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Remington Ammo plant in Lonoke, AR up and running 24/7 now.

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Well that's good news should eventually contribute to gradually expanding the ammo supply.......




"...the Lonoke plant, one of the largest ammunitions facilities in the country. " 

"Our workforce is doing fantastic, and our raw material suppliers have really come through, so now, Remington’s going 24/7, ...."

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I saw a video yesterday by Mr. Vanderbrink talking about the Remington plant being up and running 24/7. Very good news. :D


One thing he said in the video that I saw that made me laugh was that he said he was tired of going to the store and seeing empty ammunition shelves...or something like that. 
I was thinking, if anyone should be able to get any ammo he wants it would be this guy. :lol:

I know he was just making an analogy. 

So glad Remington is up and running. :)

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27 minutes ago, Texas Lizard said:

Does this mean by the end of the year, cheaper ammo and lots of it???


Texas Lizard


Or wishful thinking....


Always the optimist, let’s just hope so.

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I hope they improve the crappiest .22 ammo ever made! 

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I hope they can keep good quality control.

Working 3rd shift is hard. Ive done it and didnt like it one bit.

You cant do maintenance on a machine that is running.

I have seen video of a tire being changed on a car while it drove down the road.




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