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  1. I'll take the three 45 Colt. Send me a PM with details for gold!
  2. I would love to take one of the badge holders off your hands. Could you match my gunbelt if I sent a pic?--PM me the info
  3. Damn--always too late to the party!
  4. I'll take all three ingot molds. Send me a PM for money details
  5. I've seen these a couple of times and it always makes me smile just thinking of someone taking a scar and turning it into something that brings a smile to their face. I have three tats-two memorials and one clarity phrase. Waited until I was 40 for my first and never regretted a thing. I can see where some don't like them, and that's okay too!
  6. Plain hot dog-mustard and sweet pickle relish or sauerkraut with mustard or chili with mustard Never seen top cut buns, but I'm interested. No hotdogs on wonder bread (or any other sliced bread)
  7. Close enough--More Like the Movies. Great Job!
  8. How about: The castles that you built so high Were just too steep for me to climb And I guess these dirty streets of mine Were just too rough for you
  9. I can vouch for the fact that he doesn't use performance enhancing drugs--freshly bathed is for you to verify!
  10. I'll take them. PM me details for gold. PayPal, check or MO
  11. I'll have you know that some days I can miss with absolutely no effort at all on my part!
  12. That's what I took from it as well, but I guess I was trying to figure out how the groom had possibly tricked the bride into marrying him or something--probably making too much out of nothing.
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