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  1. Again, thanks for posts and prayers. El Silencio I remember you and the few times we were able to shoot together. Gayle liked you and was proud of you as a student and friend. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I’m sure she was a great lady based on what I know of you. Blessings and prayers. Preacher
  2. Thanks to all of you. Your compassion is a blessing. To those who knew her, thanks for always making her experiences at the shoots so much fun?
  3. SASS family, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang a.k.a. Gayle Majors, passed away on Monday, September 1, 2020. She was my wife, my best friend, my greatest encourager and my Cowgirl. Many of you in Kentucky and Tennessee knew her and she loved and cared about all of you. Although her cancer and other health issues have prevented her participation in SASS the last few years, she kept her membership renewed until this year, when it was apparent that she wouldn't be able to shoot anymore. She loved the sport and the wonderful friends she made over the years. I know several of you have prayed for her and will pray for me. It is much appreciated. If anyone has picutures or video of her participating in our sport, I would appreciate copies. Thank you. Preacher B. Quick
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