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  1. Welcome Cottonmouth Mark! We are probably the happiest band of idiots you're ever likely to meet!
  2. I'll take it-Send me a PM for the gold. I can do check, MO, or PayPal
  3. I can see your point in this, but what would you consider the polite way to handle this particular situation? (Yes, I'm sure I have probably violated this one myself) But if I see an item that I know I want, or that I know is exactly what I'm wanting, without questions, and someone before me has asked a question: how long should I wait before saying I want it? Or should I just say, "I'll take it, if so-and-so gets his answer and doesn't want it"? Not trying to start a fight, just asking for an opinion.
  4. LOL, no. I guess you knew one, too!
  5. After losing mine after only twenty years together, I can't even imagine what some of you have gone through, but you have my deepest sympathies. The anniversary I hate to see is coming up in just 15 days. Keep the happy memories safe in your hearts, brothers!
  6. I'd like to hear the responses on this as well, including some numbers as far as costs go.
  7. Basically, humans are dangerous!
  8. Finally hits 115 and you're complainin'---Wimps!
  9. When I worked at Great America in CA, we had an electrician whose nickname was "The Prince of Darkness". Every time you sent him out on a job, one-quarter of a 100-acre amusement park would drop off grid!
  10. I find it hard to believe how bad the USPS is some days, yet other businesses seem to be able to pull it of. I dropped of a tent camper canvas, to be sent for duplication, yesterday at UPS. Going from Las Vegas to Wisconsin. The guy said lowest and slowest I have is $76 dollars. I was okay with that since I'd heard of some people paying up to $300 to ship them in. Then he says, " Okay, it should arrive Friday". That's lowest and slowest???? I'll take that any day. And then he gave me a $10 Veterans discount--I didn't even know UPS did that. Didn't even have to ask, he asked me!!!
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