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I wonder if this is them


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In The Shootist, Richie Cunningham comments that Books had an engraved pair of Colt single actions.


Articles about the movie say that the guns in question were actually Great Westerns, personally owned by Duke.


I was just reading this - a reprint of a Gun's Magazine article from 1955. It was about the Great Western revolver.




The short guy is the owner of Great Western manufacturing. And the guns are, according to the caption which for some reason did not show up with the picture, engraved.


I just went back to the article and grabbed the caption.


"Engraved pair of Great Westerns is presented to film star John Wayne by Great Western president Bill Wilson"

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I've only seen one, never owned one.  A friend got the fast draw craze, as many did in the '50s and 60s, and bought a GW 5 1/2" .45.  He kept it for about three months and traded it and $25.00 for worn but functional Colt.


Calling it a POS was a compliment.

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1 hour ago, Rex M Rugers #6621 said:

I have seen that pair from "The Shootist" in the museum in Oklahoma City.

Rex :D

My friend saw them in Oklahoma museum too. 

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1 hour ago, Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485 said:

In the book they were Remingtons.

Double action Remingtons.


Don't you love it when the author is so well acquainted with his subject matter.

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