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    My combined Father’s Day and birthday present from my wife arrived today. We ordered from Dixie Gun Works last month and were told that it was out of stock and due to the virus in Italy it would not be available until at least August. Since I trust Dixie we back ordered it and gave our credit card info. It arrived today a month early. What a beautiful little gem, it’s light perfectly balanced and beautifully finished. Now off to the range
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    He'd never make it as a ball player.
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    Boomstick Jay shows as a service on his website that he will cut the barrel, cut a new dovetail and reinstall your original sight for $120. I would imagine for a few dollars more he will cut the mag tube, it might already be included. He also shows several options on action jobs, short strokes, etc. Get it all done in one trip would be my suggestion. I think selling yours and buying a 20 inch rather than shortening will just be a wash in terms of dollars. The one you already own is a known quality, you are always rolling the dice when you buy something new. Anyway, give Boomstick a call and discuss what you want to end up with and give him your budget, I think you'll be pleased. I know you'll be pleased at the quality of his work. Oh, and since the gun already belongs to you you can ship it directly to him through the USPS and he can send right back to you, no FFL fee's involved. When you mail I would suggest you remove the buttstock and wrap it seperate. https://www.boomstickarms.com/
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    We have the 'adult' versions OLG
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    ^^^^THIS^^^^ Better to find two mentors. Not every person that reloads should be mentoring others. I have met a few that in my opinion shouldn't be reloading at. The Lyman reloading manuals have a good introduction to reloading as part of every manual. Cannot stress enough the importance of attention to detail and eliminating ALL distractions. If there is ANY doubt stop, empty the press and start over. Some will tell you differently but I would recommend that initially you choose a powder that fills the case more then 1/2 full. Probably the most dangerous mistake you can make is double charging a case. Lots of people don't like Trailboss but it has two really big pluses for new reloaders. Double charges are impossible and it puts enough powder in the case to make visual inspection easy.
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    Based on the Mormons I've known, and being born into the church to a family that came to Utah when it was still a desert and having served in both the Army and marine Corps, you just don't want to mess with Mormon kid. In spite of that austere dress of over a hundred years ago don't ever mistake them for peaceful, hard to anger, and not willing to fight for God and country. They are tough, well disciplined, intelligent, guys and gals who are some of the best I've ever seen. Sort of like the Mormon guys that responded to the Captain's orders to take the mountain with, "Yessir, where do you want it taken to?"
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    I can't speak for you folks in Australia, I can only relay my thoughts on the subject in the US. I believe that children that are active in shooting sports are also pro-active in supporting shooting sports to their peers in a positive manner. They also tend to stay active in adulthood with both respects. They also tend to be parents who repeat the values and lessons learned from their parents, uncles and grandparents. I'd rather see a young adult with minor hearing loss (if any) that is active in the various aspects of shooting and supports, both physically and financially, the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans.
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    I can tell you that tank guns, 105mm ,.50 and7.62 will leave you with a permanent cricket serenade. At age 22. I wore earplugs AND muffs the whole time we were on the various firing ranges. Over a year prior to going to Vietnam, there I listened to turbine engines 24/7 for 6 months. VA says 10% hearing loss and 10% tinnitus. Use as much protection as you/they can stand, it is no fun following every statement by any other with "What?" Imis
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    Consider what TC has to say regarding saving your coins and upgrading to the next step! I started with a couple of Stoeger which served me well, yet at the same time stifled the learning curve! SKB‘s and the CZ Sharptail are superior SxS guns hands down. I shoot both and would recommend either brand! I don’t have personal experience with the Charles Daly guns, but those that shoot them Seem pleased. Unless your looking for “ style points” , consider the economics of plastic hulls versus brass and the learning curve will be less daunting for someone starting from the ground up IMO!
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    Best is to find someone local that can mentor you into reloading. Visit a shoot and get to know people, you might find someone that can be your mentor. One word of advice it is very handy if your pistol and rifle rounds are the same caliber. This way you can’t get them mixed up and you will only need dies and other equipment for one caliber.
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    It was on our local news tonight. It was a rope for closing the overhead door.
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    Some statues you just don't mess with.
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    We need pics of the sister before we can believe this story.
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    My Dad's baby brother and his family are LDS. We used to debate who was the greater heretic, him or me, since we raised our daughter Catholic (we thought we were just sending her to school). I know there are some weird facets to LDS but I love my family - who are the last to bear the family name. They are family-oriented, secure in their faith, and just plain good people.
