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Shotgun knockdown targets that reset with chain-rope


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51 minutes ago, wyliefoxEsquire said:


As the title says looking for Shotgun knockdown targets that reset with chain-rope.

Replying with the actual web site would be appreciated.




Better to find a set of plans and have them made locally. See if the local high school welding class will make them for the cost of the materials.


Shipping is going to be costly.

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I PM'ed Pig Iron's (Gary Reece's) Cell & home phone #'s to WylieFoxEsquire & Randy Saint Eagle. I haven't known P.I. to make the KD's with the chain rope, but maybe he has. I have 10 of his regular KD's, & LOTS of the clubs near & far use his targets. He makes deliveries on a regular basis, & often shoots at clubs where he goes.


If I find out he's making them with the reset chains, I'm gonna buy 10 more.

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1 hour ago, Cliff Hanger #3720LR said:

Beartrap, here are the drawing for the shotgun targets originally at Cajon.


Didn't JJ make them? 


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