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  2. Corn chips, can of re-fried beans, can of diced tomatoes and grated cheese. Heat the beans and tomatoes in a saucepan and melt cheese of choice on the corn chips in the microwave (30 seconds). You can add salsa to the beans if you want more flavor. Put sour cream and avocado on top if you have it.
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  4. Howdy all. Just trying to scratch an itch I’ve had for awhile now. Looking for a first gen cavalry colt in 45, but will consider 44-40. Made somewhere around 1885-1915. Walnut grips preferable. They don’t have to be original to the gun, but I would like them to have aged closely with it. Probably a long shot, but can’t hurt to try, yeah? So whatcha got folks?
  5. Thanks Deuce and Doc-Be interested to test 125 grain bullets at 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 against the 2.9 105s and 3.1 100s. They are all lubed bullets. All loaded up for EOT. Shooting the same loads we have shot for the last 6 years. We have done fine as a family but there is always a desire to do better. Any edge is better, just don't cross it. I am taking the RO 2 course at EOT or I would be attending your shotgun school Deuce. Missed it again.
  6. Apparently there are some episodes on Hulu.
  7. “mit gott fur koenig und vaterland” translates to “with god for king and fatherland”
  8. At what point will Miss Denial figure out she’s to damn fat for her clothes? Her shirt says “One Who Serves”...would that be served as an example to others?
  9. Nasty Nels


    Truly a sad day. My best wishes to Via Con Dios and the rest of the family.
  10. I am not asking about your “people are coming, let’s go shopping recipe.” It needs ten or more ingredients It’s 9pm, your favorite show will be on soon, you feel like some nachos. What is your minimum requirement? Chips and cheese? Salsa? What else?
  11. Anyone have an idea as to where I can find this short lived series? There is a posting on You tube that is awful at best.... Thanks !! Bugler
  12. Jalise & Justine Williams 6 hrs · Jumping into the weekend like baam!
  13. Thanks. Very interesting. Lots of history. Those soldiers do a heck of a job. And rightly so.
  14. We just added solar to our 5th wheel last weekend. Went to Maybelle last weekend to shoot pictures of wild horses and will be trying it out in the boonies in July. Right now just making sure all works. Most expensive part was the batteries as we went with the Lithium Ion type (two of the things), 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter to run Sharon's computer for her photography stuff. Don't recall the panel output off the top of my head but think about 170 watts? Runs the microwave just fine (haven't checked the coffee pot yet) but will be using the twin Honda 2000's for the A/C until I get a better feel for what works and what doesn't. Biggest reason for the solar is Sharon has troubles loading/unloading the Honda units and she has plans for solo camping or girlfriend camping now that she is retired. (two more years for me) All the best Gateway Kid
  15. Thanks for posting that. Another true American hero from The Greatest Generation. Thanks to all who have served.
  16. "You think Bill Ruger may have seen this gun?" Wouldn't surprise me a bit. IIRC, when Bill Ruger was getting ready to introduce a single action chambered in .44 Magnum, he sent Elmer a flat top .44 Magnum that was built on the .357 Blackhawk. Elmer thought it was too light and sent it back to Connecticut, but asked Bill to ship it back so that he could use it as a .44 Special. That didn't happen.
  17. Missouri River is flooding out of it’s banks tonight at Jeff City. Dang. As if the tornado wasn’t enough.
  18. I'll put it on the list. Sounds like a good time.
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