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Springfield Hellcat 9mm

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I stopped in at Scheel's Friday to check out the powder/primer situation, then asked about the Hellcat 9mm. They were on sale for $40 off for Memorial Day, then another 5% Veteran's discount, and I had $225 worth of credit card rewards cards, so...


... my bottom line was $325.99, down from $619.99, and no sales tax in Montana. :) 


I don't know if I'd ever want a micro reflex sight on a CC gun, but I went for the OSP version w/o manual safety and w/o the sight in case I ever do. I gotta say, I'm impressed with this little thing. It's only marginally taller/longer/wider than my Kahr CM9, but instead of a 6 round single stack magazine, it has an 11 round double stack flush fit magazine w/extra pinky rest baseplate. It also comes with an extended 13 round magazine... 13+1 in such a small package is impressive.


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I considered the Hellcat (as I am a Springfield fan, XD's and 1911's); but ended up going with the Smith & Wesson Equalizer so the wife and I would have matching and interchangable magazines.

The 15 round mag fits my hand and the 13 better fits hers - so we exchanged and will use the 10 rounders for deep concealment (Equalizer comes with 3 mags, 10, 13 and 15).

I added an off brand (gunshow special) red dot reflex sight to mine to see if I would like it on a carry gun - so far I am pleasantly surprised.

IF I decide to keep the reflex sight - I will upgrade to a higher quality "shake awake" optic with GREEN dot.

Currently pairing it with a Crossbreed Kydex holster.

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I love mine!

Bought it at LGS for $509 as a range pack. 2x15, 2x13, 1x11 magazines in a soft bag. SWMBO had given me a hundred dollar gift certificate so a sweet deal! Has the cutout for a red dot but haven’t got to that yet. 

So far two types of personal protection, two different factory fmj and my own lead and fmj. About six hundred so far with no jams or FTF. Even when mixing types no problems. 

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Gateway Kid

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15 hours ago, sassnetguy50 said:

How does the trigger compare to the CM9.

The CM9 trigger pull is looooooong, and noticeably heavier than the Hellcat when comparing them side by side. The Hellcat has a light takeup, and a very obvious stop at the wall, then about a 5 1/2 lb break, but it doesn't feel that heavy.

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I shot it offhand at some dirt clods at the CAS range after I bought it Friday, and finally sat down at my own bench this afternoon to put a few downrange over a sandbag. My hands are getting pretty damn shaky in my later years, but 8 shots in 1 1/2" @ 15 yards works for me. :) Windy, and my target kept blowing down, so the rest were at pine cones on the hillside. Winchester White Box 115 grain.


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