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    Well, I will most definitely counter Mr Brules and Mr Chato's opinions ~ which I personally find to be unduly harsh, but to which they are most definitely entitled. I have worked with many members of the faith, both professionally and in volunteer positions with Scouts. By and large, I find them to be honorable, hard working, devoted to faith, family, and country, generous, and, believe it or not, accepting. More so than some... If the "bicycle boys" happen to stop by, if you're not interested merely advise them of such and they'll be on their way. However, the few times I've been visited (usually when I'm outside working on projects), I would let them know I'm "otherwise committed," then we'd have delightful conversations about any manner of things including hunting, fishing, Scouts, life experiences, and, usually surprising to them, mutual acquaintances. The religious views and practices may differ from others faiths, but hey - views and practices considered different by some are certainly no limited to LDS. By the way - I survived seventeen years married to a Catholic. Oh... and I have family who are LDS... Catholic... Methodist... Lutheran... I'm the sole Baptist.
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    Personally, I can't believe the FBI got to the bottom of it in less than a week. That's got to be a new world record for that bunch.
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    What fun is there wading in the shallow end? Plenty of lifeguards on here anyway. I'd suggest contacting Scarlett and get 5K Federal large pistol primers. Pretty sure she'll be at Black Gold in July and you could either pick them up there or have someone else pick them up; I'm positive someone from your local club will be there. No worries with different calibers either, sounds like you have a plan to handle it. Get a RCBS lockout die for smokeless reloading on a progressive press.
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    There’s NOTHING funny about the humerus!
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    I quit smoking 30 years or so ago. I still carry a lighter. I'm surprised that you did not know that there are more uses for fire than to ignite tobacco.
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    The “protestors” aren’t exactly sure how to maneuver around, and then steal, all those bicycles. Cat Brules
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    Almost forgot.
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    Can I borrow your book when you are done?
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    Keeping powders separate is easy. When you are done for the day put the powder back into the original factory labelled container. Put a tag on your reloading press with the powder type and charge weight. Always verify sharge weight before starting a session. Use a case gauge to verify loaded rounds. I check the first 10. Then I check a couple every time I refill the primer tube. Keep a log book with all the particulars. As for telling BP rounds from smokeless I color code. I buy powder coated bullets. My supplier offers a minimum of two different colors of the same bullet. One color is always loaded with smokeless and the other is always loaded with BP. I know you are a little OCD but it is fun to put a few BP rounds in with your smokeless loads. Really wakes up the posse when bang bang bang suddenly becomes BOOM.
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    This thread is "pinned" in the SASS Wire FAQ forum:
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    'Cuz it's in the Saloon.
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    Poor little Bubba. It’s okay for Darrell Wallace (NASCAR’s only Negro driver) be allowed by NASCAR to display a politically-agitating slogan (black lives matter) on his race car and to paint his car “politically black”, BOTH being offensive and repugnant to a HUGE number of NASCAR’s rapidly-declining fan base BUT, NASCAR has ALSO (at Darrell Wallace’s sole command) “outlawed” the Confederate Flag from being displayed on race cars, “NASCAR“ racetracks, televised races and commercials, etc. NOW, Darrell Wallace has decided that the overhead-door pull rope in his assigned garage at Talladega Speedway in Alabama is a “noose”. Turns out that MOST or ALL the drivers’ garages at Talladega Speedway have virtually identical garage door pull ropes. Let’s put it in perspective: ....... Darrell Wallace is a stinking racist, hateful character who believes that his limited status as (currently) NASCAR’s only Negro driver, gives him the horsepower to impose his will in such a manner that attempts to dominate at least one-half of NASCAR’s ever-declining fan base and at least half the NASCAR drivers. Wallace thinks he can take over NASCAR and steer it away from four generations of fans, dating back to the sport’s inception. That may happen, but not because of Darrell Wallace. NASCAR is already in decline because of many bad decisions it has made in the last few years........ including caving in to Darrell Wallace’s demand to ban the Confederate Flag and to allow him to create his race car as a tool to promote his racist, America-hating political agenda. Cat Brules
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    Check out Warden Callaway 's very helpful playlist, includes loading brass shells and other good tidbits. A suggestion, since you don't have a Stoeger yet, don't get one. Save up a little more and get a new Charles Daly 512t or save a bit more and find a SKB.
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    Pretty sad when all that you have to do is look for something to be offended about.
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    Maybe one of these: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/871652465
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    Some advice from my pa: A woman's beauty is to be appreciated like fine art. But, like fine art, touch it and someone is going to break your fingers.
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