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Bronzed baby shoes

Forty  Rod SASS 3935

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Remember them?  I just saw a modern version:  a guy going into a smoke shop dropped a box and was still picking up the contents when I came by: about 200 marijuana leaves bronzed and with a clip pin on the back so they could be worn on your clothes.  I asked where he got them and he said he makes them and that several smoke shops in the area carry them.  They sell for $10.00 and he sells about 700 every two weeks all over the quad cities area.


Whooda thunk it?

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My mom

and dad bronzed my baby shoes. I have no idea what became of them. My dad used to hang them from his rear view mirror until I was in elementary school then they went into a box somewhere. 

I know some people I would like to have bronzed. 

Or maybe Carbonite, like Han Solo


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I'm 75 and I thought this was old-fashioned when I was a kid; a thing of my parents' generation. Apparently lasted longer some places.


Edit: just checked with my wife and she said her mom bronzed hers....

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I remember a pair. I don't remember three pair though, so I'm guessing these were my older brother's.


And they weren't just the shoes, like in Johnson's post. And you certainly couldn't have hung them from your rear view mirror.


They were set on a plaque. One about a half step in front of the other, so it looked like an invisible baby was walking.

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