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  1. Crap!!!!! Now I've got to spend the weekend seeing if I have one! Got distracted by the gold badge--SHINY!!!!!
  2. I agree--everyone should be home for the holidays!
  3. Okay, if nobody else is gonna ask, I will. Why in the world do you have 38 and 45 brass hollowed out to take shotgun primers?????
  4. Will be interested to see how this plays out, but whatever the outcome do as the others suggested and DO NOT vacate the premises of his own volition.
  5. Sooooo…..would that be War, Famine, Death and Oh $hi+?
  6. Yeah, but think about how cool it would be if you could rig up some kind of snare device and snag them with the drone and fly them back to the bottom of the hill!
  7. Did you expect anything less? I mean, honestly, did you really think that any of us would have said, " OH, NO--don't even think about buying a firearm or ammo"????? You know us better than that!
  8. Talk about a multi-purpose rifle! What will they think of next?!?! To the OP--If you know you are going to own one at some point, then go ahead and buy the ammo when you find it. With the current political and/or sociological changes that may come, you'd hate to buy the rifle and then find that you can't get any ammo for it down the road. I was in the same boat with .45 ACP. Had a gun stolen and knew I was going to get another, just had to find it at a good price. Still stocked up on ammo and components when I had the chance. Finally found what I wanted in a firearm and have plenty of ammo on-hand or ready to reload for it.
  9. Ohhhhh….I would be dead on so many levels! LOL
  10. I just read through the Hawaii gun laws--they are nuts! Stay where you are!
  11. I'll take # 24, 25 , 31 and 36. Send me a PM with details for gold.
  12. ^^^^^^^ What he said! Got rid of my pins and went to just Lemi-Shine and Brass Juice in my Frankford Arsenal tumbler and have never been happier with the results. https://www.thereloadingstation.com/products/brass-juice-case-wash You can search in this forum for a thread or two on the subject.
  13. Okay--Add this to the book order and I'll take it as well. Send me totals via PM--Sp
  14. I'll take-- When Buffalo Ran American Bison How to Survive off the Grid Elk Guides Elk Hunter Elk Tactics American Indian Myths and Legends Send me a PM with totals. Shipping to 89121. Will do PayPal. Thanks--Sp
  15. I'll take it. Send me a PM with details. PayPal, MO or check?
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