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Old Tucson movie studio

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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The old way - be in cowboy clothes and have firearms cleared by security. With that and your SASS I'd you got in for free.

Heard they were going to re-open.  Haven't heard of anyone that has been there since. 



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Chillbump raising moment:  walked up to the entrance & said one word to the guy:  Morning!

He said "Carolina.  I can't tell which one."

Turns out he was an army brat & interested in regional dialect.  Just so happens I speak a recognized one that crosses the SC/NC border.

Glad to hear it's back in business.

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We have open and concealed carry in AZ.


If there is a sign saying or indicating no guns allowed, then you have to abide by that. 

Also there is a small list of prohibited places, and you need to know that too.

Aside from those two things, we carry in AZ.

It might be fun to carry a Peacemaker.

I like my FN 5.7 normally.

Or my J frame 357 when I need fancy clothes.


Might have to give it a whirl.




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I have been there a couple of times once before and once after the big fire and rebuild. I was dissapointed because they replaced a bunch of the plank board sidewalks with concrete ( before you all get started, I know they've had concrete since roman times, but it was to heavy and expensive to ship and was not used much at all out west.) It just didn't have all of the same charm and character. It had more of a theme park feel. Still a neat place to visit.

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We are going to Old Tucson Sunday night. I talked to a person and they said no dressing as cowboys are allow, but this is for their Nightfall and they only want performers to be dressed up. We are going for the western town and not really for Nightfall. She said they were opening up everything after the first of the year. Will have to see about the dressing up after the first of the year as well as being able to wear firearms. We did dress up and wore our firearms just before they closed down. Glad to see that they are opening backup!


Gray Hare

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