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  1. Dee Mac Jack I sent you a private message in regard to purchase of Ruger O/U. My dealer will only accept from ffl I will need your ffl adress and telephone so we can send ffl on this end.. Thanks Hillbilly Jim
  2. Gunsmith can you expand on the lifter problem? Need parts to fix? I am not sure when you say lifter doesnt come up what do you mean? Hard to sell a rifle with a problem when a Gunsmith hasnt fixed the problem.
  3. I have a bunch of ammo, so I am sure I have empty's. So if you will pm me your address I will send you some cases. Free gratis .
  4. El Fusilero I never received anything from SASS PM in regard to this posting. Thanks for the responses. Good luck with the sale of these fine pistols.
  5. Look at my post from a week ago or my pm. You had said to contact you for my pictures.
  6. Good tools. I have a set for twelve gauge and use them for all my BP loads. Earle Basse is a good fellow.
  7. I guess he lost interest in selling these pistols.. As no contact has been made.
  8. Dang I would like to have this pistol. Will have to wait a little while. Maybe I will win a lottery ticket./
  9. Sent a pm asking for more info and more pictures. Any work done on these? Grip material and is it factory? Do you have original sleeves and boxes? Thanks
  10. i will look I had some a few months ago and i do not remember selling them. Sold gun but not brass i think
  11. Is the cape lined or just the hood? What material is it made of? How tall is the model? Pockets? Thanks Jimg
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