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Magna Tusk Grips

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I bought a set of Magna Tusk Grips by Arizona Custom Grips a couple months back and decided they were worth a review here for the good folks on the SASS Wire.

These are the Stag Grips with the option for Old Model Ruger Medallion. They found a home on my Ruger New Model SBH .44 Mag w/ 3.75” barrel. It came with a decent set of black laminate grips.

The Magna Tusk grips are supposedly solvent and oil resistant be it staining or degradation. Made of some “secret sauce” synthetic material. Going into this I knew they would not be custom fit and were faux stag so keep this in mind….

After three months or so of daily carry, life outdoors and floating through the truck they have held up fairly well. Only a few minor indentations and of no fault of the grips alone. They feel good in the hand and don’t look terrible. A quick glance across the room and you might mistake them
For the real deal but any inspection more than a fleeting glance and you will know the difference. They also don’t really resemble elk or sanbar stag, either.

I had tried staining them with oil (gun and motor) as well as coffee and tea. True to the word of the Mfg; they do not take on stain or get discolored from solvents, petroleum, or the occasional cup of coffee.

I have noticed some ever-so-slight yellowing or buttering after prolonged exposure to the sun. That is true with most things though.

The fit is not perfect. There are some minor gaps but over all I have no complaints.

To set the sun on this review; for the money these grips are the way to go if you intend to use them and carry them and are looking for a stag-esque look. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend 270 + these won’t break the bank either at around 80 bucks.

If you have any questions or want further pictures just holler.






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Sweet looking Ruger!

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Magma tusk ivory on SS pistol and aged ivory on the blued version. Both grips app 5 years old, I take no special care of the grips, they get gun oil, dirt, hoppes, sweat, and anything else that gets on my paws rubbed Into them and the only cleaning they ever get is a wipe down with a dry cloth after I clean the gun, they have aged a bit from dirt and oil and I think they look great and fairly authentic over all, for the price I don’t think you can find better, they also have a 2 piece conversion set for guns with one piece grips that work and look great


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Nice quality grip, fast shipping.


Things to note about them:   

1.   The website shows the unaged ones as being cream in color .....reality is that they are white.

      Had I known this I would not have purchased them.

2.  The two piece kit still requires glue.  ( 2 small buttons ) 





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I bought a set for my Third Gen Colt about a year ago  .

I'm very happy with them .




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