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  1. Not yet--gotta do a little polishing first,
  2. I will take #4, #5, #6, #10 (223), #12. Please send me a PM with details. I can do PayPal, check, or MO
  3. You should try living with a wife who is on a large opiates regimen for pain relief. I have watched movies five or six times, only because, "We've never seen that one". Thing is, these days, I'd give just about anything to re-watch, watch, watch, watch one of those moves with her again. Gotta go now.....screen's getting all fuzzy!
  4. I'll take it. Send me a PM with payment details. I can do PayPal, check, or MO.
  5. ^^^^^^ Here we go--I'll bring the popcorn! LOL
  6. I few months back there was some talk about the AGI Gunsmithing Courses. Basic Cowboy DVDs were around $300 and the Certified Cowboy Action Course was close to $600. Just got an email from them today saying they are having a "stimulus special" that not only have they lowered the prices in general, but you can save an additional 40% off any of their courses by using coupon code SAVE40. That puts the price close to $360 for the Certified Course. Just in case you wanted to know.
  7. So if the British had lost to the French, and then the French had lost to the Nazis, then we'd all be wishing each other a Guten Morgen???? It's probably a good thing we stepped in when we did!
  8. I did suggest that, but she isn't wanting to wait that long.
  9. I know this may be a little weird, but I’m thinking someone here can pull it off. I have a friend that just passed away a couple weeks ago. His widow would like to have his Zippo lighter engraved to give to his sister as a momento of her brother. With the corona virus restrictions, can’t seem to find a place to do the work. Any cowpokes or cowgirl out there that I might be able to put her in touch with? Not to be picky, but the closer to Las Vegas the better, but I’ll take what I can get these days. Thanks—Sp
  10. Hmmm--I know it's been a while since I've done one, but have they really gotten that hard?
  11. I should learn to ask "why?" more often. My bosses are seriously getting annoyed with my usual response- "Or what?"
  12. Forty- Dishwashers are normally fairly easy to swap out. A couple of screws at the top secure it to the underside of the counter and then it pulls right out. Detach the water line and unplug it, slide a new one in. I've had a harder time installing a washer or dryer. Or, as suggested, maybe go to Lowe's and buy a new one with installation included.
  13. Hi Dusty- I'll take it, PM me the details. PayPal? Or some other form. Let me know
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