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In Sacramento (city) one has to use an FFL for gun parts (i.e. springs), and most likely (not certain) for powder or primers .
Here in Sacramento County, no FFL is required for parts or components (yet).
All ammo must go through an FFL, with background check fee ($1) and DROS form filled out.
Some LGS will accept shipments from LAX Ammo, etc, etc for a small fee.

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These retailers are not gouging.   As someone who for a living buys commodities, all raw materials have substantially increased in the past year.   Metals are up, packing materials (boxes are up), corrugated boxes to ship are up, pallets are way up, trucking is way up, with labor shortages, manufacturing wages are up.    Add all this up and this is the new normal pricing until raw materials until start coming down.   

Most of this all caused by labor shortages.   Unfortunately this is the reality, not retailers gouging.

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