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  1. Good question. I think probably the best determination would be based on what happens next after that shoot. Does the shooter complete the rest of the string as prescribed or not. But that would only be truly helpful if the next shot was to the same designated target and they hit it the second time.
  2. As a locksmith, a relocker on a safe is a very good feature to have! It's normally cheaper to have a locksmith come out and open/repair a safe that has been vandalized but not opened than it is to replace the contents of one that was opened.
  3. I really like that idea and am considering something along those lines--I just have to convince myself that I can drive tacks into all that lovely furniture without thinking, "OMG I've ruined it!"
  4. The web says they are, although they are coarser and have a less desirable taste.
  5. Yeah, we all grew up wanting to be cowboys, and the newer generations all want to be the next great hacker!
  6. You think grabbing the wrong gun is bad, try having the right gun but mistakenly loading misses in it instead of hits! That happens to me a lot--I gotta get better at identifying those bad bullets!
  7. Say what you want about Phantom--he knows how to motivate people!! HEHEHE
  8. I heard that too, and that has always bugged me about the whole deal. Is he really trying to fix a game if he's betting on his team to win. I mean, don't most managers "bet" that their team will win at the end of the day. Technically, every time they hit the dugout, they are laying their potential future employment on the line. In addition, the Hall of Fame is a completely separate entity from MLB, if I understand it correctly, so his admission is based solely on the discretion of the HOF board, not the baseball commissioner.
  9. You can have it, you can look at it, but whatever you do, don't take it out and play with it. You could go blind! And if you do it in public, you could get arrested too!
  10. None of the above happens without the Signal Corps. You may talk about us, but you can't talk without us! AND...….we're off! \
  11. Yeah, winning is out. It's better to just hope to survive it!
  12. I know Phantom is poking fun, but I'm here to tell you that the issue is definitely starting to come to a head. Watching it happen in fencing right now. Several of the women currently competing on a national level used to be men. Creating a real problem in the women's events. Oh, yeah and...… It's Shooting Bull's fault!
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