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Another Winchester 94 re-barrel question; .410?

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We've all seen threads over the years about doing a barrel swap on a Winchester 94 from .30-30 to .38-55 and other calibers.   But I have a question that I've never seen asked before, and I am wondering if anyone might have an idea on the topic.

I know Winchester, or more accurately, whoever it is that makes guns FOR Winchester, marketed (and may still market for all I know) a Model 94 in .410.   But, also as far as I know, all of them were (are) made in this, the post 83 angle eject era.  

While I would not do it with a pre-64, would it be possible to take a pre-83 Model 94 and screw on a .410 barrel, giving you top eject .410 94?  Or would boring out the existing barrel to .410 be easier since for some reason a barrel swap would not be possible?

Anyone have any insight into this question?

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All of the lever guns that I have seen were 2 1/2 inch chambers. I don't know if a true top eject 94 could be converted...but you might get an idea by comparing the length of a fired 2 1/2 inch .410 shell against the length of a 30-30 case or even a 38-55 case. I have a 94 that now sports a heavy 26 inch octagon barrel in 38-55

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It might work, but it will be close. The 30-30 has a rim diameter of .506" and the 410 has a rim diameter of .535". The rim thickness is about the same between the two. The extractor may catch the 410. The OAL of a loaded 30-30 is 2.550". The OAL of a 410 is 2.5" loaded and around 2.75" after firing. A 410 in 2" size should work if the extractor can catch the rim.

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9 minutes ago, Warden Callaway said:

A good chance a 410 shell won't fit in the magazine tube. 


I know the gun is/was also chambered for .444 Marlin.   Might need a replacement magazine...

Starting to sound like it's a lot more than a simple barrel swap.

But, that's why you ask these questions.   To see if the idea is even possible.

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Based on what people here, and a few others have said, I think I have two options...


1.  Take a deep breath and get a post 83 Winchester with all the crappy features that I loathe.

2.  Wait and hope that someone who makes a more faithful 94 replica will chamber it in .410 from the factory.


I really have no desire to follow option 1, and option 2 is a long shot at best, but option 2 is the most logical way for me to go.  And if that means I don't get one, well, at least I researched the possibility.

Thank you to everyone who had some ideas and observations.

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winchester did make one of these 9410 - my friend has one , i never really thought to seek one out , ill have to ask him about the chamber length , ive never thought to do so before - im OK with 410s but with all that ive had in the past , i have none in my possession anymore , only a set of conversion tubes for my coach gun should i want to shoot some , i dont know why this would not work , 

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