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There are times to shut up.

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I get it that shooters are some of the nicest people around and they’re eager to help new folks.  But just because you’re more experienced than someone else doesn’t mean that your wisdom is appreciated.


My brother in-law and I went to a charity shotgun event today. 25 targets each of skeet, doubles skeet, trap, and wobble trap.  It’s meant to raise funds and be a chance to try different shotgun games.


My brother in-law is an experienced trap and sporting clays shooter, but never shot skeet.  His first station on skeet he missed a target and immediately had three people offering advice about why he missed and what he should do different.  He got so frustrated he started walking off the field, which only led to a louder chorus of “advice” until I cut everybody off and brought him back to the station.


Please, know when to shut up.


And I know it was a fun shoot, but it made me smile when he was the top shooter on both trap stages.  

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There's a (sometimes) fine line between being nice and wanting to impress and stroke one's own ego. Being bombarded by suggestions means the latter, and that some are probably contradictory. If a person wants to be of help, the best way is usually to simply ask, "Have you shot much skeet? I might be able to offer some advice." Then, the ability to politely decline is left intact.

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We have SASS shooters that do the same. Some people just can’t help themselves. 

There is a mindset in SASS that was the mindset of what we used to call “Gamers”. Some folks don’t like that word. I don’t care. 
I have shown up at new clubs and had people give me unsolicited advice as if I was a newbie, mostly because since they had never seen me before I must be “new”, I believe. Most of the time I explain “I am new here, not new to SASS” and that’s that, but sometimes the advice just keeps on coming. That is quite annoying. 
I know how I can shave seconds off my time using the techniques that “Billy-Bob Slick as Snot Magee” badge number 250,000 shows in his new video. I choose not to. Some just don’t understand that. 

I see this “helpful interjection” at the range I frequent as well. Luckily we have an observant range staff that does and has (often) stepped in to keep this in check. 

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A few years back I was in a match in Georgia. I don't remember if I was shooting 44 Winchester or 45 Colt, but it was large bore and a full charge, because that's what I shoot. So as I'm going back to my cart this guy comes up walking along with me and tells me that if I would learn how to reload I can make lighter loads and can get back on target faster and shorten my times.


And I'm looking at him and thinking (although I did not say this because my mother raised me to be polite), "I have been reloading longer than you have been alive you little snot-nosed punk".


If people appear to be dangerous when they're doing something, or if they ask for help, by all means step in and help.


But if it does not look like they are going to hurt themselves or someone else, or they have not requested assistance, for God's sake keep your nose out of their business.

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What is this "advice" you speak of? I never get any. Maybe it's because I shoot Schofields, an original '87 (unmodified) and various rifles such as an original '73 Winchester Musket, Henry, Lightning, Burgess. Spencer, Marlin and a Miroku Winchester.:D

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Ad-Vice. LOL. Well, one of the reasons I was drawn to SASS was that. People. Being good people. Sure, you take the good with the bad. Compared to some of the other shootin' sports, they're still the bestest. Never be afraid to learn new things. You never know where that good idee is gonna come from. BTDT.

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