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6 minutes ago, John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 said:

His sister was the most annoying character on the show. 
He was married to her in real life ewww


I remember when I first found that out and I thought the same.


She's back in this series but as a figment of his imagination.

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I liked the original show in spite of myself (I watched 2 or 3 seasons), because the macabre concept put me off. It was hard to take the proposition that Dexter was an actual compulsive serial killer because he was such a nice normal guy, just on a vengeance mission, which kept me watching.


I agree about the sister. She was just a bundle of constant emotion; hard to take.

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Flippin’ psycho series. My wife and I watched into the 5th season on Netflix and this Dexter character started showing up in my dreams. In the last dream he showed up I confronted him in my dream and told him I would kill him if he ever showed up again. :lol:

He didn’t. 

It was quite a dream. I remember it vividly. 
I haven’t watched an episode since, nor will I ever. 

The same thing happened  years ago and I ended my addiction of Stephen King books. Pennywise the clown started making nightly appearances. I fed him to the giant spider. :lol:

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