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  1. I will take one of these-- Savage 10FP Tactical (heavy barrel) .308 $425 Figure shipping to FFL in 89005 and send me details for gold. I will do check when I get the info and then send you my FFl info. Thanks
  2. Best way to store potatoes ever invented!
  3. Careful now!!!!!!!!
  4. I thought Buzzy did a great job as well. Seemed to liven it up a little bit. I believe I enjoyed his stint as guest host better than anyone else so far, although I do think that the executive producer they had did well, also.
  5. I will take both of these items. Send me a PM with details for the money. I can do PayPal, check or MO whichever works best for you--Sp
  6. A round of the good stuff for everybody---On Me!
  7. Eat a bat in China................................too early?????
  8. I'll take seconds on this if it falls through with Will Burn.
  9. I'll take this. PM me the details for gold-Sp
  10. I'll take the three 45 Colt. Send me a PM with details for gold!
  11. I would love to take one of the badge holders off your hands. Could you match my gunbelt if I sent a pic?--PM me the info
  12. Damn--always too late to the party!
  13. I'll take all three ingot molds. Send me a PM for money details
  14. I've seen these a couple of times and it always makes me smile just thinking of someone taking a scar and turning it into something that brings a smile to their face. I have three tats-two memorials and one clarity phrase. Waited until I was 40 for my first and never regretted a thing. I can see where some don't like them, and that's okay too!
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