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Need some British terminology translated


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Possibly they use the same terms in Canada and/or Australia.

In one book they mention a half bottle of whiskey. Not like it's a bottle of whiskey that's half empty, but that a half bottle is a well-known measurement.


In the second book they mentioned a quarter bottle of whiskey - again as if that's a well-known measurement.


Now I am assuming that a full bottle of whiskey would be a quart, so a half bottle would be a pint, and a quarter bottle a half pint.


We had these measurements, hello (and here I thought I had managed to get by without otto sticking his nose in it, LO THESE) many years ago before it was decided we needed to be on the metric system. And we still have bottles that people refer to as a pint and a half pint, even though they are not. But we don't - or at least I've never heard anyone - use the terms half bottle and quarter bottle.


So am I correct am I (not am I a second time, you moron, IN MY) supposition? Is a half bottle a pint?


Terms change over time. I have a book written in 1941 where they tell the chauffeur to go to the kitchen and tell the cook to give him a half whiskey. And someone expresses shock that they're going to give the chauffeur a half pint of whiskey ("he won't be able to see the road driving home"), and they explain to him that in Scotland a half whiskey is a small whiskey.

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your spelling?  it’s spelled one way in Nipon, Canada & Scottland, and another way in Ireland and the USA*.



*except for Maker’s Mark, Old Forester & George Dickel (who drop the e).

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