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  1. Close enough--More Like the Movies. Great Job!
  2. How about: The castles that you built so high Were just too steep for me to climb And I guess these dirty streets of mine Were just too rough for you
  3. I can vouch for the fact that he doesn't use performance enhancing drugs--freshly bathed is for you to verify!
  4. I'll take them. PM me details for gold. PayPal, check or MO
  5. I'll have you know that some days I can miss with absolutely no effort at all on my part!
  6. That's what I took from it as well, but I guess I was trying to figure out how the groom had possibly tricked the bride into marrying him or something--probably making too much out of nothing.
  7. The rifle was not "empty". I would think the shooter took the safer approach-for all concerned. And if it merited a P then I would have gladly taken it, so long as it was the safer thing to do.
  8. You never fail to impress! Gorgeous cart!
  9. I wonder how many they actually got?
  10. You're looking at this all wrong. After Mrs. Lose is fast asleep, go outside, remove the cages, harvest the sprouts, dispose of the sprouts and in the morning be ready to provide the necessary heart-felt, "Tsk, tsk, dear, you must have left the cages off again" Repeat as needed. You're welcome!
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