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  2. I will take the justin let me know where to send the money order. Thaks Brazos@cut.net
  3. Holy Cow! That’s an even older picture of Keith Richards!
  4. My dog tweed a cat once... but it came down. Dang cat! (Sorry Allie)
  5. It is, but it's smooth, cupped , sized to cleanly clear the cylinder, and holds the ball in the cupped area. The pictured threaded bolt doesn't inspire me with the same confidence as the two different brands of off the frame loaders I use that have brass rams.
  6. I read SIXGUNS and I certainly could've missed it, but I don't recall him loading .458" bullets in a 45 Colt. I know he did commonly resize rifle bullets to use in handguns. Does anyone recall what chapter in the book he describes this? Elmer wasn't insane at all. There is so much misinformation about him on forums, mostly I think, by folks who have never read any of his books. Cholla
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  8. I don't want to cheat Smoking Dave out of a sale but it looks to me like a tapered stick and a tapered hole. But there are at least two places to buy them ready made. Here is a link to the ones made by Capandball guy https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153674302542 He also markets reproduction cartridge boxes. Found a third on flea-bay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303298198820 .
  9. I’m a fan of paper cartridges. They’re simple and can be made pretty quickly. You will find that cigarette papers are WAY too expensive to use. Use thin rice paper, thin filter paper, tissue packing paper, “soft” newsprint, etc. (Soak the paper in a water solution of potassium nitrate, and lay it to dry) *** Many people skip his step, but it does make the paper more flammable. Cut the paper to shape for cartridges. Roll the paper on a dowel to proper cylindrical shape and lightly glue the edge Seal the bottom, pour in powder, glue the bullet into the top of the of the cartridge and it’s done. You can make a “nipple pick” from a thin, proper “thickness” and length, of stiff piano wire (hardware store) to slide through the nipple to pierce the paper for reliable ignition. This wire pick should be epoxied into a simple “handle” of some kind to prevent loss and make it easier to use. Cat Brules
  10. They are 46.5" end to end as they lay in the photo. There are two more holes for adjustment both ways. I am 5-11 and they fit me as adjusted. They are very well made.
  11. "Piso Mojado~!" Saw it on a sign the other day...
  12. That's what it sounds like, I'm going to mark it on my calendar for next year!
  13. @Smokey Dave would you consider selling one of your mandrels and former?
  14. Well you didn't expect a "reporter" to actually go to a combat zone did you?
  15. Looking for a OMV Bisley blued only in .45 Colt. I have one and need another. What lurks in the dark, dusty recesses of your safe?.
  16. Elements of this arrangement do not sound good for several reasons I’m not going into.. Whats the distance.....one way, about 600 miles one way.....1200 miles round trip? That’s about 80 gallons of gas (@15mpg) x $3.50/gallon = $280.00, plus maybe 20-24 hours of road time, plus an overnight stop, where theft of the truck cab (and maybe the trailer, too, unless the trailer itself is locked solid) is a very HIGHLY DISTINCT possibility. .........Some things to consider. Cat Brules
  17. I'd file an application and just state the facts. Th actual facts. You are over 50/60/70. You travel on weekends to various CA cities and neighboring States with over 3/4/5/ 6K $ ( pick a number) worth of guns and ammo in you personal vehicle. You make every effort to store and protect the cargo in your personal vehicle but are leery of doing so unarmed in today's society. You are well trained (and have CA approved training certs to accompany the app.) and would like to carry a concealed weapon legally while making the trips. Worst he could do is say no. But the application sure puts him and the local SO on notice that you thought you needed a concealed weapon to safely transport your weapons just to shoot in your local matches and do so safely. I'd also fire off a personal letter to the Sheriff the day before I did the online application referencing you application and offer to meet with him to explain your situation. You might be surprised by the results.
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