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Has Anyone shot one of these

Rye Miles #13621

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Short stock or not - it is still a TWO handed gun to operate.



My AR holds a lot more rounds...

My 870 shoulders, handles recoil and aims better...

My 1911 can be run one handed leaving a hand free for a flashlight or 911 call.


As a "toy" or just something neat to own - sure, why not?  (heaven knows I have a lot of guns "just because")

But in real life situations, the Shockwave or similar would never be MY top choice for a defensive firearm.

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7 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

That hand loop on the forend looks like it would do a job on your hand with a heavy load.



Have never shot one period.  And have never thought about the external ballistics of the shot column.  What is it?  It spread 1" for every yard of travel from the muzzle?  So that 3/4 inch diameter mass of shot, at normal house ranges will be maybe 5" or 6" diameter at the target.


Sounds about right. Many non-firearm people (and some firearm people) get their "knowledge" from Hollywood and think that a short barrel shotgun will have a huge spread in a short distance...it doesn't. I've demonstrated (on purpose) this at a few matches with Lite target loads on cardboard IPSC targets at 10' or so...nice ragged 3" to 4" hole. Just like any other firearm, you have to be on target to hit the target, not just blast away in the general direction.

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12 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

Here’s an idea for the rear grip. 



Below is what I would go with. I have Talon grip wraps on a few of my Glocks. Definitely worth the money, but take my advice, do not put the granulate one on a shotgun. It’s like 80 grit sandpaper. You could grip the heck out of it and your hand will not slip, but your skin will feel really odd for a day or two. The rubber is my favorite. 

TALON GRIPS for Shockwave Raptor Grip for Mossberg 500 Series and Remington 870 (Wrap Only) https://a.co/d/6VOUGHh


Some others that may be okay. 


500, 590 Shockwave Raptor Shotgun Grip Wrap https://a.co/d/9OBmKGV





Now I see a good reason for that gun, you can carry your gun in one hand while selecting your wine with the other, a perfect wine cellar gun

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