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For sale, beautiful Shiloh Sharps 1874 Saddle Rifle. This lighty used rifle is in excellent condition. It is 45-70 with beautifully figured wood and has a 1/2 round 26 inch barrel. The forearm has the optional pewter tip. Cheekpiece has the line accent. Shotgun style stock with traditional steel buttplate. The price is $2800 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
















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You might give BT a call on Monday ( Tuesday? open?) and ask for features out-the-door for rifle's serial #.


THAT is NOT "semi-fancy" stock! 

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Wood grade is a technical term, look at their site and see examples. When ordering, you scroll down a menu and build your rifle.  They, and the original owner will be able to say what the specifics were when the rifle was built.  Been to their facility, drooled over the rifles, they don't make bad ones, but there some things even I can't rationalize.

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Here's another photo of the stock. It is not Shiloh Sharps "straight grain" wood as shown on their website. Examples are the Military Carbine and the Quigley models shown on their website. The wood is beautiful and is way beyond standard.


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Alright, I have to ask.  Is this rifle engraved with my name?  If so please return too me.  (grin)                     Bump to the top for a beautiful rifle.  Good luck finding a buyer.

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1 hour ago, Hillbilly Jim said:

Can I get a ffl address for my ffl to send hjis info info to..  My ffl ony receives from another  FFL    Will have him send ifo today.

Thanks Jim

I'll send a pm with FFL info.

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