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  2. Ego bibere capulus ut alii vivere
  3. Yes, they can be very proud of their stuff sometimes. I do have some of their items, the Firehose pants, fer instance, and am quite pleased with them. I do not buy my unmentionables from them however.
  4. I love my Duluth BUCK Naked underwear. But don't buy 'em at the regular price. They go on sale on the website on a regular basis. anywhere from $12 to $14 a pair. Yeah, they're more expensive than the others that you mentioned, but I don't wear anything else any more, they're that much more comfy...
  5. I'm not sure whether it was running in the 5K two weeks ago that honored the memory of Nick Rozanski, who was killed at the same time as my friend Shawn Hannon, seeing old friends there, and discussing it all, or just the natural leanings of the weekend, but Shawn has popped into my thoughts a number of times over the past few days.
  6. CHP - Buttonwillow 5 hrs · We were sent this recently and asked if there was any truth to it. What do you all think?
  7. Me and a couple pards went to Cabelas and next door was Duluth Trading Co. I was checking out their “Butt Naked Underwear.......$25.00 for ONE pair???? Who buys these things? You can get Hanes or Jockeys for $15.00 fir a pack of 3!!!! Geeeezz....they can’t be that much better if any!!!
  8. I've read this WTC many times.. Scenario one.. I have a hard time with.. They messed up the pistol sequence.. Yeah.. They bailed themselves out but, to me, not in a respectable way.. Yeah.. They took a miss when they would of had a P but?? I guess smart thinking on their part of getting out of the mess they got into by knowing the rules.. With tongue in cheek and a smile.. I'd be Thinkin cheater.. Rance Thinkin I probably should of just stayed off this thread.. Sorry
  9. Howdy Looking for a Pard in MN that may be going to EOT or HOW that would be able to pick up a small part to give to one of my Aussie mates at either of the 2 shoots. Please pm me if you may be able to help...thanks
  10. Griff - I have been trying to find out. I asked one of the organizers at the match yesterday what to expect. He’s not the director and hadn’t heard. Nobody knows yet. Sounds like there may be more variables than I anticipated. I’m new and have zero idea what to expect. Well... I expect to do crappy at 100 yards but that’s it haha. Ah well, I’ll just wing it.
  11. Welcome to the game Smokey Dave and congrats on shooting yer first match. Glad you had a good time. There will be many more.
  12. I would listen to Hornady. It's a plate shooting bullet......... Might not cycle a pistol set up for 'hardball' level loads. OLG
  13. Sometimes even a little fire.... Texas Lizard Got to make back to that one...
  14. A few Super Bowls ago all past MVPs up til then were on the field. All alive. Is Bart Starr the first to pass?
  15. Today
  16. Thanks a lot fellas, you guys are all correct! The hook is set!!!!! Griff, technically my pistols are C&B, converted to suppository. As soon as my 72's are in my possession from the FFL, they will be converted back to C&B. I will only be shooting BP, whether C&B or cartridge. I LOVE IT!!!! I just didn't want to add the extra time involved with the C&B pistols for my first time out. As it was, I was nervous as hell! I didn't want to add to it by messing with the C&B guns. I'm sure I was a slowpoke, but everyone was very patient with me. I really appreciate it too. It was really a fantastic group of people. Oh, and Hillbilly Drifter, I put those guns to the test yesterday. Thank you again for hooking me up!
  17. And George Parounagian, John Rohr, Frank Mc Nutt, Martin Beck, Terry Ketter, Louis Geneseo .....and others whose faces are fresh but names have faded. Heroes who gave all for America. Never forgotten. May they rest in peace and honored glory. Quite a day for survivor’s guilt.
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