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3 questions

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Howdy! Looking for answers/advice on the following:


1. What do you use to lube and size your cast bullets?

2. Where can I order prescription shooting glasses. (I used to know but lost my notes.)

3. I just bought a gas powered golf cart to use at shoots. Where can I get or how do I modify it to carry guns and equipment?


Thanks in advance.


Preacher B.

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Golf cart gun racks are everywhere now that bolt right on for long guns. Reckon you could do a bolt on for ammo box, etc. as well. 


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I use Lee tumble-lube molds: no sizing and the Alox lube from Lee, for .32 Mag, .32-20, .38-40, .44 mag, .45 (Colt, Cowboy Special and ACP) and .300 Blackout.


I wear lined bifocals when not shooting.  I get sports safety glasses from any eyeglass provider made fo my docs prescription: right(dominany) eye is near vision and left eye is far vision.  The intensity of the prescription is backed off 1/4 diopter to help the two eyes work together (my understanding).


I don't know a thing about golf carts but have seen some cool onez.

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1........Lubrisizing.   Many folks now have switched to polymer coating for their bullets - HyTek.   But if you are casting and want to stick with lube -


Many ways possible.  Depends upon how much you want to spend, and how fast you want to go.  Just like drag racing.  I'll detail a couple of the most common ways.


Moderately fast way - get a manual operated Magma (Star) Sizer.  The push thru operation allows you to lube maybe 500 an hour.  Maybe $350 to get going.  But some used ones are out there, too.  Only handle a bullet once doing this.


Moderately slow way - get a Lyman or RCBS lubrisizer.   These push bullet down and pull it back up.  So you set the bullet in the die, then pull finished bullet out of die.  Maybe $200 to get going.   Lots of used one floating around.


Lube for cowboy bullets - I make my own with beeswax and lithium grease., equal weights.  "Lithibee lube"   Here's more alternatives:



Some even less costly ways, like tumble lubing.  See Lee's offerings for lubing and a sizing die that fits in a loading press.


If you don't make your own lube, I'd recommend a cheap commercial lube that is soft.  My favorite for that:

BAC lube from White Label lube:   http://www.lsstuff.com/lube/

They also have a 50-50 lube that is very close to the old NRA formula.


good luck, GJ



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Plus 1 for White Label Lube mentioned above by GJ      But have been using their 45-45-10 and tumbling bullets     GW

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went to powder coating (PC) as it was something new to me + it was another hobby to buy stuff for


use a $20 wally world toaster oven, that + PC powder is it


do use a Lee push through sizer after PCing the bullets


still get a smile on my face when they come out of the oven all shiny


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