder package just has the pusher.
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