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  1. Thanks for answers/suggestions. I have been out of SASS competition for a while due to family illness. Trying to catch up on rules changes before I shoot a match again.
  2. I’ll try to pull one off the Mossberg website or call them and ask for pictures. Thanks, Mike.
  3. My grandson has a Mossberg Plinkster Model 702. The front sight is missing. I am trying to replace it. Called Mossberg and they are out of stock. Same story with Brownells, Numerich, Midway. Apparently there is a “front sight thief” specializing in Mossberg .22 rifles. Anyway, any suggestions where else to look? Anyone out there have one they are willing to part with? I’d need the plate, sight and screws. I’d buy the rear sight, too. Never know when the grandson might need it. He’s 12 and this is his first gun. Trying to teach him how to care for it. Thanks for looking.
  4. Perusing Pale Wolfs update on allowed modifications I saw carbon fiber magazine tubes allowed as well as knurled tube caps to replace the slotted screw. Where can these items be found/purchased? My brief internet search only turned up CF magazine tube extensions for shotguns.
  5. Gunsmith, If not yet sold, I'll take the Winchester .22 magnums - #1 above. PM on the way.
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