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Babe Ruth and George H. W. Bush

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After his playing days were over, but still a celebrity figure the world over, Babe Ruth decided to donate the original screenplay of “The Babe Ruth Story” to the archives of Yale University.

In a ceremony in New Haven, Connecticut, on May 1, 1948, Ruth handed over the manuscript to the Yale first baseman - George Herbert Walker Bush, the future president of the United States

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You suppose he went to school on the GI Bill?


Bush's family was rich. Bush was in the Navy during World War II. After the war he went to college. One of the main things that happened after the war, was it using the GI Bill many many ex-servicemen went to college, paid for by the United States government.


So do you suppose Bush's daddy paid for college or the US government paid for college?


It's early, and I've only had one swallow from my first cup of coffee.

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"Need" is irrelevant.


Let's say, for the sake of this example, that I have 150 million dollars. At the age of 17 my kid joined the Army. Now he's 21, and has mustered out, and wishes to go to college. The army will pay for his college. They might not pay for Princeton, but they will pay for college.


But I'm loaded. I have no need to get that Army check to put my kid through school. I just write Princeton a check. Because I'm rich.


My kid qualifies - because the Army doesn't care whether he's rich or not. But I don't need it, so I don't apply for it.

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Alpo, because he came from a rich family, he probably could have gotten a deferment and would not have to serve.  But, he didn't, he joined the Navy and flew combat missions in WWII in the Pacific.  He, like all Americans who serve in our military, defending our country, deserve everything they earn while putting their lives on the line.   Whether he, or any other GI at any other time, used the GI bill or not for college is not anyone's business.  

I find your reply to this thread offensive.

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I recall that his entire flight was shot down. The other pilots were captured and beheaded. He managed to evade and escape.


Either that or he just lucked out and landed in the water.

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He was shot down. Grumman TBF torpedo bomber. Successfully bailed out and was picked up from the water after several hours. Earned a DFC.


He enlisted as soon as war was declared and was among the youngest of Naval pilots when he joined at 18.

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